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Masterclass Communication

Is This Masterclass Communication Course Worth Considering

Masterclasses can be an extremely helpful tool for you and of course, there are plenty out there that you could choose from.

If you’re the type of person who thinks they may benefit from a Master class in effective communication though, this could be an absolute golden opportunity for you to develop your listening skills.

The problem of online courses is that you might not know what this course entails and whether or not it would be useful to you specifically. Luckily though, we’ve done the hard work for you.

We’re going to explain what this masterclass communication Course entails and how it might be beneficial to you. So, if you’re thinking about getting involved with this, then read on to learn more.


We’ll start off this guide by giving you an overview of what this course has to offer. This course is run by Robin Roberts and it lasts for just over 2 hours. You can expect to learn how to:

  • Connect with others
  • Develop skills in listening
  • Turn vulnerability into strength
  • Change your thinking into more positive optimism
  • Overcome your fears and concerns
  • Confidently speak in public
  • Successfully interview other people
  • Demonstrate your value in work
  • Improve your broadcast journalism skills
  • Establish meaningful relationships

Benefits Of This Masterclass

It’s a good idea that we now show you the potential benefits you may experience from this Masterclass. You can expect:

  • Learning experience inspiration from energetic life lessons
  • A well structured, easy to follow class that helps to build skills
  • Huge support
  • The personable feeling like a 1-1 style class

Of course, not all Masterclasses will be for everyone. This class does have some minor drawbacks and the two that stand out are the fact that the class is much shorter than many other Masterclasses, and that it seems very tailored towards broadcast journalism.

Who Is The Course Best For?

Whilst this Masterclass has plenty of benefits for many people in different types of careers and areas of their lives, it’s certainly best for people who struggle with their confidence.

If you’re the type of person who lacks confidence and wants to make themselves heard more, then you’ll certainly benefit from this Masterclass.

On top of this, the course can influence people who want to improve their job interview skills, public speaking skills, broadcast journalism skills and even those who are recovering from a trauma.

There’s plenty on offer for a wide variety of people, so it’s definitely worth considering this Masterclass effectively.

Who Is Robin Roberts?

Your course instructor is Robin Roberts and you may already be familiar with her. For those of you who aren’t, Robin is a very well established and respected broadcaster who works as an anchor for Good Morning America.

Robin was one of the leading people behind the success of the Good Morning America show and as a result, it became the most watched morning show in the United States.

As a payoff for her hard work and dedication, Good Morning America has received many awards such as four grammys, the People’s Choice Award and many more.

Robin personally has been awarded with a peabody and the Walter Cronkite award for excellence in journalism.

She has openly discussed very difficult stories, not just in the news – but personally, explaining her battles with cancer and how she is feeling. This shows her level of not just professionalism, but skills with talking to a huge audience confidently and openly.

What To Expect

So now we will look at what you should expect when you take up this course.

Robin begins by addressing the audience with who she is and why she is leading this Masterclass, and this is part one in a four part Masterclass.

Masterclass Communication (1)

She discusses some of her most major moments in her career as a presenter on television and immediately you recognize how this course could benefit you in terms of your confidence and broadcasting skills.

Most notably, she wants the people who are involved with the course to develop their confidence and be able to learn how they can overcome huge negative obstacles and turn them into a positive for the development of their careers.

She then moves on to personal but powerful communication.

Personal Communication

As Robin explains, the key to successful communication is having a real and genuine interest in the person that you are communicating with.

So, she begins here by explaining how good manners and taking a real interest in someone can significantly help you.

One of the most interesting parts in this section of the course is how she examines the role that a cell phone can play with communication development.

When someone has the opportunity to call someone rather than text them, they should do so.

Indeed, Robin looks at one of the biggest problems in modern communication is instant messaging services which have seriously impacted people’s ability to speak.

The accompanying workbook that Robin provides gives you some expert help with practical assistance and tips on how to develop your skills.

She then moves on to the part of the course which examines how you should embrace your vulnerability and make it into a strength.

Embracing Vulnerability

Robin talks about the time she had to report on the natural disaster caused by hurricane Katrina and how it impacted her in a very powerful way.

During the broadcast, she spoke candidly and thanked the audience for their support and their understanding of how difficult it is to broadcast something like this.

It is at this point in this course that Robin will explain to you how you can turn this vulnerable state into a strength to perform very difficult communication processes and move forward.

This is essentially a way to develop very required skills for top communication. What you will be learning here is how you can place people’s stories into your own head and put yourself in their shoes.

This can help you personalize this story and hit home with people who are really affected directly.

Professional Communication

The third part of the course looks at how you can develop your professional communication skills.

It will help you to bring your own ideas to the table at work, be better in job interviews and stand out in front of the crowd.

You will learn how you can communicate your value at work and how you can align your skills towards the needs of the business.

On top of this, you will also learn how you can develop your public speaking skills and be much more confident.

Communicating For Television

The final part of the course is all centered around how you can improve your communication skills for television, including interviewing other people and being interviewed yourself.

You will also look at how you can deal with stressful situations and difficult times of communication.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the best Masterclass programs out there, and you will significantly benefit from it.

Your communication skills will be much better and you can learn how to turn negative situations into positive situations.

This is certainly worth the time!

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