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FreshLearn Review

FreshLearn Review: Benefit, Pricing and FAQs

As the online world grows and develops more and more opportunities for people to start businesses and make money are arising. One industry that continues to thrive is the online education industry.

Through the development and selling of online courses, people are making a living. Surprisingly lucrative when you know what you’re doing, this is a space that hasn’t yet reached its full potential.

One platform that sits near the top of this online space is FreshLearn. FreshLearn is a platform that enables users to transform their knowledge into saleable courses.

You can build, edit, and sell online courses to thousands of students that want to learn what you know, but is it any good?

The fact you’ve landed here would suggest that’s something you want to know. If so, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s article, we’re going to check the FreshLearn review so you know exactly what to expect.

Let’s get started!

FreshLearn Overview

Before we go any further, you need to have a better understanding of what FreshLearn is and what the platform can be used for.

FreshLearn is an education course creator platform that gives its users the opportunity to transform their knowledge into a profit.

Helping thousands of people start online businesses, FreshLearn enables creators to build, edit, and sell courses to thousands of students around the world. This is a great way for individuals to turn their knowledge into profit.

Everything from landing pages and course content to course maintenance and payment processing is handled by FreshLearn.

With 100% white-label operations, the platform’s technology works silently in the background to create critical support for your business.

You can freely play around with the look and feel of your course to make it better suited to your students.

FreshLearn gives you full control over course customizations, making it easier for you to make a learner-friendly course that will encourage more learners to sign up.

How Does FreshLearn Do It?

Now you know more about what FreshLearn is, let’s take a look at how they do it.

FreshLearn is successful because of the impressive dashboard they provide its users with. In fact, this dashboard is arguably the best thing about the platform.

Through this dashboard, users can make full use of the services FreshLearn provides.

You’re given quick access to all the tools you need to build, modify, and publish your course. You’re even given access to course metrics that let you analyze student performance.

To ensure the whole process is easy, FreshLearn has ensured you can do most aspects of course creation in one click.

To make life easier for the students, each FreshLearn course is split into modules and chapters. YouTube videos and other sources of media can also be easily embedded into a course.

Receiving payments couldn’t be easier either. All you have to do is connect your payment gateway.

After that, FreshLearn will do the rest for you, guaranteeing that you receive your payments as soon as possible.

Finally, to let users put their own stamp on their courses, FreshLearn has a neat setting option that allows you to upload your own logo to your course.

This is just another way FreshLearn makes the experience better for its learners.

Who Is FreshLearn Aimed At?

So, who exactly is FreshLearn aimed at? Well, in all truth, FreshLearn is aimed at anybody that has an interest in the development or marketing of online courses.

It also suits those that have a desire to produce a course but don’t know how, as it offers all the tools somebody needs to produce a course without them having to know the technical expertise behind it.

Using the platform and its simple editor, you can easily build courses related to the knowledge you wish to share. From there you can sell the course to your followers, current students, or anybody that shares your interest.

FreshLearn also suits those that wish to sell digital content. You can submit your own media files and sell them on the platform.

Overall, we recommend the platform to anyone that wants a hassle-free, effortless experience when producing content. We especially recommend the platform to newbies that don’t know where to start.

Key Features

FreshLearn Review

To gain a better understanding of whether the platform is worth it or not, we will now look at the key features FreshLearn offers.

It is the key features a platform offers that will set them above other platforms in this space.

Ease Of Use

While it may not be a specific feature, we have to mention how easy FreshLearn is to use. It is this platform’s ease of use that makes it stand out from other course creation platforms.

Navigating the platform is a breeze, whilst the development of courses is pretty straightforward.

The content-rich, yet sleek dashboard conveniently keeps everything you need in one place, while course analytics makes it much easier for users to monitor student performance.

When reviewing FreshLearn, we also found that the user-friendly interface instilled a feeling of security in its users.


One brilliant feature that FreshLearn offers is an affiliate partnership scheme.

FreshLearn enables its users to develop their own personal affiliate network for their courses. This allows the user to promote the course and earn rewards when a new member enrolls.

This gives course creators another way to make money from the platform which is obviously appreciated by many customers.

Member Information

This course creation platform makes it easier than other platforms for its creators to learn more about its members. The platform does this by providing a detail tab that lists every student a creator has.

Creators can see where their members are from, how old they are, when they joined the course, what their names are, their email addresses, and phone numbers.

While this information might not sound that exciting, it gives the creator a great insight into their students.

Simple things like signup location or age can show a creator where the course is a big hit. They can then use this data to target more students.


FreshLearn provides its creators with detailed reports in regard to how their course is performing.

In the reports section, creators can monitor the progress of their students, set up exams and quizzes to see how much the students have learned, and also monitor the completion rate of the course.

This again helps the creator identify where the course is a success, and where it can improve.


