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WPLMS Review

WPLMS Review: Overview, Features & More

The internet is an enormously helpful tool that most of us rely on each and every day, whether it’s to stay connected or to learn new skills and gain knowledge.

In fact, the learning potential of the internet is almost infinite, with information on just about every topic and much of it available for free. 

Online education communities have become increasingly popular since they bring together these two major parts of the internet: connectivity and education.

As a result, LMS (Learning Management Systems) have become increasingly necessary, because they help people manage their digital learning environments. 

In this WPLMS Review, we will tell you everything about this LMS platform and it’s workings.

WPLMS is one of the major Learning Management Systems, and it’s geared specifically towards WordPress, a massively popular system for creating websites.

It allows people to easily make their own online education community both on the web and via app, as well as make and sell educational courses over the internet.

But what overall features does it offer? And is it worth the money?

We’ve got the answer to all of this in our detailed review below! If you read on, you’ll find in-depth breakdowns of all of WPLMS’ features.

By the end, you should have a good idea as to whether or not you want to use this particular LMS for yourself or your company.

WPLMS – Overview

WPLMS stands for WordPress Learning Management System, and it’s an LMS that will allow users to easily create their own online education communities.

They can do this on web and app at the same time, making the educational material even more accessible in today’s modern age.

On top of that, WPLMS lets you make and sell your educational courses over the internet, providing an income.

Learning And Feedback

As a learning experience to your students. 

For starters, there is a course creation platform that is deliberately easy to understand, especially geared towards teaching instructors who may not have the technical capabilities of others.

You can make all the lessons you need here, as well as directly assign them to specific students and then track the activity of each individual learner. 

There is a reports generator, too, which can give a custom selection of feedback.

Whether it’s reports on students or courses, you can get the information you need, giving you an overview of how things are going and what areas might need improvement. 

If you’ve got younger students, then you can let their parents be users and give them tools to manage their children’s learning too.

On top of that, you can get report cards to show them their child’s progress, as well as tools to help you manage fees you might need to charge the parents. 

Education can be easily divided into classes, because you can set multiple curriculums of education and manage various different start dates easily.

On top of that, scheduling online educational calls, whether they’re lessons or one to one feedback sessions, is easy: Zoom, Microsoft Mett, and other video conferencing platforms are integrated into WPLMS. 

Similarly, there is also instructor booking, so that students can easily book meetings with specific instructors.

All bookings are easily displayed in slots with the help of the straightforward calendar system, meaning that everybody can understand what’s going on and when. 

Learning also has a “gamified” aspect to it, thanks to the integration of the  “Gamipress” service, which is especially helpful for encouraging students to work harder and progress more.

Basically, this system treats education like a fun game, with the addition of points and rewards. 

The more students learn, and the better they do, the more points they will learn.

This is great for encouraging them to learn more, and it even adds an element of friendly competition too, because they’ll want to beat their friends!

Marketing Your Courses

WPLMS Review

Another key part of WPLMS is allowing people to market their educational materials, selling their courses and bundles online.

It allows you to sell your courses individually on a one time basis, or sell them as a subscription plan, allowing a more constant stream of income.

You can also bundle your courses together to give customers extra value.

WPLMS will help you easily set up a payment gateway to collect your money, integrating a wide variety of different gateways.

Similarly, if you want to attract extra instructors, then you can easily share some of your income with them too. 

Integrated email marketing platforms help you promote your services too, allowing you to reach a wider customer base and increase your sales. 

What Features Does WPLMS Offer?

Easy Course Creation

One of the most important parts of an online learning platform is going to be its system for course creation, and as a result WPLMS offers a creation system that’s easy to use. This is especially useful for two reasons. 

For one, it’ll save you a lot of time and allow you to create more educational content as a result. Secondly, it makes the platform more accessible.

Not everybody is going to be as technically capable as other people, and they shouldn’t be locked out of creating their courses as a result. 

A handy learning tool that is included is question banks, which have unlimited types of questions for you to use at your disposal.

On top of that, you can bulk import questions into these banks, saving you precious time. Additionally, questions can be put into categories with a tag system, allowing you to make your learning areas much clearer. 

A Student Community

Another major part of an online learning platform is its community of students.

You won’t want to just be able to create and set courses and modules, but you’ll want to have control over the community of students who are going to be using them.

Thankfully, WPLMS has lots of features to help you get the most out of your community, especially when it comes to monitoring their progress.

