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Common Babbel Fixes Explained

Why Is Babbel Not Working: Common Babbel Fixes Explained

Learning a new language can be one of the most rewarding experiences out there, which is why it’s no surprise that some of the various online platforms for learning languages, such as the Babbel language course, have become so popular in recent years, making it more accessible for people everywhere to try their hand at a new native language. 

Of course, as with any app or online platform, Babbel is not software without issues, and technical issues on a language learning platform can be extremely disruptive and annoying, as they can impede the pace of your learning. 

Whether it’s difficulty logging in, if the app isn’t working, or even just how to change keyboards on the device you’re using, this guide has you covered, as we’ll take a look at some of the most common issues that you can experience on Babbel, as well as how to fix them. 


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With this guide, you should be able to diagnose and fix the problem in no time, ensuring that the interruption to your language learning is as minimal as possible. 

So, let’s get started and know why is Babbel not working!

Logging In To Babbel

Logging In To Babbel

Just like any platform out there, there can always be some issues that arise when it comes to logging in to Babbel, especially if you happen to have forgotten some of your account details, or some server status issues which will prevent you from logging in entirely. 

Thankfully, there are ways of being able to reset your password should you happen to forget it, and although the process for doing so differs slightly depending on whether you’re using Babbel on the web, or you’re using the Babbel app, they’re not too dissimilar from one another, although we’ll cover both here. 

For web users, resetting your password is a generally easy process, and you can begin to do so from the login page itself. 

To begin, you’ll first need to clear any Babbel cookies that might be saved on your browser’s internet connection. To do this, simply follow this link here, and you’ll be able to clear those cookies. 

Next, you’ll need to follow this link here, which will then take you to the page that allows you to reset your Babbel password. All you need to do is enter the email address that is associated with your Babbel account, and you should promptly receive an email allowing you to reset your password. 

If you’re using the Babbel app, then the process for resetting your password is similar, with some slight differences along the way. To begin, you’ll need to open up the Babbel app, and when it asks you for your login, you’ll want to select the “Email Address” option. 

Once you’ve filled in the correct email address, the app will then ask for you to enter your password. If you need to reset it, you can simply click the “Forgot Your Password Option?” 

With this option selected, you’ll need to re-enter your email address, and you should then receive an email prompting you to enter a new password for your account. 

Adding A New Keyboard Language

If you’re going to be learning a new language, then it’s important to make sure that you switch the keyboard you’re using to type into the correct language.

This is easy enough to do on both iOS and Android devices, however, since many people have never had to add a new language keyboard before, it’s why it’s sometimes considered to be difficult. 

For those who are using an iOS device, such as an iPhone or an iPad, then adding a new keyboard language only requires a few simple steps. 

To begin, you’ll want to head to your device’s settings, and then click on the “General” tab, from there, you’ll need to scroll down until you find the “Keyboard” section, click on this. 

Next, tap “Keyboards” and then, “Add a New Keyboard”, you’ll then be able to add the keyboard of your choice, so make sure that you choose the right one for the language you’re learning on Babbel. 

For Android devices, the process can differ slightly depending on the manufacturer, but it generally looks something like this: 

Start by going into your device’s settings, and then clicking on the “System” tab, before then clicking on the “Languages & Input” tab, and finally, the “Languages” tab. 

From here, you should then be able to add the keyboard of your choice. 

Adding a language keyboard means that you’ll be able to swap between your usual language and the language you’re learning on Babbel, how you do this can vary depending on whether your device uses iOS or Android. 

For those using an iOS device, holding down the smiley face used to switch to emojis will bring up the option for you to change to a different language keyboard, while those on Android devices will need to hold down the space bar on their usual keyboard to allow them to change between the two. 

Unable To Access Babbel Apps Account

Why Is Babbel Not Working

If you’ve recently purchased a Babbel subscription, but you find yourself unable to have full access to the full app, then there are a number of fixes that should be able to help you resolve this issue. 

The first thing you’ll need to check is that you’ve used the right email address. It’s worth double-checking that the email you’re signed in with is the one with which you registered to begin with.

You’ll be able to tell which email address you used, as the correct one should have a welcome pack email sent to you when you first joined Babbel. 

The next thing worth checking, if this hasn’t resolved your issue, is whether or not you have the right language selected. A standard subscription to Babbel only allows you to access the full content for a singular language. 

To check this is correct, you can click on the flag found in the top right-hand corner of the page on a desktop device, while mobile network users will need to click on the “Profile” section, then the “Settings Wheel”, and finally, “My Languages”. 

A common mistake that some users make is that if you’re planning to use a clear data device or tablet in order to learn a language with Babbel, you’ll need to download the app for it to work properly.


Language learning that works

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We earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you have not done this, then simply make your way to the Google play store on your device, download it, and then log in using your usual details, and you should be able to begin your language learning journey. 

Finally, and arguably the most obvious way to try and resolve the issues is to simply try logging out, and then logging back in again, which more often than not works!

Final Thoughts

So, while Babbel is an incredibly useful tool for those looking to learn a new language, just like any software it can have its issues, with the issues we’ve covered usually being the most troublesome for users of the one-language app. 

With this guide, you should hopefully be able to minimize the disruption caused by any of these issues, and get back on track with possible solutions, good luck! 

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