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15 Best MasterClass Art Courses You Can Try Today

MasterClass is an online streaming platform that contains a number of courses taught by experts in the industry.

There are over 180 courses available from the instructor to download that you can watch at any time and students can sign up on a monthly basis.

Here are the 15 best Masterclass Art Courses courses you can try related to the artists that you can try today with great access: 

1. Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography 

Annie Leibovitz teaches students the art of telling stories through images with her 15-lesson photography course.

Learn everything from how to shoot with natural light to developing concepts over three hours of video content from her very own studio. 

There are case study examples where Annie gives the opportunity to look into her process and shares insights into how she conducts various projects. Please note that lessons marked with an asterisk will contain images of nudity. 

15 Best MasterClass Art Courses You Can Try Today 1

2. Usher Teaches The Art Of Performance

Usher is one of the last decade’s most iconic musicians and performers. Through his Masterclass course, he aims to impart some of his wisdom on the art of performance. 

The course is composed of 16 different lessons teaching his captivating ways and technical skills that make him such an incredible performer.

Lesson subjects include preparing for performances, acting, singing, and dancing. 

If you have hopes and dreams of being a performer, who better to learn from than one of the best?

The lessons will take no longer than 3 hours to complete and there are downloadable class guides with each course that will help to guide you through. 

15 Best MasterClass Art Courses You Can Try Today 2

3. Frank Gehry Teaches Design And Architecture

Frank Gehry is an award-winning Canadian-American architect and designer. Many of his designs have become world-renowned attractions in our skylines.

Through his 17-lesson course, Frank takes students on a whirlwind tour of his creative process. 

The two-and-a-half hours of video lessons cover topics including architecture, design, and art. He brings in information from examples of his work and the things he’s learned from his impressive career to improve your life career. 

15 Best MasterClass Art Courses You Can Try Today 3

4. Jimmy Chin Teaches Adventure And Photography

Jimmy Chin is a National Geographic photographer, professional climber, author, and much more. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn from the best in the business. 

His MasterClass course delves into the techniques he uses for the planning, capturing, and editing of his stunning photographs.

Spanning over four hours, the 20 different lessons will teach students how to manage a variety of landscapes and situations. You can watch these courses on Apple tv as well.

There is also a great section on career advice, what budding photographer wouldn’t want advice from this incredibly talented individual?

15 Best MasterClass Art Courses You Can Try Today 4

5. David Lynch Teaches Creativity And Film 

David Lynch is an American filmmaker probably most well-known for co-creating the show Twin Peaks.

Through his rich and successful career, David has learned all there is to know about the art form which he aims to share with those taking his MasterClass course. 

The course spans 13 video lessons that should take no more than 3 hours to complete. The main aim of the course is to tap into your own artistic expression and test the boundaries of what you believe to be possible. 

Topics include the creative writing process, coming up with ideas, and working with actors. Everything you need to know about filmmaking. 

15 Best MasterClass Art Courses You Can Try Today 5

6. Jeff Koons Teaches Art And Creativity

Jeff Koons is an American artist that is most recognized for his work with sculpture, more specifically his work inspired by balloon animals. The giant dog made to look like a balloon animal is one most of us will be familiar with. 

Through 13 video lessons, Jeff takes students through a number of important topics such as color, scale, form, and texture.

These are all essential for understanding the artistic process and using these concepts to express ideas and turn them into works of art. 

15 Best MasterClass Art Courses You Can Try Today 6

7. Draw And Paint Realistic Portraits With Devon Rodriguez

Learn how to create realistic oil painting portraits with New York artist Devon Rodriguez. Although his portrait work helped launch his career, Devon is also skilled in many other areas.

This course can be taken by a painting novice or an intermediate-level painter. 

The aim of the course is to teach students how to produce a realistic oil portrait within 30 days. Learn to draw, and mix colors and varnishing techniques with this Tik Tok sensation. 

15 Best MasterClass Art Courses You Can Try Today 7

8. David Carson Teaches Graphic Design 

Graphic design is becoming an increasingly popular field to work in, and with much of the content we consume today coming from online sources, it’s not hard to see why.

David Carson is one of the most famous commercial graphic designers in history. 

