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Martin Barrett
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What Does Glassdoor Say About edX

What Does Glassdoor Say About edX?

edX is one of the most popular online learning resources on the web, and as it was founded by prestigious institutions Harvard and MIT, it has got quite the reputation for being a trustworthy, high-quality online learning platform.

But what is it like to work for edX? In this article, we’ll be exploring what Glassdoor – a popular resource for potential candidates to read employee reviews of an organization – says about edX, as well as why edX is good for learners too. What does Glassdoor say about edX? Let’s get into it!

What Is edX?

If you want to learn something new online and add another skill to your repertoire then it’s likely you’ve heard of edX. (See ‘EdX Review 2023: Courses and Learning Experience‘)

It is a non-profit company founded by MIT and Harvard in 2012 with the aim to remove obstacles to high quality education that for some are impossible to overcome, such as location and cost. Edx is home to thousands of what they call MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). 

Since it began, it has teamed up with over 90 of the best corporations, NGOs, nonprofits, and universities in the world education industry, and at the moment it hosts over 3,000 courses, continuing education for around 25 million students globally. 

On edX you can learn everything from game development to persuasive speaking, with courses tailored to every kind of student.

Whether you want to get started on your career path (or embark on a new one), get a promotion, or just learn something new.

Edx’s free classes come directly from the best universities and institutions like Berkeley, IBM, Harvard, Microsoft, MIT, The Smithsonian, and more. (Check out ‘Why Did Harvard Sell EdX? [What You Need To Know]‘)

There are also programs consisting of other related courses, as well as fully online master’s degree programs and professional certificates you can add to your resume. 

As well as full Masters courses, edX also provides MicroMasters and MicroBachelors – condensed versions of on-campus programs at a much lower price.

These programs provide 25-50% of a university’s degree curriculum and often give you credits towards a complete degree. 

edX courses usually consist of weekly modules with pre-recorded video tutorials that you can watch at a certain time, or on your own schedule.

There are also student discussion forums and supplemental readings available, as well as assessments like exams or short quizzes, and even homework assignments.

What Is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor gives candidates an opportunity to search for jobs and read clear, honest, positive or negative reviews from current and former employees of an organization.

It used to be that job seekers only knew what it was actually like to work for a company if they had a family or friend working there that could fill them in.

But with Glassdoor, candidates now have hundreds of reviews of their potential employer that they can read.

Meanwhile, Glassdoor gives employees a chance to give a positive or negative review of their organization on Glassdoor, giving them a safe space to give their honest opinion. 

For management and HR departments, it gives them a chance to regularly review how their organization is doing in terms of employee satisfaction so they can set themselves up for success.

Glassdoor gives employees a chance to give feedback and ratings on topics such as benefits, good company culture, compensation, personal development, and senior management, so management and HR can have the best idea of how employees are feeling about certain areas of the company so they can regularly improve.

A hiring manager or recruiter can use Glassdoor to post job opportunities and also to read reviews of interviews to gain insightful feedback from one interview experience so they can improve the future interview process.

Glassdoor can also be great for branding too, as it displays how many reviews an organization has and the average rating from male and female employees.

Branding can use this information to create bespoke strategies based on the internal and external needs of the organization.

So What Does Glassdoor Say About edX?

So What Does Glassdoor Say About edX

edX has an overall rating on Glassdoor of 3.7 stars out of 5, based on over 90 anonymous edX reviews left by employees. In order to get a job at edX, employees had to go through a phone interview, one on one interview, presentation, and more.

49% of edX employees would recommend the company to a friend, and 36% of employees working for edX have had a positive experience.

According to anonymous reviews on Glassdoor, edX employees rated their edX pay, benefits and compensation as 3.6 stars out of 5. 

Meanwhile, 49% of edX employees recommended working at edX to a friend, and they rated edX 3.0 stars out of 5 for career opportunities, 3.6 stars for values and culture, and 4.1 stars for work-life balance.

In Glassdoor reviews of edX, employees often mentioned the advantages of being employed by edX as their benefits, co-workers, and benefits, and the drawbacks of being employed by edX as career development, management, and senior leadership.

How To Get A Refund From edX

If you’re unsatisfied with an edX Verified Track course, or one of their paid programs, then you can get a refund from edX.

To get a refund for an individual course, the refund period is 14 days either following your purchase or once the course begins (whichever comes later).

To be eligible for a refund, you will have to opt out of the course within this 14-day period, and the funds you have paid will be returned to you.

However, it should be noted that you will not be eligible for a refund once you have received a certificate. 

Program bundled courses also give you the option to enroll in another course, as well as the option to leave the course.

Courses in these program bundles are eligible for refunds 14 days following your enrollment, or 6 months following your payment.

Lastly, to get a refund from Professional Education courses you need to leave the course two days after it begins.

In order to get a refund for these courses, you need to put in a request using edX’s Help or Contact Us tabs on their homepage.

How To Get The Most Out Of edX

EdX has so many courses to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start. However, edX makes it as simple as possible to get the most out of their courses.

There are three main ways you can search for edX courses: By course, by institution, and by program. 

If you’re new to edX we’d recommend browsing by course. This allows you to choose whatever course interests you the most.

All you need to do is click enroll and you’re good to go! But to get more specific, you may want to try browsing edX’s Boot Camps. 

You can also select edX courses by searching through their expansive list of partners and schools. If you would like to learn from a specific school, then this is the best way to go searching for courses.

If you’re still having trouble finding the best course for you, why not look into some more info about the course?

For example, edX allows you to see how many people have enrolled in the course, so you can see how popular the course is with fellow students.

You can also take a look at how new the course is. If the course is fairly recent, then you can be confident that the information is up-to-date.

But the simplest way to see if a course is right for you is to check the reviews, and forums like Reddit are a great resource for other students’ accounts of the course.


We hope our article has not just given you an insight into what it’s like to work for edX based on Glassdoor reviews, as well as how to make the most out of edX as a learner too.