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does teachable have an affiliate program

How Does The Teachable Affiliate Program Work?

Teachable is a widely popular website, which allows self-employed instructors to host their own online courses through Teachable’s online system.

In many ways it has changed the game for online learning, and means that students and teachers alike can come together to deliver and consume the content they are passionate about – all while making money in the process. 

But what exactly is Teachable, and what do they offer as a website? Does Teachable have an affiliate program?

What Is ‘Teachable’?

Teachable is an online learning website that allows instructors to create, run, and manage their own course content for prospective students to subscribe to and engage with. 

This allows the students to pay for a trusted educational service, and the instructors to make a commission from the students who subscribe to their content. 

What Does ‘Teachable’ Offer Instructors? 

Of course, there are many beneficial things that Teachable can provide to make its resources infinitely more useful to instructors and students alike. (Check out ‘What Percentage Does Teachable Take? [Things You Need To Consider]‘)

A Content Management System

One benefit of using Teachable is that they offer a fully integrated content management system, making the management of your online classes and the content therein incredibly easy to organize.

This means you have everything you need to edit and cut content to make it more professional, snappy, and engaging, as well as various audio and video integration tools so that you can turn a bland, boring presentation into an interesting, multimedia engagement.

A Sales Page

They also include everything you will need as an instructor to sell and promote your course and the content you are advertising. (See also ‘How To Get Paid On Teachable [Payment Gateways Explained]‘)

As a self-employed educator – as in most fields of self-employment – self-promotion is everything, and it can make or break your course’s popularity.

Teachable also offers an upselling page, wherein you can increase your overall yield of students, and get far more engagement through the use of various advertising tools. 

It also supplies you with all of the paperwork and forms that you will need to accept credit card payments from interested students, ensuring that every part of your system is watertight and functioning properly. 

Payment Gateways

It also includes integrated, protected payment gateways, wherein prospective students can safely and securely make payments for Teachable courses – and where, likewise, you as the instructor can claim the money that you are owed. 

This adds a degree of comfort for everyone involved and ensures that no problems can arise during the transfer of funds. 

Blog Pages

There are also numerous blogs that users and instructors can follow in order to learn more about Teachable, what they offer, and the best ways to perform specific tasks. 

This means that no one is left out and that users of all skill levels can deliver and engage with content without fear of feeling technologically unequipped. 

Messaging Systems

Teachable also offers messaging systems, allowing instructors to contact their students and vice versa.

This makes the whole teaching process more inclusive and interactive and means that anyone with a query or feedback to give can have easy, informal access to one another. 

This takes the idea of an online course and makes it feel more akin to a face-to-face session, allowing everyone to communicate to a degree that they feel comfortable and supported. 

Does Teachable have an affiliate program?

Does Teachable Have An Affiliate Program? 

So, to answer “does Teachable have an affiliate program”, yes, Teachable offers various affiliate programs, allowing third-party individuals the chance to earn themselves a commission from advertising and other marketing strategies. 

What Is An Affiliate Program? 

This is a commonly used marketing strategy used by companies all across the web, and is where third-party individuals – such as bloggers, influencers, or regular people with websites – can help direct customer traffic towards a specific website, thereby increasing that website’s value, and earning themselves commission as a result. 

This is common on websites like Amazon – as well as other e-commerce websites – and allows people to help one another to succeed. 

Teachable & Affiliate Programs: How It Works

When it comes to Teachable and its affiliate programs, there are clearly defined terms and conditions to ensure the whole thing works without a hitch, and that people are paid what they expected (and what they are due). 

Earning A Commission

As far as the commission for Teachable affiliates is concerned, successful partners have the chance to earn up to 30% commission on each new customer. 

This means that with this Teachable partner program if a new customer was directed to Teachable, and paid the monthly basic Teachable subscription plan of $39 – then the affiliate marketer would receive a potential sum of up to $11.70 for every monthly payment. 

When this figure is multiplied across numerous customers, it can become quite a lucrative side hustle for those with the time, the means, and the inclination. 

Rolling Commission Payments

Another benefit as far as the commission goes is that affiliate marketers continually receive their percentage of the commission for as long as their delivered customer is a subscriber. 

This means that for every payment they make to Teachable, the affiliate who introduced them in the first place will continue to receive their percentage. 

Trackable Figures

There is also the potential for affiliate marketers to track their own progress, and that of their earnings through Teachable, ensuring the whole thing remains transparent and above board. 

This means that affiliate marketers always know how much they are owed for the work they have done with the help of affiliate tracking, and also ensures that no disputes over affiliate payouts will arise. 

Marketing Campaign Organization

You can also use Teachables marketing campaign software to properly monitor, track, and even redirect specific campaigns to make them more successful – and most importantly, profitable.

