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Skillshare Procreate Classes

Skillshare Procreate Classes

If you are the kind of person who enjoys drawing and creating wonderful graphics, then Procreate is the software for you. Thankfully, there are plenty of Skillshare Procreate classes for you to choose from.

While only available for the iPad, it allows users to start drawing visually stunning illustrations. And if you have an iPad Pro, then you have the ability to create a 4k by 16k canvas.

However, if you are an avid user of all the tools in Adobe Photoshop, you can also export and import your work between software. You can also use the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox to share and store your designs.

If you are new to using Procreate and its basic tools or want to learn some advanced features, then Skillshare has got you covered with Skillshare Procreate classes.

There are many introductory Skillshare Procreate classes, as well as lessons that teach you about specific elements of using the program.

In this article, we shall go ahead and take a look at 11 of the best Skillshare Procreate classes.

1. Digital Character Illustration: Transform A Photo Into A Stylized Portrait

This fun lesson will teach you how to turn a photographed portrait into a digital illustration. 

You will learn everything from picking the most suitable photo, to how to layer and blend – and all the different techniques associated with that.

You will then in a little bit learn how to add color to make the artwork look more realistic rather than cartoonish.

In only 55 minutes, there are more than ten lessons to get you going with digital portraits. 

2. Creating Repeat Patterns On Your iPad In Procreate

While repeat patterns may look daunting to create, this class by expert Babs Reh can help you. 

The 7 lessons accumulate to 28 minutes altogether. This is enough time to learn Procreate basics and get you well on your way to becoming confident in pattern creation.

From using a half-drop method to creating a full grid template, these short Skillshare classes have everything you need to know as a beginner in the subject.

3. Procreate Essentials: The Ultimate Guide

If you are a complete newbie when it comes to using Procreate, then you will want to give this class a go.

Fronted by Procreate expert Leo Mateus, he teaches you everything you need to know as a beginner – from grid compositions and layers to colors and custom canvases.

Even if you are not a novice when it comes to Procreate or digital painting, you are still bound to pick up some new tips. 

4. GIF It – Animating Cute Characters On Your Ipad

Who does not love a cute GIF to convey a message over something like Whatsapp? 

This class, aimed at beginners, combines ImgPlay and Procreate to teach you how to animate cute characters.

You learn everything from sketching the characters, all the way to making them move. In only 32 minutes you will be a pro in no time. (Check out ‘10 Best Skillshare Animation Classes You Can Try Today.‘)

5. Draw An Amazing 3D Banner In Procreate

If you are looking to create 3D banners, then you will be happy to know that you can do so in Procreate.

Lisa Long is here to show you how to use your Apple pencil to create some stunning banners using the Procreate software.

She covers everything from shading and textures to drawing and masks.

6. Use Procreate To Turn A Photo Into An Art Piece

While there is a class (see above) to help you turn portraits into stunning digital art, this one focuses on turning any photo into a piece of artwork.

Digital artist Victoria Johnston shows you how to do just that, and in only 17 minutes too. 

She covers everything from copyright issues and picking a good photo, to the final details of how to export the final piece of artwork. 

Skillshare Procreate Classes (1)

7. Masking In Procreate: Understanding Clipping And Layer Masks

Learning how to use both clipping and layer masks is very important when using Procreate to create beautiful and professional-looking artwork.

Lettie Blue tells you all you need to know about creating art within 50 minutes. She guides you through everything from the basic understanding of what masking even means, to how to use them for drawing and photos.

8. Procreate Tips & Tricks: Symmetry Drawing

Whether you are a beginner or advanced when it comes to Procreate, this class is suitable for every level. 

Lettie Blue has 32 minutes worth of classes to help you use the symmetry tool to create geometric shapes and designs.

You can make some really fun basic shapes with this tool, so it is worth knowing how the symmetry tool can help you with your graphic designs and illustrations. 

9. Intro To Watercolor Lettering In Procreate

Watercolor lettering is a beautiful technique to learn that allows you to create beautiful letters for online purposes.

Experienced teacher Teela Cunningham is here to show you how to do so using Procreate. You can also combine this course with another to learn how to use the lettering skills you have learned to the full.

In this class, you will learn everything from blending to adding details, and how to finalize the lettering to use. 

10. Procreate For Tattoo Artists

In 1 hour and 17 minutes you will learn how to take advantage of Procreate as a tattoo artist. 

Expert teacher Jeremy Hazel tells you all you need to know about using the software to turn your physical tattoo artwork into a digital masterpiece.

You will learn everything from the initial stage of putting physical artwork onto your iPad to choosing brushes, smoothing outlines, how to work with layers, and so much more.

11. Drawing And Painting Portraits: A Guide For Artists

Gabrielle Brickley is considered a top teacher on Skillshare. She shows you how to create beautiful portraits using Procreate.

In over 2 hours you will learn how to draw or paint a portrait from a professional artist. (See ‘15 Best Skillshare Art Classes You Can Try Today.’)

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different things you can do on Procreate. So much so, there is bound to be something that piques your interest.

From learning how to use Procreate for tattoos and watercolors, to making repeat patterns and cute GIFs.

And not only that, you will find that with Skillshare, you can become a pro in next to no time. 

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