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Can You Get Discounts On Podia

Podia Discounts, Coupons 2023: Legit & Official

Discounts and coupons are a great way to attract new business and reward existing customers. With the right strategy, you can increase your sales and build your customer base with the use of discounts. 

Creators and educators who use the Podia code can use discounts to introduce their site to a new audience, offer new products or subscription plans and engage their current customers. 

We take a look at the use of Podia discounts and coupons, how they can be created, and what purpose they serve for Podia users.

What Is Podia?

Podia is an online platform that allows users to build websites, sell digital products and courses, and host communities.

It is a free service that handles the technical aspects of website building for you, so you won’t need any coding or design skills to get started. 

Podia hosts digital products such as selling online courses, workshops, webinars, and e-books and takes care of the payment system.

The online course builder handles all the uploading of lessons, videos, and files.

The platform makes it easy to set up a sales page to monetize your e-books, templates, and video or audio files.

The system will also handle any one-to-one consultations or coaching sessions. You can run your workshop or webinar sales through your website. 

Set up a community to have conversations about your specialist subject. You can have free, paid, or subscription communities and the platform allows you to embed more than 1900 different types of content. 

You will have access to chat support 7 days a week as well as a creator community and help on demand in the form of hundreds of videos and articles. 

How To Create Coupons On Podia

If you want to attract potential customers or reward subscribers you can create coupons on Podia for discounts on subscription plans or products.

When you have set up your products or subscription plans you can then discount them for your customers. 

To create a new coupon you need to do the following:

  • Click on the Coupons tab in the top navigation bar
  • Select New Coupon to start making coupons for your products or subscriptions
  • You then need to give your coupon a name by providing some information

There are a couple of options for this process. If you want to create a coupon for a public event such as a sale use the name of the event for the coupon name.

For example, for a Fourth of July, 40% discount use something descriptive like JULYFOURTH-40OFF. 

If you want the system to generate a Podia coupon code for you then click on Generate Unique Code to generate a Podia promo code. This can then be applied to the coupon for your customers to use against products or subscription plans. 

It is only possible to use alphanumeric characters for coupon codes and any special characters included will be changed to a dash. 

Types Of Coupons Available

There are five different types of coupons and Podia promo codes available depending on how you wish to apply the discount to the products or subscription plans on your site. 

  • All products and plans allow users to redeem coupons on all available products or plans in your online store. Any products or subscription plans added in the future will also be eligible for the discount. 
  • Products only will let users redeem the coupon against available products on the website. This applies to current products and any products that may be added in the future. Products could be digital downloads, online courses, or product bundles. 
  • Plans-only couponsas the name suggests can only be used against subscription plans on the site. As with the products only coupons it applies to current and future subscription plans. 
  • Specific plan coupons will allow the user to apply the discount only to certain plans on the website. 
  • Specific product coupons can be redeemed only against certain products on the site such as webinars, digital downloads, online courses, or bundles. 

Coupons that are created for subscription plan discounts will be applied to the monthly invoice.

For example, a plan that costs $15 per month will be reduced to $10 per month with a $5 off coupon. This will apply for the life of the subscription. 

Applying Discount Value

Now that you know how to create coupons for discounts on Podia you need to decide if you want to assign a percentage or a flat amount to the coupon. 

  • Percentage. The most popular way to apply a discount is via a percentage with the majority of site owners using this method. Giving users a percentage off your products and plans gives you more control over the discounts being offered. 
  • Amount. The discount amount allows you to specify the monetary value of the coupon. It can be used across a range of products and subscription plans and the coupon will be redeemable across all of them to the value stated on it. 

For multiple plans or products, a percentage coupon is more desirable as it gives you more control over the discounts being offered.

Where products have a set and static value a coupon with an amount discount works better. 

Coupon Options

When you create a coupon for use on your website against your products or plans you can set a limit on how often the coupon can be used. Alternatively, you can add an expiry date to the coupon. 

Adding limit uses to the coupon will let you restrict the number of times that the coupon can be applied to purchases of products or plans on your website. 

How the coupon is initially set up will determine how many times it can be used and whether it can be applied to more than one product or subscription plan. 

Regardless of the usage you set on the coupon, members will be able to get the discount every year or month of the plan that they are signing up for. 

For subscription plans, the discount reflects each year or month, but usage is only counted when it is entered into the checkout. 