This means that unsuccessful campaigns can be abandoned, and the more successful streams can be honed and focused on more clearly – ensuring that no time, effort, or money is wasted on inefficient campaigns. 

Accurate & Efficient Payment

The payment system used by Teachable is well above industry standards, ensuring that you accurately, efficiently, and quickly get what you are owed in a timely fashion. 

This is monitored automatically, and as such is not reliant on humans – or specific working hours – for the payments to reach you. There are also no human errors, ensuring accuracy at all times.

How To Become An Affiliate? 

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are specific ways in which you can develop this business plan relationship with Teachable. 

Sign Up

To become an affiliate marketer, the process couldn’t be simpler – involving a basic sign-up form, wherein you will put your personal information, your company information (if applicable), and your social media accounts. 

While inputting this information is not a prerequisite to getting the role, it does mean that they can monitor your progress online, and the traffic that you naturally attract and generate, to see if a partnership would indeed be beneficial. 

How Does The Teachable Affiliate Program Work?

Who Can Become An Affiliate? 

Generally speaking, anyone can become an affiliate marketer, but there are certain sets of criteria that increase the likelihood of attaining such a role, and which will determine your efficacy once the partnership is established. 


These are the most common type of affiliate marketing deals that occur, and companies are more than keen to sign up popular online influencers to push their products and services to their millions of fans. 

You might see the same thing on social media, wherein celebrities and online influencers will promote various consumer products to their fans – either as advertisements on podcasts or just as a post on social media. 

They are attractive to companies because they generally have a wide reach across a broad spectrum, meaning new customers and lucrative revenue streams for everyone involved. 


If you have a successful blog, then you could also make a lucrative side hustle as an affiliate marketer – this is because once again bloggers (the successful ones at least) have the power to reach a lot of readers, and therefore they have significant marketing power that can influence and increase revenue for a company. 


If you have a successful podcast, then affiliate marketing could be another string to your bow.

This is one of the most common forms of partnerships that can occur, especially for free podcasts, which rely on such product deals and partnerships to keep the lights on. 

Content Creators

If you are a successful content creator on Instagram, TikTok, or other social media platforms, then you could also be a great affiliate marketer. 

Once again, this is because you would have the potential to reach a large audience with your affiliate link, which in terms of statistics would increase the potential for new customers and more revenue for the company. 

Website Owners

If you offer a service or a product of your own and manage a fairly successful website with significant traffic, then affiliate marketing could be another source of revenue for you to look into. 

This is more suited to regular people and can be a good way for them to make money, and increase their own reach and influence as a result. 

Is Teachable A Reputable Company? 

One of the best things about Teachable, and the opportunities they offer to users, instructors, and affiliates, is that it is a reputable company that prides itself on its reputation within the marketplace. 

This means that they will pay you fairly, treat you well, and practice transparency at every step of the process.

This is obviously important to anyone looking to get into business with someone else and means that it is one of the most successful and accessible ventures of this nature on the internet.

Who Shouldn’t Become An Affiliate? 

Of course, while affiliate marketing is suitable for many different kinds of people, there are some who would simply not be suitable. 

Those With No Followers

If you have no followers, or a very limited online reach, then affiliate marketing is not something that would suit you.

This is because you cannot reach a sufficient number of people to make it profitable for either the company or you. 

For companies to accept you into their own affiliate programs, you need to prove that you are a valuable asset – and in the case of affiliate marketing, value is measured in the size of the reach, and the influence you have. 

People Without Drive

Being an affiliate marketer might sound simple, but it requires constant daily work and persistence to get a substantial chunk of revenue. 

This is because you have to drive and encourage all the sales, and the more you can do that, then the more you will earn overall. This is why those without a work ethic or the right level of the drive are not suitable for an affiliate marketing program. 

This is essentially self-employment – and that requires hard work!

Bad Marketers

This might sound like an obvious one, but if you do not have the proper marketing skills, then you might not yet be suitable for this kind of partnership. 

This is because having sales skills is the most important part of generating new revenue and customers, and if you do not have the goods, then they will not feel compelled to engage with the products or services you are pushing. 

These skills can be improved over time – after all, most things in life require the ability to ‘sell’ an idea in one form or another, so if you feel you are lacking in these areas, but are desperate for a future in affiliate marketing, then it’s time to start honing your skills. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Teachable, and how their affiliate programs work. 

It’s true that Teachable has changed the game when it comes to providing online learning content, and has facilitated numerous instructors in effectively teaching – and making a living from – their chosen subject matter. 

So if you are interested in running a course, or you would like to do some learning of your own, then why not give Teachable a go? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!