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Does LearnDash Work With Elementor

Does LearnDash Works With Elementor (Integration Guide)

When designing your online courses, plug-ins are a great way to make them exciting and engaging for your students. And LearnDash is no stranger to integrating plug-ins to access new features. 

However, Does LearnDash works with Elementor? Let’s find out!

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about LearnDash and Elementor.

Do they work together, is Elementor worth your time? We will discover that you can create courses using LearnDash and possibly even benefit from Elementor. 

Make your courses even more exciting for students by using the Elemetor plug-in before publishing to your WordPress site!

What Is Elementor? 

If you ever tried creating a website before the 2010s, you were going to need at least 3 months of constant work with a good handful of people on the job.

Today, however, you can have a website up and running within a few hours by simply clicking a few buttons. 

This is made possible by page builders such as Elementor!

WordPress has a drag-and-drop Elementor page builder. You can use a visual editor to create stunning pages with the aid of this plugin.

You can quickly construct dynamic websites thanks to their architecture.

With this WordPress plugin, you have access to a one-stop shop for managing every aspect of the look and feel of your website.

Motion effects, a variety of typefaces, and improved background graphics are all ways you may tailor your website to meet your brand.

Benefits of Elementor

When creating your online learning website, Elementor can be a great tool and make the experience easier and faster. Below are some of the benefits of using Elementor with LearnDash. 

Creation and Customization Abilities 

Users can develop strong pages that will stand out from the competition using Elementor because it comes with a ton of pre-made website kits and custom templates.

Another benefit of using this page builder plugin is that it gives customers a lot of design and construction options for their e-learning websites.

Users can alter the navigation links, buttons, headers, and other dynamic LearnDash elements in addition to the online course pages and content components.

Beginner Friendly 

The smart and simple interface of Elementor is one of its most notable benefits. It’s incredibly simple to use and sufficiently adaptable to let you build a website that fits your UNIQUE vision.

Additionally, users have access to a huge library of pre-made templates for their websites or particular pages (like courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes).

All that’s left to do is modify the information to suit your needs, and you’re ready to go.

Along with that, it is developer-friendly. It provides short keys, cheatsheets, global custom CSS, and the capability to quickly import and export designs from one website to another.


The instructors have the final say when creating a website. The use of themes may restrict your ability to customize the material in any manner.

You can still use page builders like Elementor while still using a theme.

You will just be given more control from the very beginning. From creating the pages on your own to adding and removing widgets, all at the click of a button! 

Elementor and LearnDash 

In 2020, LearnDash and Elementor introduced their brilliant collaboration to allow you to create professional yet fun, engaging courses and websites. 

With Elementor, it’s now simple to change LearnDash design aspects like the color scheme and fonts to fit your brand, which was previously difficult or impossible to do.

Sites can appear less professional if certain components are visually distinct from the rest of the theme. Your users shouldn’t be able to distinguish between the plugin and the rest of the website, ideally.

That is possible because of this integration. Find out about LearnDash Integration Options.

Installing Elementor For LearnDash 

If you are new to WordPress then it may seem confusing to install the Elementor plugin to begin creating your awesome website. But, it is super simple and only takes a few easy steps. 

Simply click LearnDash LMS > Add-ons from your WordPress website’s backend to access this page.

On the redirect page, click Activate Plugin after finding the LearnDash Elementor Integration plugin and clicking Install Now.

For the Elementor plugin to work and install, you have to have Eelementor Pro activated on your website. Now, this is not a substitute for installing the software itself but allows the integration to take place. 

Once Elementor is integrated you now have access to two resources to help you get started:

  • LearnDash Elementor Integration Document
  • Page Builder + LearnDash User Guide

Both of these resources provide you with all the help you need to begin creating your website and fun educational content! 

What Can You Do With Elementor?

As we have learned throughout this article, Elementor is a page builder. With a welcoming user interface, you can feel comfortable creating exciting website pages without having to enter a single line of code. 

So, for you to be able to create some enticing content and cool-looking web pages, Elementor has helpful features to make the process easier: 

New Templates 

Four new page templates created particularly for LearnDash are made available thanks to the Elementor connection.

These serve as models for courses, classes, subjects, and exams. Users can rapidly create pages with the use of templates, which makes it simpler to add educational information.

Users will be able to quickly change aspects like the size and color of call-to-action buttons, the design of breadcrumbs, and navigation buttons, and display lesson progress, and course content status throughout the new collection of templates.

Offers More Control Over Site and Content 

One of the main things that Elementor and LearnDash allow you, as a creator, to do is to have more control over every aspect of your website.

When you sign up for a traditional learning platform, you will often find you are limited on what content you can create and how you can sell it. LearnDash gives you the steering wheel. 

Users sometimes find themselves constrained by restrictive themes when designing websites, preventing them from coming up with the style they want.

While LearnDash liberates educators from constrictive hosted solutions, Elementor shatters the mold of rigid and constrictive theme designs by facilitating both the visual creation of websites from scratch and the editing of the themes that are already in use.

