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Alan Moore Masterclass Review 2023

BBC Maestro is an online learning platform that hosts a wide range of digital classes, taught by experts in the industry. Everything from cooking to writing can be found on the platform, offering students unique insights from those that are at the top of their fields. 

Learning online gives us an opportunity that we’ve never had before, allowing us to access materials and teaching that would otherwise require long lines and hard-to-obtain tickets. Would we be able to learn from writing legend Alan Moore in person? Probably not. 

Those looking to refine their writing skills and learn from someone as talented as Alan Moore can now do this in the comfort of their own home with his Alan Moore storytelling course. 

This article features a comprehensive and detailed Alan Moore Masterclass review on writing and storytelling.

About The Expert

English writer and comic book legend, Alan Moore was born in Northampton in 1953. Working with huge companies like DC and Marvel, he has created some of the most famous comics of all time such as Batman: The Killing Joke, Swamp Thing, and V for Vendetta. 

Alan’s talents spread to more than just comics, he is also known for modern literary classics such as Jerusalem and has had some of his works turned into Hollywood movies. 

The award-winning writer has been honored a number of times for many of his works. He has even won the Eisner Award for Best Writer five times! 

Known for being eccentric and having a big bushy beard and won numerous awards leading to being loved by his fans and those who come across him.

Extraordinary gentlemen to sit down and talk to him!

Masterclass Overview

Alan Moore’s Storytelling masterclass is an in-depth look into his creative process, which has been refined over a lifetime.

Alan aims to impart all the wisdom required to allow students to make their own masterpieces, stating in his introductory lesson that he wishes to “make you a better writer”.

This creative writing course covers all aspects of writing such as creating characters and landscapes, how to write for certain types of publications, and progressing your writing in the future. 

Although this is the first time Alan has offered to share his skills with others, his methods of teaching and personality really shine through his lessons and have made it the popular Alan Moore’s course.


Alan Moorecourse can be paid via a one-off payment or through a subscription route. A singular payment of $95.30 allows students to access the course as many times as they like as well as download all the relevant materials. 

Subscriptions can be purchased which allow students access to every BBC Maestro course for them to enjoy at their own pace. These subscriptions run on an annual basis and will cost around $131.

When subscribing, you also have access for life to the courses you complete and can download any of the materials that are associated with the course. 

Therefore it’s not the cheapest course in the world, but most writing courses aren’t taught by world-famous authors. 

Course Structure

Split over 33 lessons, students can follow Alan’s wisdom in bite-sized manageable chunks that will seldom last for more than 20 minutes. The entire course will take around 6 hours to complete.  

Those purchasing this singular course can expect to be able to access all the lessons and go through them at their own pace.

The videos can be watched as many times as needed, and the materials which include 51 pages of course notes downloaded. 

There are a number of writing exercises included in the course through which students can put what they have learned into practice. Download the exercises and go back over them to make the most of what they are trying to teach you. 

None of the courses will ‘expire’ so if you haven’t had a chance to download the materials or don’t have space on your computer then you need not worry about accessing them again. Simply log into your BBC Maestro account and you can find everything as you left it.  

Alan Moore Masterclass Review 2023 1

Section 1: The Origins Of Storytelling

In the first few episodes, learn all about the origins of storytelling and what it means to be a writer, and how to be as effective as possible. This includes the four weapons of storytelling that every writer needs to learn to master. 

Section 2: How To Use Language

Using language is the key to storytelling, it can make the difference between a story that flows and one that doesn’t. There are a number of writing devices and ways to use language to become an inventive storyteller such as rhythm. 

Section 3: Creating The Storyline

The structure of the story is another crucial element that all good storytellers need to master. There is no one correct way to structure your writing, it’s all about the strength of the extreme characters and how effective the language is.

Other areas Alan covers here include timing, the importance of misdirection, and writing straddles genre. 

Section 4: Characters And Settings

For many, creating characters is the fun part! Learn how to convince readers that the characters are real people. 

This section also includes all the information you need to establish fantastic new worlds for your characters to live in, with an insight into how Alan built Neopolis from the ground up. 

Section 5: Writing For Different Forms

As Alan has done so well throughout his career, he talks about writing for different media forms. From comic books to cinema, there are limitations and different elements to consider depending on the media you choose to write for. 

Learn about these and how to utilize new technologies in your narratives. Alan talks about virtual reality a lot in this section.

Section 6: Progressive Writing

Finally, Alan talks about the importance of progressive writing. Pushing boundaries in your work is always important in creative areas but there are limits on how far you can push the boundaries and still make the narrative accessible. 

He finishes off by imparting some final tips and wisdom and imploring that everyone can and should write! Hopefully, this is enough inspiration for you to start something great. 


  • Learn all the necessary storytelling information from an expert in the comics industry
  • Access writing exercises to help improve your writing
  • Lifetime access to the course and materials 
  • Learn at your own pace with no deadlines 


  • There isn’t any contact with the instructor if you need help or any student forum
  • It’s on the expensive side compared to many online courses 

The Bottom Line

For those looking to refine their writing skills and learn from a titan of the industry, they should consider taking Alan Moore’s masterclass course on storytelling. Trying new things, moving forward, and continuing to be creative are things good writers must focus on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Watch BBC Maestro?

When customers have paid for access to a BBC Maestro course, they can watch the video lessons through their account.

There is a course page for each learner that has all the relevant information which can be accessed via an online browser, either through a desktop or smartphone device.

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