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Martin Barrett
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Where Is MemberPress Data Stored?

Where Is Memberpress Data Stored?

A lot of people like to know where their data is stored.

When some people know what is happening with their data, they feel a lot more confident to use the program or site.

The same can be said with MemberPress, which is a membership site plugin that makes it easy for you to sell or easily create online courses.

Over the years, it has gained a lot more traction, with more people signing up and using their services.

Where is MemberPress data stored?

Whether you are creating or taking part in a Membership course, you may be curious to know where your personal data is stored.

In this article, we are going to make everything a lot easier for you.

We will discuss where is MemberPress data stored and what data they collect.

What Is MemberPress?

A membership and monetization plugin for WordPress is called MemberPress.

MemberPress is a learning management system (LMS), community, paywall, automatically recurring subscription, and subscription plugin.

It makes it simple to turn your WordPress site into an online company.

With MemberPress it enables you to charge users coming to your website for access to any form of content.

As well as any digital goods you produce, such as e-books, software, and online courses.

You can build, administer, and monitor subscriptions, online courses, and digital items using MemberPress securely.

Along with these effective tools, MemberPress lets you control who has access to posts, sites, topics, tags, feeds, forums, and digital assets.

This will depend on what services your users have subscribed to or bought.

Where Is MemberPress Data Stored?

The majority of the data stored for MemberPress comes from the WordPress database.

In fact, MemberPress makes extensive use of the WordPress tables that come with WordPress and also creates a few new ones as well.

Hence, none of your personal data is actually stored within MemberPress.

It is crucial to remember that MemberPress user data is kept locally on the servers of your web host, in the database for your own website.

No personal data from your website’s subscribers is transmitted to or retained on servers operated by MemberPress or its affiliates.

The security and preservation of the personal information of your subscribers is your responsibility.

This is why you need to double-check where you or your customer’s personal data goes when you add on third-party integrations.

Users And User Meta Storage Table

For the purpose of creating, saving, maintaining, and authenticating users, MemberPress solely makes use of the WordPress API.

The normal WordPress users and user meta tables are used to storing members’ details as a result.

This implies that a MemberPress user wouldn’t require a separate login for other plugins like bbPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, etc. that also use the WordPress API for user management.

The user meta table contains the values for the Memberpress custom fields that your MemberPress users enter when creating or modifying their account pages, including usernames, and passwords, etc.

Posts And Post Meta Storage Tables

To store different types of data, MemberPress makes use of numerous custom post types.

The information for these items is kept in the WordPress posts and post meta tables because they employ custom post types.

The various custom post types utilized by MemberPressare:

  • Groups
  • Courses
  • Memberships
  • Rules
  • Lessons
  • Coupons
  • Files
Where Is MemberPress Data Stored?

Does MemberPress Collect Any Data?

Certain personally identifiable membership details about your members must be collected in order for MemberPress services to function properly.

This is so that you and your customers may benefit the most from the membership extensive experience they have chosen.

This is usually full names, email addresses, usernames, and passwords.

Data from MemberPress is kept securely in your own WordPress site’s database, which again is supplied and kept up to date by your web hosting company.

You do not require a DPA from Memberpress because of this.

If you connect MemberPress with other third-party services like MailChimp, Stripe, PayPal, etc., you might need a DPA from those services.

Some information is sent to and stored on MemberPress servers if you have selected the “Anonymous usage reporting” function in MemberPress -> Settings -> General tab.

This information, which is entirely anonymous, covers elements like the number of site subscribers, the add-ons you have enabled, etc.

You or your clients cannot be identified in any way by the usage data that has been collected.

Does MemberPress Store Payments?

Auto recurring payment data is not kept locally by MemberPress. By Stripe, PayPal, or Authorize, that data is safely transmitted, processed, and kept.

The data that is sent to the Payment Gateway and what is kept internally in your WordPress database are broken out below.

Every payment gateway you use might require a DPA (Data Protection Act).

  • Offline Gateway – WordPress and 3rd parties do not receive or store any personal information on their databases
  • Standard PayPal – WordPress collects the transaction numbers. While if VAT taxes are switched on, then this number is given to PayPal.
  • Express PayPal – Similar to above, WordPress collects the user’s transaction numbers. This time, PayPal is given the customer’s email address.
  • Stripe – In this scenario, the customer’s subscription numbers, transaction numbers, IP addresses, and the expiration date on the customer’s credit card are stored by the WordPress database. Then in Stripe, the customer’s full name, email address, credit card information, and IP address are stored.
  • Authorize – Last 4 digits of the buyer’s credit card expiration date, the transaction number, and the subscription ID are stored by the WordPress database. While, Authorize stores the customer’s credit card information, full name, address, and email address.

Do Any MemberPress Cookies Store Your Data?

The following cookies are used by MemberPress (but only if the aforementioned features are being used).

Nevertheless, neither cookie includes any personal information and cannot be used in conjunction with other information to build a personal profile.

You ought to be aware of and take into consideration the fact that WordPress uses cookies in your policies.

  • mp3pi141592pw – If you use the PayWall tool to limit how many free views visitors may view before blocking them. Then, this cookie is installed in their browser and maintains a hashed record of the user’s free views. For 30 days, this cookie is valid.
  • mplk – To enable the user to access the file without being redirected, MemberPress briefly creates a cookie when the Custom URI Rules are used to protect a static file, such as a PDF. This cookie expires after five seconds and contains a random alphanumeric string of text.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to your personal data, MemberPress tries to keep it as safe as possible.

A lot of your personal data is secured by WordPress’s database and any payment gateways you wish to use.

WordPress stores the data from MemberPress using a few additional tables to help easily identify certain information.

All of this information is encrypted and secured so that no one has to worry about their personal data falling into the wrong hands.

We hope this article has been helpful.

Now you ought to have a better understanding of where MemberPress stores your personal data.