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Deadmau5 MasterClass Review 

Deadmau5 MasterClass Review 

If you’re interested in music, whether you just enjoy listening to it or you want to produce it, the Deadmau5 MasterClass is a course that might interest you.

Deadmau5 is one of the most successful electronic dance music (EDM) musicians who will inspire and teach you about making music.

What’s the Deadmau5 MasterClass about? In this course, Deadmau5 teaches subscribers about the technical and creative aspects of establishing a music career. He also has practical advice, such as when it comes to performing on stage.

Read our Deadmau5 MasterClass review to learn everything you need to know about this course, its pros and cons, its price, and whether it is worth it.

Who Is Deadmau5?

Who Is Deadmau5?

Deadmau5, real name Joel Thomas Zimmerman, is a Canadian electronic DJ, record producer, and dance artist. Deadmau5 has collaborated with various DJs and producers and has been nominated for six Grammy Awards.

He’s won numerous awards in his career, including the DJ Award for Best Electro House and the MuchMusic Video Award for Best EDM/Dance Video.

Deadmau5 has produced various styles in the progressive house music genre. His music has been featured in compilation albums, such as those by DJ and music producer, Tiësto.

Deadmau5 was also at the forefront of the electronic dance movement in the 2000s.

After starting his own record label in 2007, called mau5trap records, Deadmau5 won a Juno Award the following year for “All U Ever Want,” a collaboration between him and singer-songwriter Billy Newton-Davis.

In 2008, Deadmau5 went mainstream with his “Random Album Title”, a music collection that set up his signature dance floor sound.

Deadmau5 has achieved many firsts in the music industry. Here’s a rundown of some of the most notable ones:

  • He performed at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards during their first telecast performance that put a spotlight on electronic music. 
  • He was the first Canadian electronic artist to sell out at the Rogers Center in Toronto.
  • He broke Rage Against the Machine’s record for having the most consecutive shows at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC. 
  • He appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone for their 2012 summer double issue. This was the first time an EDM artist made the cover.
  • He’s headlined the largest festivals in North America, such as Sonar, Ultra Music Festival, and Virgin Mobile FreeFest. 

Overview of the Course

Overview of the Course

Deadmau5 has made a success of his music, and now he wants to share his passions, insights, and tips with aspiring musicians.

In his MasterClass course titled Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production, Deadmau5 introduces people to the world of electronic dance with six hours of content and 23 video lessons. 

This is Deadmau5’s first-ever online class in which he teaches members how to mix and master songs so that they can find their creative spirit. The course focuses on teaching aspiring musicians to find their own sound. 

Here’s what you can expect from taking this MasterClass course:

  • Deadmau5 offers his unique approach to making music and how to take advantage of your time in the studio. 
  • He advises on how to build your home studio and what gear you need. 
  • He shows you how he takes basic chord structures and uses them on different instruments to make unique arrangements. 
  • Deadmau5 teaches you how to build instrumental sounds to make your track unique and set you apart from other musicians. 
  • He teaches you the difference between digital and analog synths, with Deadmau5 explaining why he chooses analog synths for his signature sounds.
  • Deadmau5 teaches aspiring musicians how to structure music’s elements into a song. 
  • He teaches you how to take your music from inside the studio onto the stage. 

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

With the above in mind, let’s go over the pros and cons of this MasterClass by Deadmau5.


  • You’ll be able to see Deadmau5 in action as he works in the studio in real-time to produce the start of a track. 
  • You don’t need music experience to enjoy this class, as Deadmau5 gives you essential techniques to help you create melodies. 
  • You get deep insight into how Deadmau5 creates music, such as when it comes to having big bass and using effects processors.
  • Deadmau5 gives viewers advice and insights into what it’s like to deal with major music labels as well as what he’s learned about navigating a recording career.
  • You’ll get practical advice as an aspiring musician, such as how to manage lots of gear when you’re traveling on the road.
  • The class comes with two PDF documents. One is a 60-page guide and the other is a three-page guide for beginners that contains information such as basic definitions. 
  • Deadmau5 gives beginners the tools and equipment they need to start making and producing music, such as a guide on how to set up your computers for EDM, set up your speakers, and why you need a digital audio workstation (DAW). 


  • Some of the video lessons can be quite technical, which might not appeal to non-musicians.
  • This MasterClass course won’t give you a step-by-step guide for making a song.
  • If you’re not interested in EDM or music production in general, some of the concepts might not appeal to you.
  • Some people might be put off by Deadmau5’s tone, which can be snarky at times. He also uses what some might say “bad language” throughout the course. 

Who Is This Class For?

Who Is This Class For?

There are many good reasons why you should take the Deadmau5 MasterClass. It’s ideal for people who are:

  • Fans of Deadmau5 and would love to learn more about his music production. 
  • Intrigued to learn more about Deadmau5 and you want to see who the man is behind his mask (if you don’t know, Deadmau5 has been known to wear an LED helmet on stage.) 
  • Aspiring music producers and creators.
  • Interested in the life and career of a successful musician and producer. 
  • Interested in building a home studio. 
  • Interested in the technical aspects of a music career, but also love hearing about a successful person’s story. 

How Much Does This Class Cost?

How Much Does This Class Cost?

If you want to buy the Deadmau5 MasterClass, you will require a MasterClass subscription. MasterClass doesn’t allow people to purchase individual courses anymore. A subscription to the online platform is therefore required and costs $180 per year.

There are various payment plans available, however. To find out more, read “MasterClass Pricing”. You should also check out our “MasterClass Review” to figure out if it’s worth it to become a subscriber.

The great thing about getting a MasterClass subscription is that it lets you access more than 150 classes on a variety of topics so that you won’t be limited to this specific course.

To find out more about some of the best MasterClass classes, read our guide, “Best MasterClass Courses” 

Users’ Experience 

Users’ Experience 

Wondering what people around the internet have said about this Deadmau5 MasterClass? Here are some comments from people who’ve taken the course. 

  • “He’s very loose in creating music and it’s quite inspiring. I’m not really a fan of his or his music but it’s really neat to see what he does”.
  • “I enjoyed the class but felt there could have been way more content for the money”.
  • “I loved the Masterclass! I know nothing about music and just wanted an intro into it. This was a perfect class for me – 10/10! Deadmau5 was a hilarious and entertaining host, and I would highly recommend this course for people new to music”.
  • “Love deadmau5, but didn’t learn anything new from his Masterclass. I find him to be a pretty bad teacher. He has very little patience, jumps from topic to topic, and doesn’t explain anything fully”.
  • “Even as an advanced producer, this class is awesome. Highly recommend it. I’ve learned a few things already and I’ve only made it to the 2nd episode”.


If you’d love to learn more about Deadmau5, you’ll do well to get a MasterClass subscription to take his course in music creation and production.

In this MasterClass Deadmau5 review, we’ve featured everything you need to know about this course, such as its pros and cons, and how much it costs. We hope we have helped you make up your mind about it.


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