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Layla Acharya
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REVEALED: Arlington crowned the best city in the US for a tech career..

Edwize, a popular educational resource website, has been working hard to find out what the best US cities are for tech careers! Whether you are looking for a new career, a promotion, or a relocation, we bet you have spent time searching, trying to find a new city, or simply a new job that appeals to you. But it can be challenging to sift through the piles of information and data and work out what the best US city is for a tech career.

Well, here at Edwize, we have done the hard work for you! We have created a full data index, providing information about the top 50 US cities by population to see which is best for a tech career.

To gather this information and see which US city ranked top, we looked at the following data:

  • The average salary of tech jobs (in USD)
  • The average broadband speed per city
  • The Number of tech jobs currently available in the city
  • Rent per month (based on a one-bedroom central apartment)
  • The population of each city

By using this information, a ranking system has been created. A range of websites and sources were consulted, such as Glassdoor for salaries and speed test for broadband speed. These sites provided us with an insight into these cities, and of course, the information you want to know! Each category was given a score and then averaged, to help us see which city ranked the best. And the results are in!

Arlington average salary of $91,988

Arlington won the top spot, offering an average salary of $91,988. That’s an impressive salary and one that is sure to keep you comfortable! There isn’t much competition to fight over either, as there are 10,400 jobs currently available in Arlington. And yes, all of these are tech related! Arlington taking top spot might have surprised you, but the facts speak for themselves! A good salary, reasonable rent, and fast broadband make Arlington the place to be!

jobs currently available in Arlington

Who else wound up in the top hits? Well, Baltimore, Washington, Atlanta, and Boston complete the top five! That’s plenty of choice in a variety of cities, some of which you might not have known have such a great tech scene!

What surprised us is that Seattle only managed to rank ninth, and San Francisco and LA both were in the bottom five! It’s not often that you see these cities enter a list so low, but it goes to show that tech and where tech jobs are is changing!

Top 5 best city in the US for a tech career

And what does our founder Layla Acharaya have to say? She commented that:

Tech is the most searched section on my website. These days, coding course views get double the amount compared to other courses. What’s surprising is to see the lesser-known tech cities ranking well. As an Indian-American, I know the tougher circumstances we face when job hunting. But with this information, anyone that is looking to pursue a career in tech will have the help they need to find the best opportunity!

Layla couldn’t be more right, the rank we have created will allow you to find a tech career in a new city you will love! It might even be a city you have never considered before, who knew Arlington and Baltimore were such good places for a tech career?

Full data set available here –

edwize.org – US TECH CITIES

Sources used:

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