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Martin Barrett
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Skillshare UX Design

Best Skillshare UX Design Courses in 2023

Online course platforms, such as Skillshare, are the easiest and most convenient ways to learn something new.

If you want to learn UX design with an online class, then there is a great variety of options.

We tested some of Skillshare’s most popular UX design courses and found the best Skillshare UX design courses that give you value for money.

The Best Skillshare UX Design Classes

When you are looking for a Skillshare UX design course, then it’s important to consider different factors, including the teacher’s experience, your current experience level, and price.

Here is a list of the best user experience classes on Skillshare for beginners and professionals. (See also ‘Does Skillshare Give Certificates?’)

User Experience Design Essentials

Adobe Certified Instructor Dan takes you through the ins and outs of Adobe XD. XD is an essential design tool that professional designers use to create functional UX mockups.

This course is designed for complete beginners and it aims to help you create effective UX and UI designs.

What makes this course stand out is that you will be working with the teacher on a real-life freelance project that requires a mobile app interface and a new website look.

There are also a couple of class projects that you will need to complete to practice what you have learned during the course.

Figma UI UX Design Essentials

If you are totally new to user experience design and design in general, then this course is a great way to start.

The teacher explains what UX design really is and why it’s so important. You will start right at the beginning and then work your way through UX personas, wireframes, and colors.

This Skillshare class also teaches you some of the essentials for choosing different fonts for mobile apps and websites.

You’ll learn to create buttons, icons, and other important user interface components. You will also find out more about some of the essential UX and UI terms

Working with Figma, your teacher will show you how to use the program to create a basic style guide example that you can send to future clients.

Intro To UX: Fundamentals Of Usability

Teacher Marieke McCloskey explains the basics of usability, what it means, why it is so important, and how you can optimize your service, product, or business for a good user experience.

This class takes just 90 minutes and it gives you a great overview of the tools and techniques you need to create a fantastic user experience.

The course will take you through what usability is, how you design digital products for the best usability experience, and some best practices how on how to provide recommendations to clients.

While this class isn’t entirely for design beginners, it is aimed at product managers, marketers, developers, and designers.

Skillshare UX Design

Color Schemes For Your UI/UX Design Projects

This UX and UI design course on Skillshare focuses specifically on color schemes. It covers color psychology and the fundamentals of color theory.

You will learn how to create an effective color scheme for your design projects. The teacher also mentions a great variety of clever tips and tricks on how to work with various colors.

This class is specifically designed for experienced UI/UX designers, web designers, UI designers, and graphic designers who are interested in becoming UI designers.

This Skillshare course might also be useful for web developers who want to gain a better understanding of color schemes in their web projects.

Web Design Essentials: Creating Marketing Homepages That Drive Results

This is a real power class. In just 60 minutes, you’ll go through the essentials of creating an amazing homepage that drives revenue.

The teacher, Dennis Field, is a famous designer and expert in prototyping software InVision. 

He shares some great insights into how to optimize your design process, make the most of client feedback, and best practices in marketing and design.

This web design course is perfect for product designers, freelance website designers, and small web design teams.

You will cover topics such as setting goals for a web page, initial sketching with user patterns and hierarchy in mind, and creating designs in Sketch or Photoshop.

Field also takes you through InVision and how you turn your client feedback into final designs.

Move From Graphic Designer To UX Designer

Are you currently a graphic designer and you want to explore a career move into UX design? Then this course teaches you some of the basics you will need for a UX designer career. (Check out ‘10 Best Skillshare Graphic Design Classes You Can Try Today.’)

This Skillshare UX design class takes you through all the essential UX designer tools, how much you can expect to earn as a UX designer, and how to do user research for your UC projects.

The course also covers topics such as the differences between UX and UI design, as well as some basic competitor research.

You will learn how to use design software and InVision to get feedback for your mockups from clients.

Basic UX/UI Design Wireframes And Prototyping Tutorial

If you don’t have much time, then this 15-minute tutorial takes you through everything you need to know about drawing wireframes for mobile apps.

Your teacher guides you through the early stages of app design and how to finalize these prototype designs with InVision feedback

You will learn the important fundamentals of UI/UX design, how to determine task and user flow for an app, and how to create a clickable prototype with feedback software.

At the end of this speedy Skillshare UX design class, you will have a low-fidelity app design with a clickable InVision prototype that you can use for your UX design portfolio.


Final Thoughts

High-quality user experience in inclusive UX designing websites and apps is becoming ever more important. The user-centered approach can help a business stand out from the competition and show off its quality brand, services, and products.

That’s why, it’s a good idea to find out more about user experience design, why it is so important, and how you can optimize your website design.

The above Skillshare UX design courses are ideal for beginners all the way to professional designers.