Does LearnDash Works With Elementor

New Widgets 

When you click on a website and it has fun buttons to click, a photo gallery, and cool other features, these are widgets. And Elementor has some new ones to keep your website exciting. 

Due to the collaboration with LearnDash, these widgets are of course education focused. Including: 

  • Profile
  • A LearnDash Login 
  • LearnDash course website list
  • Lesson List
  • Topic List 
  • Course Certificate Download 
  • Quiz List

You can offer your students so much more by adding a few cool widgets to your LearnDash website! 

Elementor Pricing 

Much like any other add-on, you would expect a rather hefty price tag attached to the already growing costs of running a website. But Elementor is completely free!

You can access the primary plugin through the official WordPress repository. There are no additional fees or registrations required. It simply works!

However, if you are looking for more there is Elementor Pro. This does come with a fee as it offers a lot more than the regular plugin. If that sounds like something you need for your website, find out more below! 

Elementor Pro 

The Elementor Pro add-on gives you access to a wide range of professional tools that accelerate your design and workflow.

The key components of Elementor Pro are: Every component of your theme can be changed using Theme Builder. Forms should be visually designed and effortlessly integrated. 

Elementor Pro has a wide range of features including: 

  • Over 300 premium demo imports including header, footer, and pop-up imports. 
  • 50+ extra widgets 
  • WooCommerce Builder for eCommerce website editors of product and category pages
  • Popular email marketing platforms can be combined with a visual form builder.
  • Add custom CSS
  • Complete customization through Theme Builder. Change anything at any time. 
  • Create global widgets and them all over your site. 

These features are great for those looking to take their website to the next level. While the basic Elementor plugin gives a great range of features, Elementor Pro can take your website that one step further. 

Elementor Pro vs Elementor 

So, do you need Elementor Pro or the regular Elementor plugin? That depends on your website needs and your budget. 

In general, you can get by with the free version if all you want to do is design a few posts, pages, or simple landing pages.

However, if you feel that you need more from your website, then the Elementor Pro has some great features that you can find listed above.

Although, Elementor Pro is not always necessary for boosting your website. 

For instance, you don’t have to get Elementor Pro if you want greater freedom to modify your theme. Use a flexible theme like Astra as an alternative.

You can customize Astra to almost any level because of its extensive Customizer settings, which makes it far easier than trying to create your theme from scratch.

Who Should Use Elementor? 

Well, everyone can use Elementor to create cool websites. Of all the page builders, Elementor is the most user-friendly and offers the most functionality without the cost.

The Newbies 

If you are new to website design then Elementor is a great tool for adding some flare to your website. 

Without any prior technical expertise, you may create some really beautiful designs using the visual interface.

And you can probably do it for nothing! Later on, we’ll talk more about whether you should utilize the free or paid version.

The Digital Marketing Pro 

Because it has so many marketing components, Elementor is perfect for teams and digital marketers.

For instance, Elementor Pro’s Form widget enables you to build various lead forms and connect them to well-known email marketing providers.

Additionally, it offers a Zapier integration that enables you to link to your CRM.

You can design opt-in popups with the Popup Builder and place them wherever you want on your website. You can create your sales pages with WooCommerce Builder if you’re selling goods or services.

Last but not least, the core Elementor plugin is a fantastic tool for creating WordPress landing pages.

The Professional Website Builder 

Elementor is a great (and well-liked) option if you’re creating websites for customers.

You may create unique client websites with Elementor and a versatile theme like Astra without writing any code. When necessary, you can also utilize Theme Builder to create a custom post-type template and use dynamic data from ACF, Pods, or Toolset.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Elelmentor Required For WordPress?

No. The plugin is not required to create a WordPress site. However, it can make the process easier and provide you with more customization options. 

Is Elementor Pro A One-Time Purchase? 

Elementor Pro offers a yearly or annual subscription. With 5 tiers of subscription, you can find the tier that works for you and create your plan of payment. 

Can Elementor Slow Down Your Site?

The lesson page builder Elementor is not sluggish. To increase speeds, you simply need to ensure that your website is correctly optimized and remove any unnecessary components, such as plugins or addons that aren’t optimized.

What LMS Works With Elementor? 

You may customize your free courses with Elementor by integrating two well-liked WordPress LMS plugins, LearnDash and LifterLMS.

So, Does Elementor Work With LearnDash?

Of course! Elementor works perfectly with LearnDash and will only improve your online learning platform.

With cool templates, exciting widgets, and more, you can make each page as engaging as the last and begin to grow your audience. 

LearnDash is a great way to have control over your digital courses while Elementor provides complete control over the LearnDash site itself. 

Whether you are a complete newbie to website design or are a tech-savvy wizard, Elementor is great for building professional websites.

All you have to do is install the plugin and get started! 

You can create some incredible content by installing both LearnDash and Elementor on your WordPress site.

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