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How To Integrate WooCommerce With LearnDash?

How To Integrate WooCommerce With LearnDash [Easy Steps]

The unique and simple LearnDash WooCommerce connection makes it simple to design and market online courses. Are you curious about how to combine LearnDash and WooCommerce subscriptions?

In this article, we’ll look into that how to integrate WooCommerce with LearnDash, how it works, and how to set it up to provide your company with the best possible return on investment.

How Does LearnDash Work?

With the help of the LearnDash LMS plugin for WordPress, you can turn your WordPress sites into learning management systems. It is widely employed by important organizations, top colleges, Fortune 500 businesses, etc. in the e-learning industry, making it quite well known.

Over 100K websites are reported to be powered by LearnDash, which continues to dominate the e-learning market. This WordPress plugin’s popularity is due to the plethora of user-friendly, intuitive features and functionality it provides.

Everyone utilizes it to have complete control of their e-learning website and the freedom to do as much as they choose. Construct interesting learning environments by using the LearnDash curriculum builder to develop your courses, classes, quizzes, and assignments. See our LearnDash LMS Review for further info.

Built-in Paypal settings also let you start offering bundle multiple courses right away.

Is LearnDash Free To Use?

LearnDash is not a free service. It’s a paid and highly popular WordPress LMS plugin, that offers various payment tiers for various WordPress users. Depending on your needs, you can pick from the Basic, Plus, as well as Pro LearnDash plans if you wish to use LearnDash.

These plans are all billed once a year. Although there are no free trials available, there is a 15-day money-back assurance.

Benefits Of LearnDash

As was already mentioned, LearnDash includes a tonne of tools that make building an LMS as simple as possible. That’s not all, though. With the help of this comprehensive LMS plugin, you can accomplish a lot. So let’s examine the advantages of employing it.

Simple To Set Up

Using and setting up LearnDash is remarkably simple. All you need to do is install the LMS plugin once your WordPress site is operational. Documentation and help may be accessed on the fly in case one gets stuck somewhere along the way.

Simplifies The Development And Delivery Of Courses

Creating Learndash course material is a difficult endeavor that takes a significant amount of time and focus for any course producer. If the procedure is not optimized, adding and organizing the material in progression takes a lot of time. Thankfully, LearnDash has a useful drag & drop curriculum builder you can use to quickly construct courses!

Furthermore, it provides dynamic content delivery via drip-feed lessons, allowing you to either make the entire course’s information accessible at once or on a set schedule that allows users to advance at their speed.

Makes A Stimulating Environment For Learning

Making online learning less dull for your students is one of the key considerations. For this same reason, LearnDash enables you to incorporate various forms of media, including photographs, videos, and sometimes even live events, into the course content. By hosting live lectures with Zoom, you may deliver blended learning.

Not only that, but the course creators and educators can also give out awards and course points for things like doing quizzes, submitting assignments, etc. Users can also be notified of their progress via automated emails and discussion forums.

Enables Management Of Courses And Student’s

LearnDash makes managing courses and students simpler in addition to making course design simple. By enabling users to be separated into groups and subsets with a group leader, it provides a great deal of control.

Owners and instructors can immediately get a snapshot of all user behaviors and performance thanks to the reporting add-on Propanel.

Has A Sizable User Base

The large global user community that LeanDash has to offer is just another fantastic perk of using it. There are almost 20,000 active members in the Facebook community, which provides all the details on both the most recent updates and any issues that users could be having.

Therefore, all you need to do to get your question answered is post it if you have any doubts about anything linked to LearnDash. Finally, it is simple to link with the most well-liked applications and add-ons from other parties to increase functionality.

Thus, with the aid of certain third-party plugins including MailChimp and WooCommerce, you can easily launch a campaign for email marketing or add shopping cart functionality.

Why Should LearnDash And WooCommerce Be Integrated?

One approach to monetize a blog or build a full-fledged eLearning business is to design and offer online courses. Infusing the most modern eLearning methods into a WordPress site is where LearnDash is so crucial. LearnDash is far more than simply a WordPress plugin as a WordPress LMS.

Using this plugin, you may incorporate in-depth courses, classes, and tests into your website. WooCommerce is a well-known eCommerce plugin that powers millions of online shops worldwide. Once you’ve installed it as an open-source Ecommerce plugin for your WordPress website and made a few technical adjustments, you can start making online sales.

The best aspect is that you can use it to market physical and digital products associated with online courses you’ve developed with the LearnDash plugin. To put it another way, customers will profit from a first-rate shopping cart experience when they purchase online courses.

You can do this integration using the free WooCommerce add-on provided by the LearnDash plugin. Let’s delve further to learn more about LearnDash’s connection with WooCommerce.

Benefits Of Integrating WooCommerce And LearnDash

Enable Learner Coupons

Consider selling online courses as you would a physical product. The targeted clients do find coupons and discounts to be attractive.

By merging LearnDash with WooCommerce, you can increase sales and ROI in a variety of ways, such as by enticing customers to buy more products with coupons or by allowing them to share coupons for recommendations.

Sell Course Packages

You might wish to sell your consumer’s online courses that are closely related to one another. For instance, if you’ve produced a program on Java tutorials, the course may be made up of various modules that were each independently created.

Of course, it is not practical to sell each module separately. You may make course bundles and sell them to the online store thanks to LearnDash’s interface with WooCommerce.

