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Gurucan Review

Gurucan Review: Is it still worth it in 2023?

Over recent years, online learning has boomed as more and more people sign up to online courses to help boost their employability, indulge in their hobbies, and learn how to start their own businesses. 

As a result, the online education industry has become flooded with all kinds of platforms and course providers but not all are worth your time and money.

Some providers offer short courses with the kind of information you can find in a YouTube video (see also ‘The 6 Best Masterclass YouTube Courses You Can Try Today‘), while others charge a lot of money for a certificate and flexible course. 

This means that those wanting to start their own online education business need to use a great software to help encourage students to sign up to their courses.

This is where GuruCan comes in – it’s a platform where businesses can create and launch their own courses to get a piece of that online education pie.

So, check out our Gurucan Review to see what this platform has to offer and if it’s worth your time and money. Good luck! 

What Is GuruCan?

GuruCan is an online platform where businesses can go to create, launch, and run their own online courses and webinars to help provide their students with a smooth, easy learning experience.

It offers a total of 7 different features and functions that creators can take advantage of to start up their own digital business through online education. 

Remote learning and working is clearly something GuruCan holds dear as a company. It was set up itself by a team of individuals scattered around the world but each member worked remotely to help create GuruCan back in the summer of 2019. 

Since then, GuruCan has seen great success with multiple award wins and multiple five star reviews on line. As a result, it has quickly become one of the biggest go-to platforms for course creators. So, what can it offer you? 

GuruCan Features 

When making a website to provide students with various courses, training, resources, and webinars, you will need to use a range of different platforms and softwares.

Teachable to make your course, Wix for your landing page, notifications and emails through Mail Chimp – or you can just use GuruCan. 

GuruCan brings together a ton of different functions and features which every course creator needs to use and packages it all up in one platform.

Instead of paying tons of different companies to access the same features, you can just go through GuruCan and control all aspects of your course business in one place. 

Here’s a quick look at all the features GuruCan has to offer – and what you can benefit from. 

Online Course Builder

To replace other course building softwares and platforms like Teachable or Thinkific, GuruCan offers its own online course builder which you can use to create your own courses.

You can set quizzes, homework, run tests, and use a range of different media to make up the bulk of your courses’ content.

There’s no limit to the number of courses you can make or how much content you add to them – you are completely free to make as many as you like. 

GuruCan also offers the ability to monetize your content. You can use the online course builder to charge one time payments and membership subscriptions – whichever model works best for your business. 

Gurucan Review

Create Landing Pages

Landing pages are important for promoting your business’s brand and makes your website easier to use. As a result, a lot of course creators want to use landing pages to help make your business more engaging and convert those clicks into customers. 

GuruCan allows you to build responsive landing pages to achieve just that – although if you want to use your own custom template to help with your branding, they are only available for GuruCan’s White Label plan. 

Create Your Own App

Students are always on the go and to make your course more accessible to more people, it’s a great idea to make them app-friendly so your students can complete their learning wherever they are.

GuruCan allows you to build your own mobile learning app where students can access their courses, complete tests, and contact others on their course to build a better community. 

Email Marketing Automation

Push notifications and emails are used by course creators in a number of ways.

They can welcome new students, remind them their subscription is due for renewal or they have a deadline approaching, notify them whenever a webinar goes live, or just send encouraging messages to praise their hard work and motivate them to keep going! 

Instead of relying on third party email automation services like Mail Chimp or ConvertKit, you can send these automated messages through GuruCan to keep engaging with your students without taking up much of your time. 


More students are looking for face to face interactions rather than just recorded lectures, and GuruCan also offers support for you to do just that.

You can still pre-record your webinars or go live with interactive buttons, chat space for your students, and record live webinars for the students who couldn’t make it. 

Their webinar feature is also compatible with both YouTube and Twitch, as well as good old HTML. This means you can launch webinars with unlimited time and viewer capacity, so businesses small and large can use this feature. 

Certificate Builder

You will want to reward your students with a certificate after they have successfully completed their course, but making a certificate yourself can take a lot of time and effort.

So, GuruCan offers a quick and easy certificate builder you can use to make course certificates for your students. 

The templates available are pretty generic but if you are pressed for time or just don’t have any interest in that kind of creativity, then GuruCan’s certificate builder will help you get the job done quickly and easily.

You can even input your student’s emails and have them sent out as soon as possible! 

