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Martin Barrett
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Best Masterclass Design Courses

14 Best Masterclass Design Courses You Can Try Today

MasterClass has some of the best masterclass courses that are taught by celebrities and experts in their field.

Whether you are interested in wellness, science, or design, there is plenty of choices. 

The individual design courses focus on a wide range of different designs, including interior design, architecture, fashion, and game design.

Here are the best MasterClass design courses that you can try today.

1. Frank Gehry Teaches Design and Architecture

Frank Gehry is a famous American designer and architect with perfect negotiation skills. Born in Canada, he worked as a truck driver for a while before he discovered sculpture masterclass classes.

From there, he developed a career as an architect who would shape the skylines of many cities around the world.

In this online MasterClass, Gehry talks about his creative process exploring some examples from his unique model archive.

The 17 lessons across 2 hours 32 minutes discover Gehry’s design and artistic philosophy that affects how he creates his architectural masterpieces.

2. Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior Design

Kelly Wearstler has an eclectic and experimental approach that makes her one of the most influential American interior designers and self-made entrepreneurship valuable person in the world.

In this 17-lesson course across 2 hours and 13 minutes, you can learn some of the basics about interior design.

Wrestler explains how you can make spaces look larger and more inspiring with some simple tricks.

This course teaches you how to choose the right colors, textures, and materials for a space. Wrestler also covers how you pick the right objects and art to make a room more interesting.

3. Marc Jacobs Teaches Fashion Design

Infamous fashion designer Marc Jacobson has won a variety of awards for his unusual designs.

This fashion design MasterClass course teaches you hands-on how to create clothes that set trends and push boundaries as well as a perfect business strategy.

MasterClass students can learn more about Jacobs’ construction techniques, how he creates stunning silhouettes, and how he works on his design ideas from start to finish.

You can complete the 18 lessons in 4 hours and 38 minutes.

4. Will Wright Teaches Game Design and Theory

Will Wright is the famous creator of The Sims and SimCity. In this 21-lesson MasterClass class, he covers the entire process of designing games in a tremendous teaching style, from the idea to final testing.

In 4 hours and 16 minutes, you can learn how to create games that inspire players and make the game fun to play.

Wright goes into detail about player psychology and his approach to how to come up with ideas that are worth pitching.

He also talks about how you design, create and test your first game prototype with a focus on building an effective and authentic communication gamer community.

5. Design Stunning Floral Arrangements

This floral arrangement course is part of MasterClass’ Sessions offer. It helps you become a floral artist within 30 days.

Famous florist Maurice Harris explains the basic design principles behind beautiful floral arrangements for different occasions and new practical tips.

This hands-on online course teaches you how to create five floral arrangements that are absolutely unique and individual.

Harris covers essential tools and flower materials as well as how to purchase and process your flowers.

6. Bobbi Brown Teaches Makeup and Beauty

Makeup and beauty icon Bobbi Brown talks about some great techniques and new skills to apply simple but natural makeup that looks and feels good.

When it comes to beauty, makeup artist Bobbi Brown’s approach is to keep makeup natural. It should also be quick and easy to apply.

In these 19 masterclass videos, she will take you through a step-by-step tutorial on how you choose the right makeup for your skin tone.

Brown also covers how you create stunning statement lips and mysterious smokey eyes. She also shows the difference between day makeup and night makeup.

7. RuPaul Teaches Self-Expression and Authenticity

RuPaul has turned the drag subculture into a mainstream concept with lots of fans across the globe with his own business.

In this 16-lesson MasterClass course, RuPaul shares an intimate insight into his journey and how he made self-realization a reality.

From having your own space to exploring your inner truth, RuPaul explains what genuine authenticity means and some of the many ways how you can express yourself.

In just a little over two hours, this course teaches you how to gain more confidence and create a life that fits you perfectly.

8. Corey Damen Jenkins Teaches Interior Design

14 Best MasterClass Design Courses You Can Try Today

Corey Damen Jenkins is one of the most famous interior designers in the world. His spacious home designs have inspired entire generations of designers.

In this 2-hour MasterClass course, Jenkins teaches you how to create practical interiors that are bold and inexpensive.

The 12 video lessons cover how you create mood boards and plan your space. 

You will also learn more about individual interior design processes that allow you to make creative choices with more confidence.

This MasterClass course focuses specifically on interior home design with different budgets, while the interior design course with Kelly Wreastler teaches you how to maximize your space on a larger budget.

9. David Carson Teaches Graphic Design

David Carson is one of the most famous graphic designers in the US. His intuitive approach to design pushes boundaries and his designs leave lasting impressions.

In this 13-lesson MasterClass course, Carson how you can create inspiring designs without always sticking to the rules.

He explores different visual design elements, including logo design, best photography masterclass, and typography.

Carson’s philosophy of simple designs with great impact is not just inspiring but also allows you to discover your own artistic path.

10. Es Devlin Teaches Turning Ideas Into Art

Popular artist and designer Es Devlin has created a variety of stunning pieces. Her approach is all about creating visuals that tell a powerful story.

These 15 video lessons cover Devlin’s approach to design and her process on how you can be creative with any art form.

She explains how you create your ideas and turns them into an immersive and real experience that you will want to share with others.

11. Tan France Teaches Style for Everyone

Style icon Tan France is not just famous for cohosting Queer Eye. He has also dressed thousands of people for their big glamour moments.

Across 12 video lessons, MasterClass subscribers can learn more about France’s approach to fashion design and how to dress to impress while keeping their own style.

He focuses strongly on how you can develop your personal style and build an entire wardrobe based on this concept.

Tan France explains how to select the right colors, patterns, and shapes for your body, and how you can design your own unique personality.

What makes this MasterClass design course so unusual is that you learn what works for you personally and how you can dress in a way that looks stylish and feels comfortable at the same time.

12. Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography

Chief photographer at Rolling Stone and famous celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz opens up her studio to share some of her photography techniques on portraiture with you.

In this 3-hour class, Leibovitz explains what makes adventure photography interesting, and it isn’t the technology or equipment.

She teaches you some of the basics that you need to know for visual storytelling with a camera, from concepts and working with your subject to the right light and post-production.

13. Tyler Mitchell Teaches Storytelling Through Portrait Photography

One of the shortest MasterClass design courses with 1 hour 30 minutes, photographer Tyler Mitchell explores the artistic development of how you create unforgettable images with any camera.

Mitchell concentrates on teaching composition and design for portrait photography. He explains how to shoot with the right light and what equipment you need.

14. Laura Kim & Fernando Garcia Teach Creative Collaboration and Fashion

Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim are famous founders of the fashion brand MONSE. They are also creative directors at Oscar de la Renta.

Besides their fame and glory, they have made the most of their creative partnership. In this 2-hour class, you can learn how to bring ideas to life by collaborating with other creatives.

Garcia and Kim explain what a good business relationship is and how you can combine this with the creative process to make a real difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best MasterClass Design Course?

MasterClass offers a variety of great design courses, including floral design, architecture, and fashion design.

However, the most popular MasterClass design course is Kelly Wearstler’s interior design course.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A MasterClass Design Course?

MasterClass courses range from 2 hours to 5 hours. Each class includes a pre-recorded video lesson that can last between 2 and 5 minutes.

MasterClass subscribers also receive a class workbook and interactive assignments with each lesson.

Final Thoughts

MasterClass offers some of the best design courses available for online learning. 

Famous artists, designers, and creatives explain how they navigate through the creative process and achieve some remarkable results.

Many of these MasterClass design classes also go into detail about how you can develop your own creative style and approach.

You will learn in this online learning platform how to create and build your ideas with greater self-confidence and share them with others.