This MasterClass course aims to delve into the way David pushes the boundaries with his work with 13 video lessons.

Topics covered include logo design, photography, and the power of color, everything you need to know about graphic design is included in this course.  

15 Best MasterClass Art Courses You Can Try Today 8

9. Futura Teaches Spray-Painting And Abstract Art 

Futura 2000 is an American graffiti artist that takes on an abstract approach to graffiti. Since the early 1970s, Futura has been an influential figure in the street art world. His other talents include graphic design and illustration. 

The 15-lesson course follows the master at work, teaching students how to express themselves with paint color, dimension, and detail.

Everything from the basics of using spray paint to collaborating with brands is covered in this short course. 

Transform yourself into the next big thing in street art with this two-and-a-half-hour course.

15 Best MasterClass Art Courses You Can Try Today 9

10. Joy Harjo Teaches Poetic Thinking

Joy Harjo is the 23rd U.S. Poet Laureate and the first Native American to hold that title. Besides poetry, Joy is an accomplished musician, playwright, and author. With her MasterClass course, her focus is on poetry. 

Through 10 lessons, Joy will teach students how to express themselves with language and to create deeper meaning in this form of art.

The topics covered in the course include imagery and form, how to write poetry, and how to map poetry to reflect your own soul. 

15 Best MasterClass Art Courses You Can Try Today 10

11. Es Devlin Teaches Turning Ideas Into Art

Es Devlin is an English artist and stage designer that has worked in a variety of different settings. 

From large-scale public art to sculptures and stage design, she has collaborated with a number of famous icons such as Adele, Beyonce, and Billie Eilish. 

The basis of the course surrounds turning any idea into an art form. Over the 15 lessons, learn how to turn abstract thoughts and ideas into physical pieces of art that you can see and touch.

Es delves into some of the projects she has worked on over the duration of the course, including The Weeknd’s ‘Legend of the Fall tour.  

15 Best MasterClass Art Courses You Can Try Today 11

12. Shonda Rhimes Teaches Writing For Television

Shonda Rhimes is a prolific screenwriter and producer, perhaps most well known for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and more recently Netflix drama ‘Bridgerton’. 

This is perhaps one of the longest courses on the list, with 30 lessons spanning over six and a half hours. 

Students can expect an in-depth look into the screenwriting process, including how to create characters, develop plot lines and pitch your ideas to producers.

Everything you could possibly need is given to you by the legend herself. 

15 Best MasterClass Art Courses You Can Try Today 12

13. Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing

The Handmaid’s Tale took the world by storm with its dystopian nightmare plotline, the author, Margaret Atwood delivers her first online writing MasterClass here.

Learn how she composes compelling stories from simple ideas. 

Margaret has a talent for creating nuanced characters and impressive dialogue in her novels. She teaches that and more with her 23-lesson course that lasts for nearly four hours.  

15 Best MasterClass Art Courses You Can Try Today 13

14. Neil Gaiman Teaches The Art Of Storytelling

English author Neil Gaiman is known for creating a number of short stories, comic books, novels, and many other forms of literature. Some of his greatest works include Coraline, The Sandman, and Stardust. 

With his first online class, Neil teaches the art of storytelling through 19 different video lessons.

Over the course of 5 hours, students will learn all they need to know about creating a compelling fictional story in a number of formats. 

Case studies of his previous works are also included in his lessons which should inspire students to create their own magical stories. 

15 Best MasterClass Art Courses You Can Try Today 14

15. Penn & Teller Teach The Art Of Magic

Although a magician never reveals his tricks, they can teach you a thing or two. Penn and Teller are American magicians, entertainers, and a fantastic comedy duo.

Learn how to amaze an audience with psychological tools and some fundamental magic tricks. 

Subjects include using a number of stage props such as cards and coins to perform tricks alongside the basic principles of performing.

There are also three bonus chapters included in the course that make up the 17 video lessons for a well-rounded view of the industry. 

15 Best MasterClass Art Courses You Can Try Today 15

The Bottom Line

MasterClass is a great online resource offering students a chance to learn about a number of different subjects from those most notable characters in the industry.

These are the best 15 classes surrounding the arts available on the platform.

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