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MemberPress Vs Learndash

MemberPress Vs LearnDash: Which One is Best For You

Both LearnDash and MemberPress provide tools for developing, marketing, and running online courses.

The platforms do, however, offer their own unique advantages and characteristics that serve certain aims.

Knowing which platform will be more suited to you and what you need can be overwhelming. We have done all the work for you.

This is because in this article, we will discuss why Memberpress and Learndash are so loved and what makes them different from one another.

By the end of the article, you have a clearer understanding of both platforms and hopefully, know which one you wish to use yourself from MemberPress Vs LearnDash!

What Is MemberPress?

For individuals who wish to create several membership tiers, this is the best choice.

You may use MemberPress to create a sophisticated mashup of various costs and features.

You have a variety of payment gateway options, and the enrollment and payment processes are both very straightforward.

After they pay the charge, your clients will be able to use the content.

MemberPress has strong data management tools since safety measures are crucial. As a result, you can safely keep the information of your members.

Both owners and subscribers can take advantage of the many benefits offered.

For the greatest user experience, you could offer premium content and essential components.

This covers early entry to events, MemberPress classes, top-notch online instruction, and downloads. Providing free shipping is an additional choice.

The WordPress membership plug-in is also fairly adaptable and simple to use. It features a wide range of potential brand designs as well.

What Is LearnDash?

An outstanding platform for offering online classes is provided by LearnDash.

LearnDash helps you take advantage of your expertise if you have skills that others could use.

This plug-in, which will work with Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce, makes it simple to develop online courses.

The capacity to explore the content is this option’s key benefit. Members can engage with the system using their own accounts.

Therefore, it is not strange that educational institutions utilize LearnDash.

For instance, colleges can safely distribute courses, tutorials, and educational materials using LearnDash.

They can arrange this by limiting access to certain groups. Also, information is protected from prying eyes using their private group system.

Features On Offer From LearnDash And MemberPass

Both LearnDash and MemberPass offer its customers different features. It is the features which set these two companies apart.

Below are all the important features you should be aware of from LearnDash and MemberPass.


The ideal membership website may be created with MemberPress. Directly from the website, users will be able to subscribe, modify their plans, and cancel.

The following features are provided by MemberPass:

  • Memberships Tiers – Create several membership tiers, so you can offer either free plans and content that is restricted.
  • Restrictions – Set expiration dates, limit who can access certain information, and specify which groups of people can access it.
  • Pricing Options – Flexible pricing is offered by MemberPass, which has several pricing packages.
  • Payment Software – Integration of Stripe and PayPal, two widely used payment systems.
  • Flexible Payments – Payment methods that are flexible: Provide a range of subscription alternatives, including free trials, recurring charges, and one-time purchases.
  • Group memberships – Groups may be provided in subscription plans. For instance, you may market online courses for employee training.
  • Course Builder Tool – Make your own courses using the course builder provided by MemberPress.
  • Features For Thorough Reporting – Analyze daily site activity, covering earnings, conversions, and member management.
  • Automated Reminders – Set your members’ emails to remind them to access your membership site frequently.

In conclusion, MemberPress is the best choice for individuals looking to create a variety of materials while imposing access restrictions.

The ease of creating content is made possible via MemberPress.

With movies, blogs, and e-books, you may let your creativity run wild. Use tools like groups, labels, and pages to organize your content together.


Let us now introduce all the features that LearnDash has for you. This is the best option if developing online courses is the foundation of your company.

Amazing features like LearnDash Courses, LearnDash Membership, and LearnDash Payments are included with LearnDash.