Similarly, by developing unique bundles or packaging the courses with different relevant to sell physical products, you can also intend to cross-sell/upsell numerous online courses.

How A WordPress Site Is Modified By LearnDash?

Provide Membership Options For Online Course Access

Selling consumers a membership subscription for the courses is another option to make money from online courses. By doing this, you can give students access to your courses for a set period, like a three- or six-month subscription. Selling course memberships is made simpler with LearnDash’s integration with WooCommerce.

Join Email Marketing Platforms

Have you ever given any thought to the marketing emails you receive from the companies you follow? This is a component of their campaigns for email marketing to draw in current customers. With LearnDash-WooCommerce integration, you can also develop these campaigns for your online courses.

Install Several Payment Processors

By integrating LearnDash with your WooCommerce store, you additionally signal that you frequently sell online courses alongside other goods. Installing WooCommerce payment gateway channels including PayPal, Stripe, and many others is simple thanks to this connection, which is necessary for a learner transaction to take place.

How A WordPress Site Is Modified By LearnDash?

Several things will be added to your site when you install the LearnDash plugin on your WordPress website. These consist of:

  • Menu options
  • Type of custom course post
  • Lesson, topic, test, and course taxonomies
  • New database tables, shortcodes, and widgets
  • Admin and group leader user roles which are necessary for LearnDash’s integration with WooCommerce

You need the following two things on your site before using this integration:

  • LearnDash plugin: 3.0 or older versions of Legacy WooCommerce
  • Utilizing the most latest versions of both plugins is recommended

How To Install The WooCommerce Add-On For LearnDash?

You must have a valid LearnDash license to locate the WooCommerce add-on. Next, carry out the few instructions below:

  • Click LearnDash LMS -> Add-ons on the WordPress dashboard
  • Look up or find “WooCommerce for LearnDash”
  • Click the “Install Now” button to add the add-on to your browser
  • Finally, press the ‘Activate Plugin’ button to make it active

By entering your LearnDash account, you can manually download the material as well:

  • Go over to Plugins and select Add New in the admin panel after installing the plugin file
  • Select “Upload Plugin” from the menu
  • Find file that you downloaded
  • Choose “Install Now” from the menu
  • Click the “Activate Plugin” button to make the plugin active

Instructions For Setting Up A LearnDash Program As A WooCommerce Sale

Both plugins require configuration to allow WooCommerce products to communicate with LearnDash courses. For the connection to function as intended, this is essential. Configurations should be made in the WooCommerce plugin.

The LearnDash plugins needs to be informed about granting access to particular users only when a customer buys your course using WooCommerce. Users have the option to participate in this course after first creating an account. You must also turn off the guest checkout feature. The procedures are as follows:

  • Head over to WooCommerce -> Settings
  • Find the “Accounts & Privacy” tab
  • The sentence “Allow users to purchase without an account” has a checkbox beside it. Uncheck this box

Additionally, you would want to give end users the option to register for an account throughout the checkout process. Do this to make it happen:

  • Check the box next to the phrase that reads “Allow consumers to create a profile during checkout” in the same ‘Accounts & Privacy’ panel
  • Don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button to save your changes
  • Quick Tip: Enable “Allow Customers to sign in to an Existing Profile During Checkout” to ensure that current customers can buy the additional course

How To Connect A WooCommerce Product To A Course?

You must have an active LearnDash program before you can complete these steps. Follow these steps after creating a new course if you haven’t already done so. The steps to creating a WooCommerce product are as follows:

  • Click Products -> Add New Add Product Information in the WooCommerce tab
  • Click on the ‘Simple Product’ dropdown menu and choose the ‘Course’ option in the same page’s ‘Product Data’ section
  • Add the specific course you would like to add as a sale under “LearDash Courses.” You can include numerous courses and market them as a packaged package
  • Pick the program you want to tie to this product in the “Related Courses” selection field
  • Additionally, you can include numerous courses in a particular WooCommerce product
  • When choosing a course or courses from the list, just keep holding the SHIFT key
  • Make sure to upload or upgrade the product once you have done these steps

How To Disable Direct Payments After Integrating WooCommerce?

Similar modifications must be made to the LearnDash program after you finish producing the product. Users will have the option to purchase the program using the payment gateways offered by LearnDash if they don’t do this. Take these actions:

  • Visit the Courses page in LearnDash LMS
  • Choose the program that relates to the WooCommerce item you created earlier.
  • Open Settings and then Course. Access Mode in the access settings
  • Select “Closed” for the Access Mode
  • You must type the URL of your WooCommerce product page into the field labeled “Button URL” that is located next to it
  • With these settings, everyone who clicks the “Take This Course” button on the course page will be taken to the WooCommerce extension page. They can then add the program to their shopping cart and check out

What Else Can LearnDash-WooCommerce Integration Be Used For?

With the LearnDash WooCommerce add-on, you can do more than just accept payments via WooCommerce. You may:

  • Utilize WooCommerce’s built-in field to add a purchase note. You can provide instructions or a list of steps to perform to complete the course in this field
  • Use a variety of products
  • Enable post-purchase redirects so that users can go directly to the course page
  • Sell course on Woocommerce subscriptions extension and many other things

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has provided you with enough information to successfully integrate LearnDash with the WooCommerce application. This should make marketing and selling your courses much easier so that you can concentrate on creating engaging course content for your students.

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