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Is MemberPress Considered An LMS?

Is MemberPress An LMS? A Closer Look

MemberPress is one of the most popular WordPress plugins used by beginners as well as web pros. It can make monetizing your WordPress site easy, thanks to beginner-friendly membership tools that are designed to be simple and intuitive. On top of that, MemberPress can also be used to create online courses.

And after creating a course page, you can use MemberPress to monetize it through customizable subscriptions and memberships.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly LMS for WordPress, this guide will run through everything you need to know, including what an LMS is, the best features to look for in an LMS, whether Is MemberPress an LMS or not, and more.

What Is An LMS?

LMS stands for “learning management system”. LMS software is used to create online courses for other people to join, using powerful tools to help design, stylize, publish, and monetize those courses.

No two LMS platforms or plugins are the same, but they all serve to create and publish online courses, which are becoming more and more popular among students and employers thanks to their affordability and ease of use.

As long as you have a website and expert knowledge in a specific field, you can use LMS software to create public or private online classes and, if desired, monetize it through a subscription or membership plan.

What To Look For In An LMS?

LMS software can be quite technical under the hood but there are several key features to look for before choosing an LMS. Key LMS features include:

  • Course-building tools – user-friendly tools for creating, uploading, and delivering online training in the class.
  • Course management tools – tools for managing and editing your online courses individually and as a whole
  • Branding – customization tools for branding your online courses or giving them a theme that matches your website
  • Course progress information – course information that can be accessed to show course progress tracking and course completion
  • Email automation – automated emails to let users know they have started a course, completed a course, paid for a course, and so on
  • Tests and exams – exam creation tools to test users on what they have learned through your online courses
  • Certificates – gamification and certificates that reward users who complete an online course
  • Secure payment gateways – to ensure safe and secure payment transactions for users

There are many more things LMS applications can do, but the above are the main things to look for – which all LMS software applications should include.

What Is MemberPress?

MemberPress is a plugin for monetizing content on WordPress websites. It can also be used to create and distribute online courses, read the full breakdown in our Memberpress review.

If you have content on your website that you would like your website visitors to pay for, such as blog posts, videos, photos, e-books, downloadable software, or online courses, then MemberPress can be used to set up paywalls. These can be subscriptions or memberships, all customizable through MemberPress.

MemberPress can also be used to create and send automated emails, subscription and membership forms, login and registration links, product comparison tables, and more on your WordPress site.

Is MemberPress An LMS?

Since MemberPress can be used to create and upload online courses, MemberPress is considered an LMS. It is an LMS plugin for WordPress, which makes it ideal if you own a WordPress website and want to create online courses on WordPress.

In addition to online course creation and management, MemberPress can be used to create and send automated emails to your course users and set up paywalls so that site visitors have to pay, because of restrict access to your online course(s). As a result, MemberPress is both a membership WordPress plugin and an LMS plugin tool in one.

What Are MemberPress Courses?

MemberPress Courses is the name of MemberPress’ LMS software used to create and upload online courses. It’s an add-on for MemberPress, which must be installed after adding MemberPress to your WordPress dashboard.

MemberPress courses do not come at an extra cost to install, and offer various templates and customizable parameters for first-time users to get started with, making online course creation quick and simple.

Despite that, it also caters to web pros, as all online courses and emails can be created from scratch using HTML editors. In other words, more tech-savvy users are not limited to templates on MemberPress.

Is MemberPress An LMS?

Is MemberPress Easy To Use?

MemberPress is designed to be user-friendly for beginners who are new to creating online courses. It can be installed on WordPress quickly, with lots of official MemberPress guides for beginners to find online.

MemberPress is also easy to use for beginners since the Memberpress plugin interface offers a host of templates for membership subscriptions, emails, and online course creation. This helps beginners get to grips with each tool, with parameters that can be created without any coding.

In addition, MemberPress is easy to install on WordPress. Installation involves downloading the ZIP file and adding/activating the plugin through the WordPress dashboard.

And once MemberPress Courses is installed as an add-on, online course creation is made simple through a visual editor that involves dragging and dropping course advanced features. Course themes can be added as well, helping you to create courses that look professional.

Is MemberPress The Best WordPress LMS Plugin?

MemberPress is one of the best WordPress plugins for creating membership plans and online courses. This is because it’s user-friendly and simple to use for beginners, offering powerful tools and templates that make membership and online course creation easy.

Some of the key features MemberPress offers are membership and subscription management, online course creation, email creation and email automation, drip content, add-ons, and integrations with various other plugins.

At the same time, MemberPress is also an advanced LMS that can be used by businesses, employers, and web pros, as emails, courses, and so on can be created with coding across multiple WordPress sites.

Is MemberPress Free To Use?

MemberPress is not free to use. MemberPress has three subscription plans (paid monthly or annually), which are MemberPress Basic, MemberPress Plus, and MemberPress Pro. There is no free trial for MemberPress, however, you can get a refund within 14 days on any MemberPress subscription plan if you are not happy with the plugin.

As a quick summary of the MemberPress plans, MemberPress Basic is best for beginners, offering use for one website with unlimited memberships and unlimited courses, drip content, email automation, subscription management, and no fees.

MemberPress Pro, on the other hand, allows for use on up to 5 websites with more features, like sales feature, add-ons, and integrations than MemberPress Basic and MemberPress Plus. Needless to say, MemberPress Basic is the cheapest membership site while MemberPress Pro is the most expensive plan.


In short, MemberPress is a WordPress membership plugin and LMS (Learning Management Systems) tool that can be used to create and monetize online courses on WordPress. It’s a great LMS plugin for both beginners and web pros, providing customizable templates and powerful editors for creating automated emails and online courses.

As a result, MemberPress is an all-in-one WordPress tool for creating and publishing online courses and monetizing them through memberships and subscription plans. It can also be used to create paywalls for other content on your WordPress site, including blog posts, videos, photos, e-books, and software downloads.

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