You can choose to have specified coupon usage limits or no limits. 

Expiry Dates

There are several options for expiry dates on your Podia coupons. You can create a coupon that never expires, one that expires in one week or one month.

Alternatively, you can choose a specific date for the expiry of the coupon. 

When you have selected the required expiry date you can then click on the Create Coupon button, and you’re done. 

Deactivating Coupons

If you don’t want a coupon to be used you will need to archive or deactivate it. To do this you can simply click on the Archive button next to the coupon’s name.

You can also unarchive a coupon by selecting the Unarchive button. 

Using Discounts To Increase Profits

Podia Discounts

Discount coupons are a great way to engage with your customers and increase business on your site.

By offering Podia discount codes on your products and subscription plans you can reward existing customers and attract potential new customers. 

They are a great sales tool, but you should use them carefully to extract maximum benefit from them. To grow your business and your profits you have to use discounts strategically. 

Forward planning is the best way to ensure your business benefits from this sales strategy. There are many ways in which you can make the most of your discount coupons for the growth of your business. 

However, first, it is important to understand how discounts can help grow sales. To this end, you will need to know when, why, and how you will offer discounts and who should receive them. 

When To Use Discounts

Getting the timing right for offering your Podia discount code can make a big difference in how it impacts sales. 

Offering a coupon for a major discount event like Black Friday may seem like a good idea, but you will need to do something special to get noticed among all the other bargains.

You may have to up your discount or offer something different to everyone else to get noticed. 

Be careful to limit your generous discount or special offers, so you don’t end up out-of-pocket while trying to attract business. 

But you don’t need to wait for a specific day to offer discounts on your site. Most savvy shoppers are always on the lookout for a bargain. Promoting a percentage-off coupon at a less busy time of year could be a good idea. 

Look at your specific online business and find a day that is relevant to your niche. Or choose the anniversary of your first day in business as a discount day.

As a personal touch, you could offer subscribers a discount on the anniversary of joining your site. 

You can also offer discounts on new products, or courses to attract business and new customers. 

Understand The Benefits Of Offering Discounts

Driving sales is not the only reason why you should be offering discounts.

Rewarding loyalty or customer behavior are good justifications for discounts although the amount or percentage should be carefully considered. 

The discount should reflect the reason for the offer whether that is launching a new product or course, maintaining interest in an evergreen course, or enticing new customers.

The discount should never hurt your margins or brand. 

Successful discounting needs to be strategic and well thought out. If your margins are tight or your online business is new then stick to lower percentages of 10-20% which can still be highly effective. 

For items under $100 customers typically prefer to have discounts as percentages whereas, with products over $100, a dollar amount saving is favored. 

How Often Should You Offer Discounts?

Once you have decided when and in what circumstances you are going to offer discounts to your customers you need to think about frequency. 

While you want to keep attracting new business and retaining existing customers there is a limit to how often you should apply discounts to your products, or subscription plans.

If you have regular discounts then your audience will never want to pay full price on your site. 

Limiting yourself to a few times a year will keep things fresh without your customers expecting constant discount coupons. To amplify the effect you could have the discount running for an extended period. 

As well as limiting the number of times you offer discounts you should also consider restricting lower prices to just a few products or plans. 

The impact is less powerful if you have lots of products on sale at any one time, it may seem like desperation which is never a good look. 

A better strategy would be a steadily decreasing percentage of discount over a few days. Research suggests that this approach results in a significant increase in profits. 

Who Gets A Discount?

Discounts make everyone happy, so it’s tempting to offer discounts to everyone but you may need to be a little more selective with your coupons. 

Look at the demographics that align with your brand and goals. These could be new subscribers or long-standing customers. 

This has the double effect of limiting the amount of discount you are giving while targeting a segment of your target audience that you want to encourage and nurture. 

Where To Get Discounts & Coupons For Podia

There are many places where you can find discounts and coupons for Podia online.

Websites such wethrift, dealspotr, bloggingx, and couponbirds all have offers for Podia coupons and discounts and are just some of the online locations offering them. 

Of course, the site is the best place to look for discounts and coupons before using other outlets. 

Final Thoughts

Everyone loves a discount coupons, and they are a very useful sales tool.

We hope that this guide to discounts on Podia codes has been helpful and that you will be able to use it to increase your sales, build up your customer base and reach an even wider audience for your site. 

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