What We Liked About GuruCan

So, now you know what GuruCan is and what are its main features it offers to course creators. We tried out these features for ourselves, so let’s take a look at all the things we liked about GuruCan during our experiences with their services. 

It’s Range Of Features

We know we’ve already talked in length about the services on offer with GuruCan but we can’t stress how it was so much easier to build and create and manage all through one single platform. 

Before, course creators had to sign up to a gazillion different platforms and softwares.

Trying to manage them all separately, remember so many different passwords and log in details, renew this then renew that and watch those dollars being taken from your account every month – it was a lot to keep on top of things. 

But with GuruCan, everything was condensed down. Sure, you would handle everything separately and probably get a lot more features if you did.

Signing up to Mail Chimp will give a lot more options for email marketing and automation – but if you want the bare basics, then GuruCan has them covered. 

Knowing that we could build courses, manage them, and make an app version, and sort out notifications and marketing through GuruCan felt like a breath of fresh air. 

Gurucan Review

It’s Community Support 

We didn’t touch on GuruCan’s customer support in its services and features because we really wanted to sing its praises here. 

A lot of other course creating platforms offer a basic customer support service. This means you can email them with your issue, they email back and fingers crossed your issue will be sorted.

GuruCan, like most of their competition, has that nailed down with fast responses and helpful advice. 

BUt GuruCan takes their support that little step further by giving you the opportunity to choose who you want to contact. They have a team of GuruCan Experts.

Some specialize in course creation, others in email marketing, and others with the more technical side of handling a website. You get to see who specializes in what and how much experience they have.

Then, you can contact the GuruCan Expert directly to ask for advice or help. 

You do have to pay additional fees for this kind of help but it’s a great way to access a ‘tutor’ of such.

It’s great to see other course creators in the community support and help one another, and we love how Gurucan gives its users that additional avenue of support if they need it.

Plus, you always have Gurucan’s own customer support team to fall back on if not. 

You Can Build Your Own Plan 

Cost and affordability are big concerns for any course creator, and GuruCan has taken this concern on board. Not only does it offer a 14-day free trial so you can first try out GuruCan to make sure it is the right choice for you, but you can also make your own plan. 

Sure, there are two other pre-decided plans which offer you a set amount of products, admin users, access to certain support and features, etc.

The pricing here is pretty fair too, considering what GuruCan is offering its customers. For just $99 a month, you can combine all of those other platforms you’ve signed up to and use one single platform instead for an equal amount.

But if you want more than GuruCan also offers its users the ability to contact them directly and build your own plan.

You still get that 14-day free trial but you can add more admin seats, use more products, and come to an agreement on a custom payment plan. So, as your business grows, your GuruCan plan can grow with it! 

What We Didn’t Like About GuruCan

Nothing is perfect and although we have had plenty of great things to say about GuruCan, it’s time to talk about the things that did not impress us much. Luckily, there isn’t much to discuss!

User Onboarding Is A Bit…Meh 

GuruCan hardly lets you in gently once you sign up to your plan and get logged in. Everything there from the get-go and that can be pretty overwhelming if you are just starting out in this kind of industry. 

Of course, the more you play around with GuruCan and you learn to navigate your dashboard, it all becomes second nature in no time.

Some features are a little more complex than they need to be and this can again be overwhelming and confusing, but that is also a user interface issue (more on that in a second).

However, GuruCan can improve on this if it just made a little step by step guide to help out its new users, perhaps with notifications next to certain buttons that tell you what they do before you click on it.

Hopefully this is something they will look to add in the future. 

User Interface Could Do With Updating

We did find the user interface of GuruCan a bit old-school and a huge update to its features will definitely help fix this.

This issue plays heavily with the poor user onboarding we mentioned above as everything is thrown at you at once and navigating your dashboard can take a lot of time. 

Sometimes, you will get things that don’t save properly, or a function will still be in beta mode and is a bit clunky to work with. Again, updates can help solve this so we hope this will be the case in the future. 

Would We Recommend GuruCan? 

GuruCan is definitely one of the best platforms for course creation as it offers so many features all through one plan. From creating to marketing, it’s got you covered and offers great flexibility and support.

Although there were a few hiccups with the user interface, we were still really impressed by what was on offer here. 

However, we’d recommend trying to watch some how-to videos on YouTube first or checking to see if GuruCan has since published a help guide since we’ve written this review.

That will help lead you in smoothly so you can use everything on offer to your full advantage! 

So, yes – we would definitely recommend GuruCan, and we hope that it’s the right platform for you!