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Skillshare Cooking Classes

Skillshare Cooking Classes

If you are looking to learn something new when it comes to both cooking and baking, then Skillshare may just have a course of interest to you.

Using Skillshare to advance your skills for kitchen success is a great way to learn from the comforts of your own home. It also allows you to pick up new skills on the go with online cooking classes.

From creating the perfect pizza and gluten-free cake, all the way to French macarons and healthy meals, there are so many online culinary classes to try that may just tickle your taste buds.

Here are 9 different Skillshare cooking classes for you to try. (See also ‘Best Online Culinary Schools.‘)

1. Easy Chocolate Making: All The Basics From Bean To Bar

We thought we would start off with a sweet and tasty chocolate class. 

This short course consists of quick videos to help you learn how to temper chocolate, as well as work with beans – among so much more.

If you are interested in the full process of how a chocolate bar is made, then you will thoroughly enjoy this course.

It is run by two guys who own their own chocolate-making business, so you are definitely in good hands.

2. The Perfect Grilled Cheese: A Mini Class To Master The Sandwich

While anybody can make a grilled cheese sandwich, do you know how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich? No, us neither. Well, not until we took a look at this course.

This class gives you advice on what types of bread to use, as well as the different cheeses that make a delicious grilled sandwich.

Basically, you will learn everything you need to know when it comes to creating a crunchy and gooey cheese-grilled sandwich. 

3. Quick And Healthy Dinner For (Really) Busy People

If you are a really busy person, then there is a very strong likelihood that you struggle to make time to make your own meals.

This may resort in you spending lots of money per month on meal boxes, or eating takeout most nights. 

If you want to change these expensive habits, then you may want to take a look at this course. It teaches you how you can make quick and simple meals that provide you with plenty of nutrition.

In next to no time you will be prepped ahead of time or on the day to create delicious meals despite having been in the office all day. 

4. The Art Of Pizza: Cooking The Perfect Pie

Who doesn’t love pizza pie? In this easy and simple course, you will learn how to create the best pizza you have ever made.

There are three components that this course promises to teach: getting the dough perfect, creating a homemade sauce, and picking the toppings.

You only need these three things to create the ultimate delicious pizza.

So, instead of heading to your local pizza place, why not make your own for a change? I reckon you can give Deliveroo a break once in a while!

5. Going Gluten-Free: Baking The Perfect Cake

Whether you are gluten-free yourself or know someone that is, making a cake without the usual components can be really tricky.

In fact, not having gluten in a cake can often make it extra dense and less moist – and that certainly does not make a very good cake!

Skillshare Cooking Classes (1)

In this short class, you will learn about making the best gluten-free cake. Expert Erin McKenna who owns a vegan kosher bakery will show you everything you need to know. 

It will taste and look so good that nobody will know it is gluten-free.

6. Think Like A Chef: A Beginner’s Guide To Cooking With Confidence

If you want more confidence when it comes to cooking, then this beginner’s cooking class will be perfect for you with practical tips for cooking.

This culinary education crash course teaches you the simple techniques needed in the kitchen, like knife skills. It also shows you how you can use these cooking techniques to ensure that you don’t need to follow recipes word for word. 

If you do know a bit about cooking, you will still find this class very useful, while cooking like a chef.

7. JUST Eats: Meal Planning Made Easy – Five Healthy And Delicious Breakfasts In 10 Minutes

If you are struggling with making a delicious breakfast and doing so with oats, then you will love learning about the different ways you can use this simple ingredient. 

This course shows you 5 different ways you can use oats to make a nutritious and healthy breakfast to start your day off right. 

The use of oats along with fruit is super helpful to stay full for much longer too. Never be bored of oats again!

8. How To Make French Macarons

French macarons can be difficult to make. While romantic and may give you thoughts of strolling through Paris, you can make your own French macarons at home.

This course tells you everything you need to know about making the sweetest and most delicious treats that everyone will enjoy devouring on special occasions. 

You can also have fun trying different flavors too!

9. How To Make Asian-Style Dumplings From Scratch

If you are prone to getting Chinese takeout every week, then stop what you are doing. Have you ever thought about creating your own delicious Asian-style dumplings?

Well now you can with this simple course on Skillshare. It tells you how to make Asian-style dumplings from scratch.

Whether you are looking to invest more in your Saturday night dinner, or you just want to be more creative in the kitchen, then this is one of the best online classes to try. It may be extra challenging too!

Final Thoughts

After seeing all 9 Skillshare cooking classes, hopefully, you have found something of interest. No doubt there will have been a course or two that you will want to sign up for today.

Was it the perfect grilled cheese sandwich or the Asian-style dumplings? Or maybe it was both?

Heck, why not do more than one course? There is nothing wrong with wanting to be creative in the kitchen. (You can also check out ‘Are Masterclass Cooking Courses Worth It?‘)

Good luck with your food journey – not that you need it, of course!

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