We mentioned the dashboard briefly above, but we’re mentioning it again here as it is probably the best feature FreshLearn has to offer.

Thanks to this sleek, stylish, and extremely easy-to-use dashboard, course creators can effortlessly produce, edit, and sell high-quality courses without having technical expertise.

Aside from helping you make a course in as few clicks as possible, this easily navigated dashboard also lets you monitor your income and sales.

Having all of this in one place makes everything much easier. Amazingly, this isn’t something every course creation platform offers, making FreshLearn a much better choice.

The Main Benefits Of FreshLearn

As you can probably tell already, this no-code platform is a big hit with thousands of course creators around the world, and with good reason.

However, the things we’ve spoken about so far aren’t the only things this platform offers.

FreshLearn comes with a variety of other benefits that make it a great option for course creators. We’ll look at the main benefits next!

No-Coding Platform

One of FreshLearn’s biggest benefits is that it is an all-in-one no-coding platform that allows you to build world-class courses without prior knowledge of the industry. Creating, modifying, and selling a course has never been easier.

Not only that, you can then easily embed additional content such as videos, quizzes, and exams with the help of the FreshLearn dashboard.

Not having to know how to create a digital course when building on FreshLearn is a huge bonus and one that helps most users.

App Integration

One benefit that is often overlooked is the ability to link FreshLearn courses with third-party systems.

FreshLearn was built with content creators in mind which is why they have made it so easy to link the system to a third party.

Some of the third-party systems you can link FreshLearn to include Google Drive, HubSpot, Dropbox, and Slack.

This helps FreshLearn help you achieve your personal goals as fast as possible.


One of the best things about FreshLearn is the control the platform gives you over your course.

The platform gives you complete freedom when it comes to managing every aspect of your platform.

You can control exactly how the course looks, how much you charge, how payments are taken, the content within the course, and so much more.

This freedom makes it much easier for you to build a business that you can truly say is yours.

Rather than looking like a FreshLearn course, you can tailor your courses to your own style and themes, making it much clearer that the course is owned by you.

This personal touch is also something that your students will appreciate.

Collaboration Tools

As if all that wasn’t enough, FreshLearn also enables course creators to engage with their students.

This gives creators the opportunity to provide students with additional course material and access to courses from other devices.

This may not be the biggest benefit but it’s one that certainly comes in handy.

The Downsides

FreshLearn Review

Like any platform, there’s also a handful of downsides that have to be taken into consideration.

Luckily for us, FreshLearn doesn’t have too many. However, it’s still worth taking a look so that you know what to expect.

Limited Integrations

Despite offering app integration, the limited number of integrations FreshLearn offers isn’t the best.

Whilst this doesn’t cause any serious problems for customers, it is something that everyone would benefit from if improved.

An improvement FreshLearn could make would be to add webhook management like other platforms such as Teachable.

No Timer

One neat feature that appears to be missing from FreshLearn is the addition of a timer for the completion of a project.

Again, this isn’t a huge issue but it is something that could be of use to some customers.

Unclear Requirements

When reviewing this platform, we found that some of the requirements for setting up, producing, and selling a course on the platform aren’t clear.

While this didn’t cause us any problems, we could see how it might confuse some users in the future.

FreshLearn Pricing

Let’s take a look at pricing. As far as pricing is concerned, FreshLearn has a very competitive pricing structure.

While some online course creation platforms offer a free trial, FreshLearn actually offers a completely free plan.

This gives FreshLearn a huge advantage over its competitors. Of course, certain features are restricted with the free plan, but it’s a great way to learn how to use the system.

The two other plans you have to choose from are the Pro and No Brainer plans. Both are competitively priced and come with everything you need to produce and sell courses.

The Pro plan has all the must-have features, while the No Brainer Plan comes with all the advanced features that help you grow your business quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is FreshLearn Based?

FreshLearn was set up in the United States. However, they now have a team of dedicated employees that work globally.

How Long Does It Take For Student Payments To Land?

Once you’ve linked your payment gateways to your FreshLearn account, payments made by your students will land in your account immediately.

Is FreshLearn Cloud-Based?

Yes, FreshLearn is a cloud-based platform. As a result, you can access this tool from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Is FreshLearn Easy To Use?

Yes, FreshLearn is easy to use. The platform has a wide range of website-building tools that make it super easy for you to learn and create high-quality courses.

In Conclusion

FreshLearn is easily one of the best course creation platforms online.

More affordable than most competitors, FreshLearn is an all-in-one no-coding platform that makes it incredibly easy for its users to create, modify, and sell their knowledge.

Helping you create your own lucrative online business, FreshLearn has a sleek dashboard and valuable insight tools that help you track and monitor students, while the secure payment gateways ensure you receive payments almost immediately.

Loaded with neat features, excellent user support, and powerful tools, we can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t give FreshLearn a try.

With that in mind, why don’t you sign up for the free plan and check FreshLearn out for yourself?