There is activity tracking for a start, which allows you to track what each student has been up to, seeing when they were last online and how long they’ve been spending on your courses. 

With this, you can easily see where a student is succeeding, as well as where they may be falling behind. That last one is particularly useful, because you can then work with them to improve the shortcomings. 

You can also directly assign specific courses, modules, and quizzes to students. If some should be working on one thing, while others are completing a different task, you can easily set your assignments thanks to WPLMS.

Managing a big number of students can be difficult in person, but it doesn’t have to be when it’s a learning platform online.

You’re also able to check on student attendance, as well as get the parents of younger students involved too.

You can enable parent users, allowing them to manage their children on the platform and see how they’re progressives. WPLMS will help manage report cards for the students too.

Learning Feedback

It’s always important to have regular feedback on the progress of all of your students, so that you can see where they’re succeeding and what areas need improvement.

On top of that, feedback can also give you an idea of how to improve your lessons, if lots of students are falling down in the same area. 

Thankfully, WPLMS has a variety of ways for you to get feedback. It can auto-evaluate courses, assignments, and quizzes, marking them for you and giving you the results.

Alternatively, you can manually do the evaluation yourself for a more hands-on approach. 

You can also build customer reports on various areas, like courses and specific students, so that you can get detailed feedback on how certain aspects of the online learning platform are performing. 

Gamification Of Learning

WPLMS Review

Gamification is a concept where learning is made more like a fun game, giving students a variety of different tools that encourage them to learn more.

WPLMS has gamification elements built into it, with a gamification module that’s powered by AI. It has Gamipress integrated into it, which is a system that gives students points and rewards for completing certain learning.

You will be able to see the rewards and the point tiers, molding the gamification elements perfectly to your specific online learning environment.

The reason for gamification is that points and prizes will often encourage students to be more involved in their learning. Learning can be a dry business sometimes, and the addition of points makes it competitive and rewarding in a fun way.

You can also reward students with cool badges and certificates, which will give them something to show their skills off with. WPLMS has code generation to help you create these rewards, as well as a feature to validate certificates.

A One App Framework

WPLMS works with a one app framework, which means that if you develop part of your platform somewhere, then it’ll be available on all frameworks.

For example, if you develop some of your courses on the web, then they’ll be available on app at the same time.

Apps and mobile phone learning has become increasingly popular with the increased presence of handheld devices in our lives, and it perfectly complements the rush of modern life.

Not all of us will have the time to sit down at a computer to learn, but we may be traveling and have time to do some learning via our phone. 

By having everything updated across one framework, it saves you time from having to develop things for both web and mobile. 

Easy Video Uploads

Videos are going to be an essential part of online learning, so it’s important that you can upload them easily and do so from a range of different places.

WPLMS lets you do this with ease, allowing you to upload videos directly from popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3, and more. 

Selling Courses

Another big feature of WPLMS is the ability to create and market your own courses over the internet. Selling lessons is a great way to make an income, and WPLMS gives you multiple ways to market your work.

Firstly, you can sell your courses on their own, bundle them into value groups, or sell them as part of a subscription plan.

Additionally, WPLMS allows you to create membership plans, where people can sign up to certain membership tiers in order to get access to certain courses.

Ensuring you get paid is easy too, thanks to the wide variety of payment gateways (over 300) that WPLMS supports.

Marketing your educational services is also simple, thanks to a range of integrated email services that will help you spread the word in bulk emails. 

How Much Does WPLMS Cost?

A big factor in determining whether people use WPLMS is going to be the cost. 

Thankfully, it’s very affordable, with a regular license costing just $75. This makes it one of the more affordable Learning Management Systems out there

Is WPLMS Worth It?

As you have seen, WPLMS is a system with loads of features (Click here) to help you set up communities, courses, and much more all via WordPress.

You can easily create courses, assign them to students, track individual performance, and reward learning with a gamified points and prizes system. 

On top of that, WPLMS will also help you to market and sell your educational content over the internet.

Its integrated email systems help spread the word, while it offers a large range of supported payment gateways that will help make sure you get paid for your work.

It’s also priced at a more than affordable rate, especially when considering you can be earning an income with its help. 

Some have found that it’s not got the most straightforward installation process, but once it’s running then its User Interface is simple.

Final Thoughts

WPLMS is a handy system that will help you create an online learning platform through WordPress.