Is MemberPress a Worthy Investment? – MemberPress Coupon

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Is MemberPress a Worthy Investment? – MemberPress Review

Compared to other WordPress plugins currently in the market, what features make MemberPress stand out from the rest of the competition? There are numerous reasons why this plugin is more popular than other WordPress plugins.

If you’re looking for an efficient and comprehensive learning management system (LMS) that will give you access to digital software and e-books, MemberPress is the preferred plugin for you. The platform is very easy to set up and navigate, making it convenient for users.

MemberPress has applied a wide range of diverse pricing and payment options so that users can select the proper pricing and payment option. There are credit cards and coupons, which you can pay for your learning journey.

This review analyzes the plugin in more detail. Let’s begin with a review of the most exciting features.

What is MemberPress?

What is MemberPress?

It’s an all-inclusive plugin that is easy to use. Its user interface is quite easy to set up and use. Therefore, WordPress users can use the membership plugin to access MemberPress features conveniently.

MemberPress also provides unique and ideal features for its customers with a competitive price and guidance on utilizing the other features in the plugin.

The MemberPress plugin facilitates a learning management system that lets WordPress users access digital content. Therefore, users can modify software online and customize it depending on customer demands.

First-time users also need not worry since the plugin has ideal documentation and support that can guide them on using the MemberPress features to customize digital content.

MemberPress Unique Features

MemberPress Unique Features

Here are multiple unique add-ons that come with MemberPress.

  • Email marketing integrations: The platform allows you to make integrations with various email marketing tools. The numbers of marketing tools that you can integrate with include Constant Contact, AWeber, and MailPoet. These resources can send auto-generated to select only customers.
  • MemberPress expansions: MemberPress also provides additions that you can create to have additional functions which allow you more capabilities. One of the capabilities that this add-on provides you with is the generation of PDF invoices.

Apart from these add-ons, MemberPress also comes with several impressive features such as:

  • Personalized pricing pages
  • Customizable coupon codes
  • Unlimited levels of membership
  • Simple and convenient setup process
  • Comprehensive documentation, such as an email course and a handy user manual
  • Multiple subscription options for clients
  • Detailed reporting

The add-ons can be installed on the WordPress platform with just a single click. If you need to connect to an outside service, you may require a manual connection of those add-ons to MemberPress.

However, there are also considerations you should make before using MemberPress. The plugin may not be ideal for those looking to create a paid community. In such a case, you can decide to select an already built-in community feature such as forums such as LearnDash.

Several add-ons are missing and should be included in the plugin to customize other crucial forms, such as the login and registration forms. Despite these limitations, MemberPress still offers outstanding features for learning which you can try out today.

What to Consider When Choosing a Membership Plugin

What to Consider When Choosing a Membership Plugin

When looking for the ideal plugin to use, there are a variety of features of MemberPress that you need to consider. These are:

  • Content dripping. The platform should provide members with contacts that are predefined at intervals. Learning models can be offered at intervals there are. Some of these plugins are designed to create website content. For instance, you can send several modules via email at least once every week.
  • Content expiration. An ideal membership plugin should allow its members to have the power of limiting the period during which the intended members can gain access to some of the content on the platform.
  • Community creation. You can have people attracted and engaged on your created membership site to further develop into a community. Some of the plugins features already have preset community functionalities such as forums and other highly specialized plugins.
  • Subscription types. Several plugins only have options of creating only one paid membership, while others vary, whereby you can provide a tiered payment plan.
  • Subscription management. You can provide your members with the flexibility of changing their subscription types or making other alternations, such as pausing or ultimately cancelling their subscription as they wish.
  • eCommerce integration. E-commerce integration capabilities are provided to you to sell created locked content or even integrate with eCommerce plugins such as Woo Commerce or another plugin of your choice.
  • Email marketing integration. Depending on the membership plugin you select, you can choose and integrate email marketing service providers. The integration will allow your members to receive auto-generated mail campaigns designed for them.
  • Customization. At MemberPress, you get to customize your content which can enhance the appearance of your pages in the checkout process.
  • Payment processing options. There are various payment options; however, some of the plugins are only usable with PayPal, while other plugins accept alternative payment options such as credit cards or Stripe. It is advisable to select plugins that offer various payment options to maximize your potential profits.
  • Ease of use. The platform is straightforward since it’s intuitive; therefore, setting up your course will not be a problem.
  • Documentation and support. There is adequate documentation and support, which can help you find solutions to the problems you encounter. Therefore, your selected membership plugin will have good tutorials and support. It is also advisable to consider available levels of support and review the reliability of the review.

MemberPress Pricing Structure

MemberPress Pricing Structure

MemberPress provides various pricing options depending on your needs and financial capabilities. The pricing is competitive based on the best market rates.

Among the pricing options at MemberPress is the basic MemberPress plan, which costs $249 per annum. The basic payment plan costs the same as WP Courseware.

Additionally, MemberPress has two other pricing plans, which are:

  • Plus: The plus payment plan in the membership plugin costs $399 per annum. It comes with all the features included in the basic plan. Furthermore, the pricing plan offers an opportunity to accept payment processing options through options such as while also allowing you to sell corporate memberships and access additional integrations.
  • Pro: The pro plan costs $549 per year. This pro pricing plan provides access to all features on the plus pricing plan; however, this payment plan allows you to implement the elements for up to five sites with additional exclusive add-ons. Finally, if you happen to choose the pro plan, you will also get access to Affiliate Royale – a plugin that allows you to create an affiliate program.

MemberPress Coupon Codes

MemberPress Coupon Codes

The membership coupons give you the unique opportunity of selling more and engaging your members more in customizable coupons.

With the ability to create an unlimited number of coupons, you can develop many easily customizable coupons and sell them to your members, increasing the amount of money you can potentially make from the membership plugin.

You can also offer coupons with other discounts to newly registered members while hosting promotions. Offering discounted coupons will help in attracting more customers to your membership.

You will also receive the power to manage expiry dates and the maximum number of users for your coupon.

The Bottom Line

The evaluation of the usability and efficiency of MemberPress unveils some pros on the possible benefits. However, the plugin also has limitations, which might not be ideal.

The platform is relatively easy to use with an aesthetic admin panel that simplifies even the most complex features. There are also numerous advantages to using the platform for memberships.

With a flexible pricing and payment plan, there is something for everyone depending on their capabilities and needs; therefore, everyone can find a plan with sufficient support and documentation to guide them on how to customize their content online.

If you are looking to develop a membership site with walled content, then MemberPress is the plugin for you. The site can also help you run your course to teach content and offer subscriptions for monetization.


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