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Martin Barrett
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Indra Nooyi Masterclass Review

Indra Nooyi Masterclass Review

CEO Indra Nooyi and Chairman of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi is the first woman of color to head a Fortune 50 corporation. We hear from her about her journey to the top, as well as her thoughts on diversity in the business world.

After leading PepsiCo for over a decade, Indra Nooyi was appointed chief executive officer at PepsiCo. In her first few weeks, she set the following objectives for the corporation: to improve the performance of the business units and to improve the effectiveness of the leadership. 

She was also part of a corporate governance committee and public and private management and hold one of the most senior executive ranks.

Find out more about her inspiring Indra Nooyi Masterclass review and whether it has value for money

Who Is Indra Nooyi?

Indra Nooyi, the former CEO of PepsiCo, got her start as a secretary in a Pepsi bottling plant. She was promoted to purchasing agent, then to district manager, and finally, to district manager.

Who is Indra Nooyi? The CEO of PepsiCo and author of the bestselling book “Leader to Leader: The Art of Making a Difference.”

Nooyi’s legendary career as a woman has always been focused on the bigger things and the bigger picture, always wanting more and more successful because she had impacted on company’s environmental footprint.

She is one of the most impressive females in the business industry and has a wide range of experience to share with other people looking to become just as successful. She is now using her knowledge to teach others how they can be part of this leadership and have the skills to be great. 

How Much Are The Classes?

You will be paying $180 for these classes which will give you access to all of the content that will help you improve your business mindset and future. This is on subscription, so you will be paying for the entire year of updated content. 

What Type Of Leadership Style Does Indra Nooyi Use?

She has many different traits of a transformational leader. Transformational leaders inspire people to take action and achieve their full potential. 

Indra Nooyi teaches a leading and transformational method to create a positive environment, and sustained growth, champion employee development, foster a culture of innovation and collaboration, and allow employees to take ownership and responsibility for their roles.

Transformational leadership is a leadership style that focuses on the whole person, with an emphasis on the organization and its vision. A transformational leader is one who inspires others to follow. This is a detailed masterclass on becoming a transformational leader.

She teaches all about the importance of hard work in business administration and the global food industry and what it takes to be a leader, the different traits and qualities you must have to succeed. 

Making and reaching goals is one of her most simple but important lessons because you will not get anywhere without the organization of what you actually want to achieve.

Having blurry vision will only make your success blurry. 

What Can We Learn From Indra Nooyi?

Indra Nooyi Masterclass Review 1

This masterclass is good for anyone who wants to learn more about what they need to do themselves because it is not all practical work, it is also doing work on the person you are and how you appear. 

Priorities is another major concept she echoes during her classes because if you don’t have a set list of priorities that are met, you won’t be able to hunt your goals as effectively.

However, she also understands the importance of your own personal life and making sure you are keeping that intact to be successful. 

Family and friends should be a huge part of anyone’s life and at the end of every day, it is not only the money that will be left but the people who are around you and make you happy. You cannot just find happiness in your work. 

Different Lessons You Learn

There are several different career lessons that she likes to give to give you some perspective on work life and what really matters. 

  1. The first thing she wanted to make clear is that age does not matter. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it is all about your experience and passion which will send you to success. You must be hungry for it and if you are not, then you won’t succeed because there are people out there that are. 
  2. You need to be passionate about what you are working on and what you do. If you cannot find this passion, then you will not be able to put your all into it and it will seem more like a chore in your life. Nobody becomes successful without that hunger and love for what they do. She is very inspirational in how she talks about what you need to do yourself to be successful and less about what others around you can do to help. 
  3. She talks a lot about the person you need to be in order to be a successful leader. You need to be both tough and kind to the people around you. You cannot let people be slack in their work, but you also need to be compassionate in your area and understanding of people’s circumstances. This is how you will become more respected and not walk over in a leading position.
  4. Being realistic is another point she talks about heavily because realistic goals are what will help you achieve more. If you keep reaching for something which is nowhere in your grasp, you are not going to improve or get anywhere. You need to build your goals in order to become a leader, start from the bottom and make your way up. 
  5. As mentioned previously, the importance of a work-life balance will affect the way you are with your life and how you live it. You cannot be completely all in one and not the other, because eventually, you might start to resent the one you chose. Keeping a balance is the best way to stay healthy-minded and on route to your goals in both areas of your life. 

What Classes Does She Offer?

She offers 21 different classes which are quite short but are more inspirational lessons on how to become more of a leader in business. She teaches you to be brave and go for your dreams but also touches on how to be realistic and work your way to success. 

If you’re someone who is looking for something more influential, this could be the class for you if you’re looking at diving into business or are just getting into the industry. Wise words will take you a long way. 


Overall, This masterclass is definitely something that will interest a lot of new business-aspiring individuals who want to learn valuable knowledge from some of the top people in the world.

It is interesting content and not a step-by-step guide on how to be a leader, but she outlines what it takes and the person you need to become. 

Hopefully, this guide has given you a good insight into whether this particular business masterclass could be for you and whether the teaching style will suit how you prefer to learn.

She is one of the most celebrated businesswomen in the world because Indra Nooyi teaches leading the way to learn something great.