These are a few of its attributes:

  • Compatible With A Wide Range Of Themes – LearnDash is suitable for a wide variety of themes if you decide to establish a WordPress website. Several of them even feature it as an integrated option.
  • Course Difficulty Rating – You can use this tool to rank your course based on two criteria. Requirements and length of time needed to finish the video instruction.
  • Easy To Create And Manage Online Courses – Beaver, Elementor, and Divi are a few prominent page builders that LearnDash works with.
  • Questions – You can create unique forms that members must complete prior to each level in order to advance.
  • Multiple-lesson Online Courses That You Can Manage – Each course offers an unlimited number of lessons. Each of them needs to be set up on LearnDash’s dashboard as a “phase.”
  • Behavior Related Content – Content that is available only when a user watches a certain video or completes another course is known as behavior-based content.
  • Maximize Delivery – LearnDash makes use of a well-known learning management system (LMS). By doing this, you can increase delivery rates and improve completion rates.
  • Flexible – LearnDash expands as you do. A quality online course is dynamic rather than constant. Add as many layers and resources as you wish, including gamification. Create micro courses to improve the information distribution process.
  • Pricing Options – LearnDash, lets you create many membership levels with various payment methods. This includes various offer packs, bundles, and special limited time deals.
  • Management Tools – Find effective management tools, such as trainee groups, mass enrollment, and automated deletions.
  • Reward Systems – Create personalized certificates and use badges and scores as rewards to keep your members interested.

There is a lot to like with LearnDash, as it features a lot of great benefits for your business and the courses you wish to create.

Integrating LearnDash And MemberPass

Integration is a really important thing that you need to consider way in advance before you purchase a plan with either company.

You need to be sure that you will be able to integrate the software easily.


This needs to be thought about beforehand because the integrations that are accessible rely on the plan that you select.

In addition, MemberPress has pre-built integrations. Payment collection is made possible by the inclusion of payment gateway services.

You can add more functions by using other add-ons. This also applies to PDF invoices and downloaded documents.

These choices are a great addition to the fundamental MemberPress courses.

You don’t need to be concerned if you use programs such as AWeber, ConstantContact, GetResponse, Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign.

To each of these, their WordPress membership plug-in offers one-way integration.

However, it’s important to note that WooCommerce integration is not compatible.


When comparing LearnDash with MemberPress, the former offers many more integration possibilities.

In addition to the fundamentals, it works flawlessly with BuddyPress, Mailchimp, Stripe, and WooCommerce.

End-to-end management is now possible thanks to this wide range of options.

LearnDash enables you to manage marketing campaigns, handle custom certificates, analyze statistics, and simplify money collection.

Additionally, LearnDash offers its own add-ons. This includes the achievement grid, certificate generator, and content cloner.

MemberPress may have more built-in capabilities. This is to make up for LearnDash Add On’s’ greater number of integration choices on offer.

Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use

It is vital that the plugin you are installing is easy to use. Otherwise, it is going to create more work for yourself as you try to understand how they work.

In this situation, both platforms are quite similar to one another.

Both LearnDash and MemberPass have a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to easily develop and alter your e-Learning site without having to know how to code.

Additionally, they integrate with the WordPress Block Editor. Making it easier for you to create online classes and courses.

Furthermore, both Learndash and MemberPress offer you a user-friendly interface that enables you to clearly present all the online courses and vital data on a variety of screens.

The distinctions among Learndash and MemberPress still exist, though.

Learndash will help you create three hierarchies, this includes sections, themes, and lessons. This is done easily while creating and managing content courses.

As opposed to MemberPress, which has a single menu item. You must access this menu in order to add, edit, or reorganize your content courses.

In general, LearnDash and MemberPress are simple to use and maintain. As a result, if you were trying to find a winner between the two, you can’t.

Plans And Prices

Price is an important factor for almost everything. If you have a budget, then it is important you look at how much both of these platforms may cost you.


Three membership options are provided by MemberPress. This includes Basic, Plus, and Pro. You gain access to more services and websites when you upgrade.

  • Basic Plan – You can launch your website for $129 per year. Beginners and small enterprises will love this. It comes with customer service and the basic yet essential functions.
  • Plus Plan – You can manage two websites when you upgrade for $249 per year. The plan offers more integration choices as well as add-ons. The Plus plan is ideal for independent contractors and expanding enterprises because it includes all the essential features.
  • Pro Plan – The Pro package, which caters specifically to large businesses and experienced customers, costs $349 annually. You can then call customer service and use MemberPress on five separate websites.


Similar to MemberPass, LearnDash offers three distinct plan options.

