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Is edX Worth It?

Is edX Worth It? Pricing and Certifications 2023

edX is a supplier of massive open online courses, which is one of the most frequent kinds of online learning that is not geographically constrained.

edX enables students to pursue their interests and enhance their knowledge at the university level without having to apply or satisfy the requirements for regular university attendance. but is EdX worth it?

edX currently has 120 colleges providing high-quality online courses (such as Berkeley, Columbia, and Stanford).

Previously, edX study was a non-profit e-learning platform.

They are currently a for-profit corporation that provides courses in subjects ranging from computer science to leadership and communication.

Are edX Certificates Worth It?

Certifications from edX are definitely worth the money.

Although the majority of edX courses are free, obtaining a certificate shows employers and educational institutions that you are serious about your work or study.

As mentioned in multiple edX reviews, including an edX certificate on your CV is a smart way to get the attention of potential employers.

Even if it won’t get you into a college program, it will help you sell yourself to institutions and employers.

Benefits Of edX

You may be asking why you should enroll in an edX course or obtain an edX credential.

With edX study, you may develop skills, learn at your own speed, obtain verified credentials to add to your academic or professional portfolios, enhance your career, and those seeking inexpensive courses.

In addition, edX may be the place to go if you’re seeking a more advanced online education course.

It has collaborated with the world’s top universities, colleges, and organizations to provide 3,000+ interactive online courses and 300+ programs.

If you are looking for a recognized course that will give you a verified certificate upon completion, look no further.

edX, on the other hand, is a serious learning platform, and its courses should appeal to you if you have a clear idea of what you want to study.

You will need to put in considerable time and effort because edX courses are akin to university subjects. You may struggle if you don’t.

How Does edX Work?

Thousands of online courses from prominent schools and organizations are offered through edX, according to research for these edX evaluations.

The courses are taught by experts and academics from UC Berkeley, Microsoft, The Smithsonian, MIT, Harvard, and other universities.

Everyone has free access to all of the course materials. If you want a certificate to put on your CV to show off your skills, you’ll have to pay extra. 

edX provides micro-credentials in addition to courses: MicroMasters, Micro degrees, Xseries, Professional Certificate, and Executive Education.

On edX, you may also obtain an online master’s degree.

How Much Does edX Cost?

Like many other MOOCs, edX enables a portion of the population to receive an education that would not otherwise be able to attend classes.

On this platform, there are a lot of free courses, but even those that cost money are affordable and accessible, which helps to lessen some of the imbalance in higher education.

Each course on edX has a unique price structure based on the course type.

It normally costs between $50 and $300 to “Pursue the Verified track” (paid option), which is less expensive than a Full Master’s degree, which can range in price from $10,000 to $25,000.

Types Of edX Certificates

As an online learning platform, edX provides two sorts of certifications. The course you are taking determines the worth of each edX certificate.

One type of certificate is the validated certificate for a certain course. For a validated certificate, you must pay a fee, the cost varies based on the course.

If you pass the class with the appropriate grade in the certified track, you will receive a verified certificate.

Is edX Worth It?


The XSeries program is a collection of courses established by leading institutions that delve extensively into a specific topic.

These are also self-paced programs that take months to complete. Each one consists of numerous courses.

You can acquire a certificate by enrolling in the recognized track and passing each course. The courses are taught by professors from MIT, Harvard, Columbia, and other colleges.

Master’s Degree

Through edX, the University of Texas at Austin, Purdue University, The University of Queensland, and other prestigious universities offer 12 authorized Master’s degree programs.

All of the courses are offered online, making them suitable for those who work full-time and are unable to attend classes on campus.

Your Master’s degree can be completed in one and a half to three years.

Each Master’s program has its own set of application criteria, which may be found on the program website.

Master’s degrees offered through edX are significantly less costly than comparable on-campus programs.

Each curriculum costs between $10,000 and $25,000 for each program.


College courses were created as part of the edX microBachelors programs in cooperation with universities, organizations, and businesses.

The five MicroBachelors programs that are now offered are Professional Writing, Elements of Data Science, Information Technology Career Framework, and Marketing Essentials.

Every program has a duration of three to six months on average and costs between $500 and $1500.

If you successfully finish a MicroBachelors program, you will earn transferable college credit.

Approximately USD 166 is spent on each credit, which is much less than the $594 national average for undergraduates.

Professional Certificate

There are 140 unique programs available on a variety of popular subjects.

After finishing all of the courses, you will be awarded a certificate. You may learn at your own speed.

The value of an edX certificate can range from $100 to $2,340. Programs typically last between three and six months.

For instance, the five month long Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence program at Harvard University requires seven to 22 hours of study per week.

This curriculum includes the two courses CS50: Introduction to Computer Science and CS50: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Using Python from HarvardX.


As of 2022, edX provides 59 MicroMasters programs.

These programs provide graduate-level courses that will give you the opportunity for in-depth learning and help you reach your career objectives.

The average cost of a MicroMasters program ranges from $700 to $1400. Most programs last between one and five years to complete.

Programs for MicroMasters are available to anybody who qualifies and is admitted.

If you get a MicroMasters certification, you can apply it to a full Master’s degree.


edX credentials are completely worthwhile.

Although most edX courses are free, acquiring a certificate is a fantastic method to demonstrate to employers and educational institutions that you are serious about your job or education.

Including an edX credential on your resume can help you gain the attention of potential employers.

The importance of the edX certificate cannot be overstated.

Even though it does not guarantee admission to a college program, it is a useful tool for making oneself more marketable to institutions and jobs.

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