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Can You Put Skillshare On Your Resume?

Can You Put Skillshare On Your Resume?

If you came here to find out “Can you put Skillshare on resume?”, the answer is yes, it’s totally fine to put Skillshare on your resume. (See ‘Skillshare vs College: Which Learning Method To Adopt.’)

Can You Put Skillshare On Resume?

Many people are worried that their Skillshare course won’t be taken seriously as a qualification and that including a course from Skillshare on their resume will make their resume look less legitimate.

However, this is not the case.

Skillshare is widely known as a provider of in-depth and expert-led online courses, so including Skillshare courses you have completed on your resume is a great idea.

Reasons To Put Skillshare On Your Resume 

There are many reasons why including Skillshare courses on your resume can benefit you when you’re looking for job opportunities.

Here are just some of the reasons we recommend putting your Skillshare courses on your resume today:

Demonstrates Knowledge 

First of all, having a completed Skillshare online course listed on your resume shows that you have knowledge about a particular subject. 

Of course, the usefulness of having this knowledge showcased on your resume will depend on how relevant it is to the job you’re applying for.

If you’re applying for a job as a financial advisor and you have a Skillshare qualification in cake decorating, your Skillshare course is unlikely to be what gets you the job. 

With that being said, even if your Skillshare course doesn’t align with the job you’re going for, it can still demonstrate that you are a well-rounded person with diverse interests, which is something many employers favor. (Check out ‘15 Best Skillshare Free Courses You Can Try Today.‘)

Helps You Stand Out 

Having good qualifications from school or college is important in many industries, but the catch is that while you may have great grades, other applicants are likely to have these, too.

One thing other applicants for the same position are not guaranteed to have, however, is the additional knowledge gained from a Skillshare course.

Having a Skillshare course on your resume will help you to stand out from the competition regardless of whether it’s aligned with the nature of the job or not.

Either you’ll have extra relevant knowledge or you’ll be able to demonstrate that you have a unique interest outside of work.

Sign Of Initiative 

Having good qualifications in terms of your grades from school or college is amazing, and there is an element of initiative required to do well at college.

However, having a Skillshare course on your resume will show prospective employers that you’re willing to take the initiative to go above and beyond to acquire knowledge and new skills. 

This is something that employers will value highly because most employers want employees who will take initiative and look for ways to improve themselves and their professional skills without being asked.

Shows Commitment 

If you’ve taken a Skillshare course alongside your day job and/or your studies, this demonstrates excellent time management as well as a good level of commitment to professional development. 

Committing yourself to learning something new and putting the time into developing new relevant skills outside of work indicates that you’ll be a committed employee who doesn’t shy away from hard work and knows how to manage their time effectively. 

Where To Include Skillshare On Your Resume 

can you put skillshare on resume

You may want to include your Skillshare course on a different section of your resume depending on the type of Skillshare course you have completed. 

There are various kinds of Skillshare courses, but the main ones are the single Skillshare classes, Chroma courses, and online certifications.


Online certifications from Skillshare are the best to have on your resume because you get an official certificate to show that you have completed the course.

You can include your Skillshare certification in the qualifications section of your resume. 


Chroma courses on Skillshare are multi-class courses that ensure an immersive student experience through smaller online classes taught by experts in the subject.

You don’t get a certificate at the end of your chroma course, so it’s best to create a new section on your resume and list online courses here. The section could be called ‘Training’, for example.

If your Chroma course on Skillshare isn’t relevant to the job you’re applying for, it’s best to include it in the personal interests section of your resume if you have one. 


Single Skillshare classes that aren’t part of Chroma courses or online certifications should be listed in the personal interests section of your resume. 

If the class is directly related to the job you’re applying for, you could create a ‘Training’ section separate from your official qualifications and list online courses there instead. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Skillshare Courses Accredited?

Skillshare has an Accredited Program, which covers a range of courses that are officially recognized as legitimate.

 Accredited courses by Skillshare are the best to put on your resume because they are official qualifications. 

Skillshare also has a range of non-accredited courses, though, so be sure to check whether a course is accredited or not before you put it on your resume.

Do Employers Recognize Skillshare?

Some Skillshare courses will be recognized by employers whereas others will not. 

Chroma courses and courses that lead to certification will be recognized, but most of the Skillshare classes available on the online learning platform are not expert-led or accredited.


If you were unsure about whether you could include relevant courses on your resume before, you now know that it’s totally fine, and even recommended that you do so.

Skillshare courses that are relevant to the jobs you want to apply for will help you stand out because you’ll have extra knowledge on relevant subjects from your online education.

Having completed relevant online courses also shows passion, initiative, and commitment. 

If your Skillshare courses are not relevant to your chosen career, it may still be worth including the fact that you have completed these courses in the ‘about me’ section of your resume, if applicable.

This shows that you have a range of interests and that you have the drive to continue to educate yourself about things that interest you even if it’s not directly career-related.

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