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Does LearnDash Offer Yearly Subscriptions

Does LearnDash Offer Yearly Subscriptions?

Setting up online courses is a great way to make some passive income.

LearnDash is a plugin for your WordPress website and it is a great add-on that you can use to set up and sell one or multiple online courses.

But you will have to pay for LearnDash. Luckily, there are plenty of payment options that you can choose from, either for a yearly, weekly, or monthly subscription.

Paying for the yearly option might be a better way of saving money, as it’s a payment that you only have to worry about every 12 months.

So, what payment structures are available with the LearnDash site? Is LearnDash a yearly subscription? What key features does this plugin offer you? Are there any rival companies that offer more competitive prices?

Well, we’re going to do a deep dive into LearnDash, covering all of the features that it offers as well as how much you’ll be paying for them.

What Is LearnDash?

LearnDash is what is called a Learning Management System (often referred to as an LMS), which is designed to help you to sell online courses through your WordPress site.

This is used by companies, sole entrepreneurs, or training groups to help their team to get better educated on certain subject matters.

With LearnDash, you can build your courses, sorting them into subgroups called ‘subjects’, ‘topics’, and ‘quizzes’.

You can add more plugins to your LearnDash dashboard, some of which are free and others you have to pay for.

However, if you install all these add-ons at once, then you will experience compatibility issues, which will impede the functionality of your LearnDash application.

When you install LearnDash, it will give you the option of customizing your WordPress with its exclusive widgets and database tables.

This will allow you to set up checkout options, create quizzes and help to tailor the general experience of your students. (Check out ‘How Many Students Can LearnDash Handle?‘)

What Does LearnDash Offer?

There are lots of features that you can bolt onto your LearnDash application. Here is a list of just some of them:

· Building courses – this is the primary feature of LearnDash. It will allow you to build multiple courses that you can organize into grids, which you can then sell to your students in the form of bundles.

· Selling physical and digital media – this will allow you to sell extra digital courses and webinars and will even allow you to distribute textbooks and merchandise to your students.

· Tailoring the course for an easy user experience – through things like one-click, one-page layouts, you can create a very smooth checkout process that won’t turn off any potential customers.

· Instagram and social media integration – LearnDash comes with plugins that allow you to advertise your courses on various social media platforms. This is great for increasing click-throughs to your website from other sources.

· Customized checkouts – whether it is putting user testimonies on your checkout page or choosing multiple payment options, this will allow you to streamline the buying experience so that it is completely hassle-free.

· Customize website – you can choose the color scheme, layout, and even the font of your main selling page. Making an attractive front page will help to drive users to your channel.

Uncover the details in our LearnDash review.

This is one of the most dynamic and engaging plugins that we can find on the market.

Once you have installed this, you will have everything that you need to build great courses that you can sell and start to develop your own e-learning community.

So now that we’ve seen what is on offer from LearnDash, how much can you be expected to pay for it? Well, take a look at the LearnDash pricing plans below.

Is LearnDash A Yearly Subscription?

There are 3 different yearly pricing options that you can pick with LearnDash. Below is a list of them as well as what features you can get with each one (starting with the cheapest):

1. $199 per year LearnDash Basic Plan

This does not come with a free trial, although it does come with a 15-day money-back guarantee.

This is great for trying out the various course features and then having a full refund if you think it is not the program for you.

This will allow you to license just 1 website, which basically translates to having one school of courses.

If you are looking to create multiple courses, then you will need to sign up for one of the more expensive packages.

Here is a list of some of the supplementary features for LearnDash:

· No limit on courses

· No limit on users

· Full content protection for each course

· Email notifications for new lessons and course updates

· Quizzes for topics

· Certification and other rewards

· Updates and support (up to 1 year)

· Website templates

This package is far more beneficial for single-person teachers or entrepreneurs who are only going to be selling a few courses.

2. $399 per year LearnDash Plan

This plan is much the same as the one above, with a lot of the same features.

However, this plan gives you the right to license 15 websites, making it more suitable for small businesses that are looking to train other people in a similar field.

Here are some of the supplementary features of this course:

· No limit on courses

· No limit on users

· Full content protection for each course

· Email notifications for new lessons and course updates

· Quizzes for topics

· Certification and other rewards

· Updates and support (up to 1 year)

· Website templates

This also comes with more website templates that you can choose from, providing 15 altogether.

3. $799 per year LearnDash Plan

This is the priciest option, providing you with all of the features that come with the previous 2 LearnDash plans, along with the option of licensing unlimited websites.

