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What Is The Demo Sandbox On BuddyBoss?

There’s no doubt that when it comes to creating e-learning websites, apps, and communities, BuddyBoss, the WordPress plugin, is one of the best resources on the internet, providing users with a whole range of tools to utilize in order to make their platform and the courses as engaging and immersive as possible. 

However, before you make that jump and sign up for one of the many payment plans that BuddyBoss has to offer, you will definitely want to consider trying out the demo sandbox on BuddyBoss first, especially because it is incredibly easy to access, and will give you an honest and authentic look at what you can expect to see when you first log in to the BuddyBoss online community platform. (Check out How To Have A Language Selection On BuddyBoss Theme?)

Today, we’re going to run through exactly what the demo sandbox on BuddyBoss is, how you can try it out for yourself, and why it is worth doing so that you know exactly what you will be getting into through this interactive hands-on trial. 

How Does The Demo Sandbox Work?

Unlike many online paid communities and platforms which will offer a free trial to its new users who are wondering whether to pay for a membership or not, BuddyBoss does things a little differently, and in our opinion, their method is much better. 

As soon as you click on the demo sandbox option from your browser, you will immediately activate the sandbox trial version of BuddyBoss which will last for 30 minutes.

During this time, you will have full access to most features on the main interface of BuddyBoss, including group chats, courses, and your timeline, but after the 30 minutes is up, everything will be reset. 

Once the reset happens, everything will be reverted back to how it was when you first began the trial, and a few things will move around such as some of the courses in your library and their completion. 

The purpose of this is to give you a hands-on experience of how the main interface and functionalities and resources within BuddyBoss work without any restrictions, but you won’t be able to actually make any progress or contact anyone because the trial version will always reset. 

How To Access The Demo Sandbox On BuddyBoss

All you need to do to access the sandbox demo is type in “BuddyBoss Demo” in your search engine, and it will be the first result that appears, or you can simply click here to go straight to it. 

You will be taken to a control menu when you select the demo which will tell you all about what you will be able to do during your time, with there being a “Create Sandbox” option in an orange bar just below.

Click on this, and it will begin generating the demo for you to try out before taking you directly to the BuddyBoss main interface where you will be signed in as a fake account with the name “John”. 

It really is that simple, you don’t even need to download the demo from a link or from another community website since the demo is provided by the browser, so you can jump in and start testing out all the features BuddyBoss grants users after just a few clicks. 

What Can You Do In The Demo Sandbox On BuddyBoss?

Once you’re in the demo, BuddyBoss won’t provide you with any guidance on what every menu is or what parts of the platform you should check out first, so it really is up to you to experiment and have fun selecting the different icons dotted around the interface so that you can start to understand how BuddyBoss works, and what you can expect the experience to be like if you do decide to buy it. 

However, so that you can make the most of your time before the demo resets, here is a quick breakdown of each of the menus that you will see on the menu to the left of your screen which you may want to check out. 

My Profile

You will be able to see your followers, groups, and connections on this page, along with a meter to the right of the screen which lets you know how much of your profile is completed, and what you still need to add. 

My Timeline

This is the section of BuddyBoss that resembles more of a social media platform than anything else, allowing you to view updates and posts by friends and followers, along with a “Connections” tab which will allow you to see which users are currently active, and who you have recently added as a follower. (If you’re interested in ‘How To Upgrade Your Buddyboss Themes’ click here.)

My Inbox

In the demo sandbox version, the messages that pop up in this menu will be randomly generated, but it gives you an idea of how messaging on the BuddyBoss site works and what icons and symbols you can use in your messages, along with how to form groups.

My Groups

This is definitely one of the most interesting sections of the menu and one that you will definitely want to click on once you log in since it will give you an insight into how groups function on BuddyBoss, and how they are laid out when you select them. 

The demo will make it so that your account is already part of several groups with different topics and purposes.

Some will be meetups, while others will be clubs or business groups, giving you a good idea of how these groups work and the different ways you can customize them as an organizer for your company or client. 

My Courses

This is where things really get interesting! When you click on “My Courses”, you will see the courses that the demo has already linked to the account, along with their completion rate and how many lessons are included in each. 

What Is The Demo Sandbox On BuddyBoss (1)

The best part is you’re able to freely select these courses, and even read through them until the timer resets, even on the ones that have been marked as already completed.

You can also see the participants who are also taking the course or have completed it previously, and while you, unfortunately, cannot take on the quizzes, you will still have a decent amount of courses to browse through.

Some of the courses will shift around and be swapped out for others once the timer resets, so feel free to try the demo again if you’re curious as to what courses will be available to you when you pay for a membership. 

How Many Times Can You Take The Demo?

While the demo may have a 30-minute timer, the good news is you can repeat the demo sandbox on BuddyBoss as many times as you would like, so long as you don’t mind it resetting everything after each session. 

Therefore, don’t feel pressured to rush around the menu trying everything on your first time to beat the timer, instead, feel free to go at your own pace and simply get a feel for what you can expect from the platform if you decide to buy it. 


Are you still wondering whether BuddyBoss is the right course platform for you?

Try out the sandbox demo for yourself today to decide whether all the extra tools, resources, and functionalities provided by BuddyBoss plugins are what you need, and remember, you can take the demo as many times as you like, so there’s no need to rush! If you have any questions contact BuddyBoss support.

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