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Martin Barrett
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Can You Reset Progress On Codecademy?

Can You Reset Progress On Codecademy?

Codecademy is an online learning platform that teaches learners how to code. It has thousands of lessons in coding that can be studied from home.

Whether you’re looking to learn how to code for a hobby or as a career, you will find courses on Codecademy for you. Learn HTML, JavaScript, Python, SQL, or several other coding languages on Codecademy! 

There may be times when you want to reset your progress on Codecademy. You may want to repeat an exercise or start a course or career path from scratch to refresh your memory. Thankfully, Codecademy allows you to do this.

In this article, we will explain that can you reset progress on Codecademy.

Can I Reset My Progress On Codecademy?

The answer is that yes, you can reset your progress on Codecademy! As you work through the exercises, courses, and paths that Codecademy offers, you may wish to reset your progress and thankfully, Codecademy does offer this function.

Codecademy allows you to reset your progress on individual exercises without resetting any overall progress. It also allows you to reset your progress on an entire course or path and everything contained within. 

How Do I Reset My Progress On Codecademy?

As we just learned, you can reset your progress on Codecademy. Now we will look at how this can be done.

You can reset your progress on exercises, courses, and paths and the method for doing this differs slightly depending on what you are resetting. Let’s look at each option in turn.

How Do I Rest My Progress On An Individual Exercise?

Exercises are a core part of Codecademy. It’s not enough to simply read about code and try to learn different aspects of code by rote. To truly understand code and apply it, you need the practical experience of writing your own code.

This is where the Codecademy exercises shine. They allow you to put your learning into action and practice what you have been taught.

The exercises are a safe environment where you can see how your reset code performs without the worry of making mistakes and causing any problems.

Many of the exercises can be answered in several different ways so even if your code is perfect on the first try, you may want to try other options. Thankfully, you can reset your progress on exercises so that you can try again.

All you need to do is navigate to your workspace and look at the learning environment. When you look at the exercise, you will find a reset button between the Run button and the Share button.

It is shaped like a circle made from two arrows. Press the reset code button and the code in your exercise will be reset and deleted, allowing you to start again.

How Do I Rest My Progress On A Course Or Path?

Codecademy has many courses and paths for learners to choose from. The paths are collections of course that are geared towards a single goal and job role.

Example paths include Back-End Engineer, Business Intelligence Data Analyst, and Data Engineer. When the paths are completed, you get a certificate to confirm that you have completed the path. 

The paths are great for anyone that has a particular job role in mind in the future. They will walk you through all of the information and knowledge that you need to know for that role. 

Courses are smaller and are made up of a variety of lessons. They target a topic instead of a career.

Examples of courses include How to Clean Data with Python, Getting Started with Natural Language Processing, and Linear Regression in Python.

You can reset your progress on both courses and paths. Simply navigate to the homepage of the course.

You should see a heading that says ‘Course Progress” and underneath this is your progress bar, showing your progress from 0 percent to 100 percent.

Underneath the bar is a link that says ‘Reset Progress.’ Click this and you’re done!

How Does Resetting Affect Other Courses And Paths?

Many of Codecademy’s exercises, popular free courses, and paths feed into each other. Several share content and one of Codecademy’s strengths as a learning platform is that it recognizes when a learner has already completed some material.

For example, let’s imagine that you’ve already completed a course that covers the basics of Python.

If you then decide to study another course that includes lessons on Python and one of these lessons covers the basics of Python again, you won’t need to complete it a second time.

Codecademy will recognize that you’ve already completed that content and will mark it as complete.

This means, however, that if you clear your progress on the course that originally included the basics of Python lessons, the competition will be cleared from other courses as well.

By resetting your progress on one course or path, you may see that your progress on others falls rapidly as well.

Before you decide to reset your progress on any Codecademy course or path, make sure that you check whether any of the material is shared and present on other courses or paths you’re working on.

If it is, you want to reconsider resetting your progress. Resetting your progress will add more work and more things to study to your other materials.

Why Would I Reset My Progress On Codecademy?

There are many reasons why someone may want to reset their progress on Codecademy.

For exercises, there is often more than one way to complete them.

You may be able to complete the exercise using one lot of code, but if you want to try using different options and play around, resetting the exercise so that your previous code is erased can be very useful!

The Codecademy exercises are a safe environment where you don’t have to worry about incorrect code causing any damage.

When it comes to courses and paths, the reasons can be a little different. You can repeat individual lessons that you have already completed if you need to refresh your memory or go through certain information again. 

However, if you want to go through the entire course again from the beginning, you may find resetting the course or path and working through it from scratch to be the quickest and easiest option.

It could be that you started the course a few months ago but never finished it and have forgotten the foundation lessons at the beginning of the course.

Or, it could be a course that contained some information that wasn’t relevant to your job at the time but is now and you need to start from scratch.

As you can see, there are many reasons to reset your progress on Codecademy and go through lessons and courses once more.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we looked at how you can reset your progress on Codecademy. We explained how to reset your progress on individual exercises as well as how to reset progress on courses and career paths. 

We hope that this article answered all of your questions about resetting progress on Codecademy!

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