This is for businesses that are looking to expand incrementally that do not want any caps on their growth.

Here are some of the other features that are available with this pricing scheme:

· No limit on courses

· Unlimited users

· Full content protection for each course

· Email notifications for new lessons and course updates

· Quizzes for topics

· Certification and other rewards

· Updates and support (up to 1 year)

· Website templates

You’ll need to know what type of business model you’ll need to adopt before you sign up for a specific payment plan. You don’t want to be paying for more features than you absolutely need.

Now that we’ve looked at the pricing structure, what will you be getting for your money from LearnDash?

Well, let’s take a look at some of the features that LearnDash will offer and then you can decide whether or not this might be the right plugin for your website.

What Does LearnDash Offer Its Users?

If you are looking for more control over how your website looks, then LearnDash might be the option for you.

It can also integrate video into your website, which is crucial for gaining more customers in the learning sphere, as most people tend to respond well to diverse mediums for learning.

1. Customizing Themes And Color Schemes

Presentation is the key thing for driving more people towards your website. When a potential student looks at the front page, they will immediately make a first impression based on how professional it looks.

Is LearnDash A Yearly Subscription?

If you have pared down information, with text and video, the chances are people will find your online course very appealing.

The great thing about LearnDash is that there are so many website templates that you can choose from for a very small fee.

There are some themes that are amenable to general users, and others more dedicated to students. Browse through the library of thousands of templates to find the right one for you.

You can pick from numerous color schemes and fonts for your website, picking clear and concise typography that really reflects the tone of what you’re teaching.

2. Video Integration

If you do not have a video on your learning website, then you really aren’t going to be casting the net that wide for more customers. Videos are how most people learn.

Look at the popularity of YouTube web tutorials, for example.

By diversifying the way your students can learn, you are increasing the salability of your courses.

If you have a video embedded on the front page of your website, then that will reflect a course that also incorporates video elements.

LearnDash also comes with a Zoom plugin, which allows you to integrate Zoom with your website, which is amazing if you want to interact with your students directly.

3. Gamification Of Your Courses

What will incentivize your students to study more than with an integrated computer game element?

By getting your students to play learning games and giving them rewards such as certificates after completing a challenge, then you are helping them to learn.

This is far more effective than getting reading reams and reams of text!

You can also customize your own badges that your students can win, which will promote your brand further.

The better your students do at the games, the further they will progress in the course by trying to complete more challenging puzzles.

4. Including One Or More Course Instructors

You can include other course instructors on your website, which allows for more diversity of learning, with different course instructors creating their own content through your website.

This is all done through the instructor role for LearnDash.

However, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing any of your admin privileges, as your fellow course instructors will not have access to these.

This is an amazing way of basically creating your own school and is just perfect for anyone who is thinking of running a business rather than being a sole course instructor.

5. Cloning Content

When you have created the course structure for one of your courses, then you might want to build on that by creating multiple courses.

How can you do this and save yourself a lot of time and build your school more quickly?

Well, LearnDash has a feature called Content Cloner, which will allow you to clone all the content of your course, as well as the learning structure so that you can build up as many courses as you like with ease.

There are plenty of other features that LearnDash offers to manage courses easier that we cannot list here in total, but each one will help you to build your online course creation business faster and with ease.

Full Pricing Scheme For LearnDash And Plugins

As we have mentioned above, all of these LearnDash plugins do cost you extra, which is why the yearly subscription option does not reflect the true price of your LearnDash package.

For clarity, we have offered you a breakdown of all the prices for the plugins we have listed above as well as the cost of the LearnDash subscription.

Full LearnDash Price (Annual)

LearnDash Plugin – $199          

Theme – $100

Zoom Video Integration – $89

Gamification – $0

Multiple Instructor Plugin – $80

Content Cloner – $0

Total – $468

Full LearnDash Price (Lifetime)

LearnDash Plugin – Not Available ($199 yearly)

Theme – $300

Zoom Video Integration – Not Available ($89 yearly)

Gamification – $0

Multiple Instructor Plugin – $200

Content Cloner – $0

Total – $788

It is important that you factor the price of all these plugins with your online course business, as you won’t want to be making a loss.

However, the fact that this is a yearly LearnDash cost and some of the lifetime purchases are one-off payments, then paying for it might be worthwhile in the long run.


LearnDash is a great piece of software to enhance your online learning website.

The whole point of its design is to make learning easier for students, for you to set up courses, and to drive more business your way.

The yearly pricing structure seems fair for what they are offering. You can also get your money back after 15 days if you feel like this course structure is not working for you.

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