It is important to remember that the three plans, which include Basic, Plus, and Pro levels, come with a 15-day money-back guarantee.

  • Basic Plan – The Basic package gives you complete access to all features and support for $159 per year. It is limited to use on a single website.
  • Plus Plan – The Plus plan, which is the following tier and costs $189, covers everything offered by the Basic plan. The software can only be used on 10 different websites. Additionally, it has a Pro panel that enables real-time site activity tracking.
  • Pro Plan – The Pro plan gives you access to all the services listed above, but across 25 different websites.

Support Services

Every website manager or owner will eventually want assistance in a number of different ways.

As a result, this category is a crucial assessment factor that must never be disregarded.

Usually, support is provided in the forms of live chat, ticket services and articles that help you get to the root of your issue quickly.


The MemberPress staff provides assistance via a help center and a ticketing system.

The team has a sizable document management system for papers, where you may locate everything you require.

For setup, there is also a user manual provided. If your question isn’t addressed here, it’s very likely that it will be, but if not, you may decide to open a ticket.

It typically takes the staff two working days to respond. If you have an urgent matter, this may cause a slight problem.


LearnDash is often seen as far better in terms of support when you need an answer or help.

They have a far wider array of documentation, including tutorials and videos. Additionally, they have a support request system.

However, you can try out their self-help option before you use their ticket system.

Without having to deal with the trouble of creating a ticket, this is a fantastic source of trustworthy information.

When you’re extremely busy, waiting for a response may not always be an option.

Can You Use MemberPress And LearnDash Together?

A few years ago, LearnDash and MemberPress collaborated to integrate their services.

In order to give their users access to MemberPress’s cutting-edge functionality, the LearnDash team released the MemberPress add-on in 2017.

Despite the fact that both services share functionality, this integration enables you to take advantage of all their advantages.

Let’s take a quick look at why these MemberPress and LearnDash complement one another so nicely.

Benefitting LearnDash Members

You can increase the level of content protection for the classes and programs you provide by using the MemberPress plugin.

From the LearnDash interface in your WordPress administration area, you may download it at no cost.

You will nevertheless need to buy a MemberPress license in order to enable the MemberPress extension.

Following that, you can link different membership tiers to a single or multiple courses.

Therefore, the client will automatically be registered in the corresponding courses when they purchase a membership level.

Next, MemberPress will automatically remove users from the related courses if they discontinue their membership.

So you may be certain that no unapproved users are still registered for your courses.

You also have entry to trial period deals through MemberPress as well. Users can get a sneak preview of your course for a limited period of time.

Benefitting MemberPress Members

If you already use MemberPress Courses, switching to LearnDash and using the MemberPress plugin from there can be beneficial.

Everything you have a chance to gain is as follows. Additional accountability tools such as xAPI and SCORM are available to you through LearnDash.

Additionally, you can include courses in different membership levels. Users who join up for memberships instantly gain access to the related courses.

To persuade users to sign up for your membership plans, it may be a bonus.

Instead of having several levels of membership, you can provide a variety of plans that cover various themes.

For example, you can group several courses together under the heading “Photography.”

Then, users can sign up for a membership package that grants them admission to all of the courses with the tag “Photography.”

Additionally, using LearnDash’s built-in tools, you may provide course assessments, tests, examinations, and certifications.

You can use both platforms with this add-on, regardless if you pick MemberPress or LearnDash.

However, as you can see, by using both platforms together thanks to the plug-in, this can have a lot of benefits.

Final Thoughts

LearnDash is the ideal choice because it offers more course-related functionality than MemberPress.

That is, if you are simply selling courses on your LMS website and not offering any memberships.

MemberPress is a better choice if you want to launch a membership website.

This is because it offers more membership levels, a variety of courses you may sell at various levels, coupons, etc.

Additionally, Learndash and MemberPress provide total integration with one another.

You may take advantage of both of their advantages and market advanced courses through your membership model in this way.

We hope that this article has provided you a thorough understanding of LearnDash and MemberPress.

Therefore, now you should be able to make the best decision for you.

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