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John Douglas Masterclass Review (2023)

Masterclass is a platform that has earned itself a very healthy reputation in recent years. In a competitive world of online education, Masterclass is a platform that really stands out from the crowd. 

What makes Masterclass so special is that each of the various courses is taught by a specially qualified teacher with plenty of experience in a specific field.

Most of the teachers on the platform are incredibly famous, making the platform well worth subscribing to. Masterclass has courses that cover topics as far-reaching as sports, writing, and science!

One of the many courses on the platform that most often draws new users is ‘John Douglas Teaches How To Think Like An FBI Profiler’. This course promises to teach you how to better read and predict the people around you in a way that can benefit your everyday life.

But is the course actually worth the cost of admission? Will you actually learn anything of value? If you’ve been pondering these questions, then you will want to read John Douglas Masterclass review down below, because we have some great answers! 

Who Is John Douglas?

Before we dive into the Masterclass itself, why don’t we get to know the instructor a little better?

John Douglas is a now-retired FBI special agent who became one of the world’s very first violent criminals profiler, and has gone on to publish multiple books on criminal behavior psychology, including Mindhunter: Inside The FBI Elite Serial Crime Unit, which you may recognize as the basis for the immensely popular Mindhunter Netflix series!

As one of the world’s first criminal profilers, you can bet that John Douglas has had many years to hone his craft and that he has a lot to teach you over the course of his Masterclass course!

What Does The John Douglas Masterclass Course Cover?

So what can you actually expect from the John Douglas Masterclass course? What kinds of things can you expect to learn, and how long is the course? Let’s find out!

John Douglas’ Masterclass course lasts for around 2 hours and 54 minutes, making it one of the longer courses on the platform, with the average length of such a course usually being closer to just 2 hours in length. 

The MasterClass videos range over 14 in-depth lessons that teach you about the many methods that have helped him to analyze infamous figures like Charles Manson and Ed Kemper.

It’s incredibly fascinating to hear about his close encounters with some of the world’s most notorious serial killers, but this viral video course does not just stop there, because it also shows you how you can apply Douglas’ skills to your own life in order to read the motives of everyday people. 

What Are The Best Lessons In The John Douglas Masterclass Course?

John Douglas Masterclass Review (2023) 1

It would be difficult to narrow down the best of such a fascinating course to just a few specific episodes. However, there are definitely some lessons on the course that help to make the whole course shine.

Lesson 10 ‘Developing Intuition’ teaches you how you can hone in on and focus on your intuition to make decisions in the heat of the moment.

Intuition is often something of a vague topic, but in this lesson, Douglas makes a very concerted effort to explain how intuition can be trained and honed, and how you can learn to trust in your own intuition more often.

Douglas also makes reference to some very tense moments in which intuition has helped to save multiple lives over the course of his career!

Lesson 4 ‘Avoiding Cults And Manipulators: Charles Manson’, of course, is one of the course’s most fascinating lessons. In this lesson, Douglas details his own experiences with Charles Manson, the infamous cult leader, and sociopath.

His recollections of his interviews with Charles Manson are very chilling but very fascinating. He uses the interview to frame a discussion about sociopathy, and what it takes to recognize a sociopath, even amongst our own circles of friends.

We also couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to talk about the final lesson ‘Doing Your Own Profile’. In this amazing final lesson, Douglas talks about the importance not only of being able to profile people but also of being a criminal profiler.

Douglas claims that profiling oneself is a valuable skill that makes you better able to understand other people in life. In doing this, Douglas also dives deep into his own mind, and some of the times in which his career has proven difficult for his mental health.

How Much Does The John Douglas Masterclass Course Cost?

The John Douglas Masterclass course cannot actually be purchased individually, and in order to gain access to it, you will need to make a subscription to the Masterclass platform.

Masterclass subscriptions can be purchased at differing rates, depending on how often you wish to renew your membership. A standard membership can be purchased for $15 per month, or for around $180 per year.

Paying for a Masterclass membership will not only give you access to the John Douglas Masterclass course, but will also give you access to the hundreds of other free courses available on the platform, as well as all of the supplemental materials included with each course, such as course workbooks, and activities.

Is The John Douglas Masterclass Course Worth The Cost?

Now that we know how much a Masterclass membership costs, why don’t we take a look at whether or not the John Douglas course makes that cost worthwhile?

In general, we can say that, yes, the John Douglas course is well worth the cost of admission, and there is plenty to be learned over the course of its three hours of lesson content.

However, if you are planning to subscribe to the Masterclass platform only to gain access to John Douglas’ Masterclass course, then we would not recommend paying the subscription fee!

If you plan to make use of the hundreds of other courses as well as John Douglas’ course, then we can fully recommend signing up, as there are hundreds of hours of content to enjoy, as well as countless supplemental materials to make your learning journey much stronger.


  • Incredibly fascinating. Not only is there a lot to learn from the course, but it is incredibly engaging.
  • Features a sizable length, meaning greater value for your money.
  • Immaculately produced, making for easy and enjoyable learning.


  • Occasionally requires some specialist knowledge going into certain episodes.

To Wrap Up

There you have it. We have no real trouble claiming that the John Douglas Masterclass course is well worth every penny you could spend on it.

There are so many interesting things to be gleaned from the course, and it is so immaculately produced that it is easy and enjoyable to follow along. 

As well as this, the course also features a sizable length of around 3 hours worth of content, meaning you can really get some value out of your Masterclass subscription.

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