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Charlie Puth Masterclass Review

Charlie Puth Masterclass Review

Whether you are training to be a vocalist yourself or if you are more interested in the production side of song-making, there’s no better way to learn than to have some guidance from the music stars themselves who have honed their skill levels for most of their lives to create the catchy and addictive songs that we hear so much over the radio.

Many of these music artists now offer classes to help with pop songwriting secrets, vocals, and production, and one of the most popular stars who offer this type of guidance is Charlie Puth.

A young singer-songwriter who has proved his musical talent by consistently putting out hits that always remain on the Billboard Hot 100 for at least a few weeks, but how useful is his one-month class, and is it worth the steep price tag? Keep reading to find out more in this Charlie Puth Masterclass review.

Who Is Charlie Puth?

Chances are if you have ever turned the radio on since 2015 and dialed to a pop station, you will have heard the smooth and perfectly pitched voice of Charlie Puth who first became popular for his debut single ‘Marvin Gaye’ featuring Meghan Trainor who has also been a mega pop star since then.

Just a few months after, Puth skyrocketed into mainstream popularity when he was featured on ‘See you again’ which made an appearance in the movie Furious 7 as a tribute to the late Paul Walker.

The song won an astounding number of awards and accolades including winning Song of the Year at the Grammy’s of that year, the Best Song of the Year for the BBC Music Awards, and was recorded as the best-selling song of 2015 worldwide.

Since then, Puth has continued dominating spots in the Billboard Top 100 charts, however, he has also become well known for regularly communicating with his fans on sites such as TikTok and Facebook with his new songwriting and pop songwriting production class being his latest venture, but how does it really stack up compared to his many peers?

What Does The Charlie Puth Masterclass Involve?

Charlie Puth’s masterclass is advertised as a monthly class that is designed to teach aspiring songwriters everything Charlie has learned over the years on how to write and produce songs at a price point of $279.

Charlie shares his entire creative process to become a better songwriter throughout the month-long course where he will guide the viewer through the very beginning of making a song all the way to the final cut.

During the class, Charlie will produce two brand new songs while showing viewers the process of making them and what is involved as part of the creative process.

The start of the class shows how Charlie finds his initial ideas and themes for the song, all the way through mixing, mastering, and exporting the finished tracks for when they are ready to be listened to by avid music fans across the world.

This is also a hands-on music class so while you watch Charlie make his way through the production process of creating a song, you are encouraged to record your own song along with him, with the aim being to have two of your very own original songs made from scratch by the end of the month-long class.

Positives About The Charlie Puth Masterclass

Pacing And Structure

Pacing And Structure

One major positive is just how clearly and concisely the class is structured and paced.

While it is only 30 days long, Charlie dedicates most of his first lesson to explaining the fundamentals of his songwriting and recording process including how he comes up with vocals, how he composes chord progressions, how to stack harmonies, and everything in between.

The second lesson and the latter portion of the class then focus more on experimentation and how to branch out of your comfort zone so that a song can gain a particular sound or style that can make it a lot more vibrant and exciting to listen to.

Splitting the class up like this gives viewers a clear foreground which can then be expanded on later with more intricate techniques, melodies, and production tools, rather than everything being crammed together in the 30 days.


Another positive is an extremely handy set of pre-videos where Charlie personally talks to the viewer about what they will need to get started along with the fundamentals of music theory and music software which are great additions to gear you up before jumping into the course.

Peer Feedback

Many of the activities and projects assigned to you by Charlie will take place in a peer group of 20 other students around the world which provides an excellent opportunity to not only meet new people but also encourages teamwork so everyone can work together to complete a certain task.

Lesson Content

There are 9 episodes in each of the two sections of the course with each one ranging from half an hour to just over an hour in length, making them fairly easy to understand and manageable to fit around your daily schedule.

There are projects that must be completed after every two to three lessons which help to keep you engaged and immersed, and the quality of the lessons is extremely detailed as Charlie discusses the ins and outs of mixing and mastering, all the way to tuning and vocal production meaning everything really is covered here from a songwriting standpoint.

Negatives Of The Charlie Puth Masterclass

Not Very Beginner Friendly

One factor that many people will consider a big drawback to the class is that while it does advertise itself as a class that can be accessed by producers of ‘All levels’, the class can actually be very intense at times and expects you to have at least decent knowledge on how to navigate production tools and programs which can make it a little daunting if you’re a complete beginner.

Second Song Is Much Smaller

Because the first song takes up the bulk of the classes, you’re going to be spending at least 20 days on it which only leaves 10 days to finish the second song.

Admittedly, this is a lot easier since the first song portion of the class is all about teaching the basics of music writing and production, however, it has meant that many students end up finishing the second song after the course is over so there isn’t as much content provided for you once you have completed the first portion of the course.

Final Thoughts

While it can be a little daunting and intimidating for beginners who are just getting to grips with producing music, for the $279 price tag Charlie Puth’s masterclass on songwriting is well worth the money with each of his lessons being expertly paced and structured that not only teaches you the basics of song production, but also how to then add experimental features and components to those songs to make them even more engaging.

The extra features such as the peer support group and pre-videos only help to further prove that Charlie Puth’s masterclass is one of the best out there when it comes to music production and considering you will hopefully finish the class with two songs of your own, it’s a perfect start for any aspiring singers or songwriters.

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