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When Was LearnWorlds Founded

When Was LearnWorlds Founded: Company Profile, Owner & Much More

LearnWorlds is one of the most popular platforms for creating interactive online courses.  It is a learning management system that operates with a cloud-based computing system. 

LearnWorlds is used by many course creators, and insight partners for their long-term careers, from independent creators to large corporations.  It has a strong reputation in the world of online schools and courses. 

However, even with a stellar reputation and reviews, potential clients can still have some questions about the platform and its history. 

One of the most important things that should be researched before diving to sell online courses with a specific platform is when it was founded and by whom. 

The longer a platform has been established, the more experienced they are likely to be in resolving problems quickly. 

In this article, we will look at when was LearnWorlds founded as well as some other interesting facts about the platform. 

When Was LearnWorlds Founded?

The LearnWorlds an online school platform was founded in 2014.  It began its life as a start-up company and has grown into a fully-fledged business over the following years. 

The platform has been running smoothly ever since and is closing in on a full decade in business.  

Although LearnWorlds has only been out of the start-up phase for a few years, it has managed to build a solid reputation for itself. 

Best of all, this reputation has been built through consistently providing a high-quality platform that is constantly updating its features and promptly fixing any bugs or issues that appear.  

Who Founded LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds was originally founded by three men who have expertise in the fields of computer science educator, computer programming, and software development.

Below, we will look into the three founders and their backgrounds.

Panos Siozos

The CEO and co-founder of LearnWorlds Panos Siozos are known as a star educator and brings plenty of knowledge to the table about education and how to build successful online courses. 

Siozos has a strong background in education and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Education Technology. 

He also has a 20-year history of designing and researching educational or e-learning apps.  

Prior to founding LearnWorlds with his three colleagues, Siozos held jobs as a computer science teacher, a manager, a software engineer, and an e-learning researcher for multiple EU-funded research projects.

He has also been a policy advisor for research and innovation in the European Parliament.  It is safe to say that he has plenty of knowledge to support a platform such as LearnWorlds. 

Siozos has often talked in interviews about his passion for education and his desire to make learning more accessible to people from all walks of life and with all kinds of lifestyles. 

This accessibility stretches to knowledgeable creators as well as potential students.  

George Palegeorgiou

The co-founder and Chief Product Officer at LearnWorlds is George Palegeorgiou. 

Palegeorgiou is a researcher in Educational Technology and Human-Computer Interaction he has previously been selected as a lecturer in the field of ICT in education in the Department of Primary Education at the University of Western Macedonia. 

Palegeorgiou had aspirations to design and develop real educational platforms that improve the learning experience of diverse students significantly.

It was this aspiration that helped lead to the co-founding of LearnWorlds with Panos Siozos.  Palegeorgiou has a strong background in education that helps to inform the development of LearnWorlds. 

He also has expertise in the world of ICT which helps to build the software and policies of the LearnWorlds platform. 

Fanis Despotakis

The final co-founder and Chief Technical Officer is Fanis Despotakis. 

Despotakis’s background is seated firmly in tech and IT.  He is a qualified software developer and engineer who has worked for different companies throughout his career. 

Despotakis has also worked in the research aspect of design and development during his time studying at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Despotakis has had a significant role in the design and development of complex information systems with his work prior to LearnWorlds. 

He has also worked with large web portals, mobile applications, and e-commerce.

His background in project management has also helped contribute to the smooth running of LearnWorlds since the beginning.

He also has plenty of experience working with SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, .NET, ASP, VB6, HTML, Javascript, GIS, and SharePoint which helps to keep LearnWorlds at the forefront of e-learning platform technology and policies. 

How Many Staff Do LearnWorlds Have?

When researching LearnWorlds online, it is only possible to find profiles for three staff members.  These staff members are the three co-founders that we spoke about above. 

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However, because of the way that LearnWorlds is run with 24/7 access to support for creators on certain price plans, there has to be more staff than just the three owners.  

LearnWorlds has business premises in three locations across Europe for customer success efforts.  Currently, the headquarters is located in London, England.  There are also premises registered in Limassol, Cyprus, and Chania, Greece. 

As with many businesses that offer 24/7 support for their clients, it is likely that LearnWorlds outsources some customer support services to call centers or customer service centers around the world. 

This is the most common practice due to the fact that it can save money while catering to all time zones around the world.  

What Sort Of Business Is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is a learning management system.  This means that it is a company that provides a platform on which clients can build and host their own courses and eBooks.  

LearnWorlds offers various features and tools that allow creators to build full courses from scratch. 

Some of the company’s platform features offered include a social community, pre-made templates, an engine for assessments, a modular page builder, automated certificates, and course analytics. 

All of this helps ensure that the courses that are hosted by LearnWorlds are some of the best on the market. 

LearnWorlds as a business takes pride in offering the best e-learning platform that makes learning accessible to a diverse audience.  

The business is run by people who have a passion for learning and who want to pass that passion on to other people. 

This is clearly evidenced in the way that the platform has been created and all of the features that are available to creators on all price plans

Who Is LearnWorlds Target Audience?

The target audience of LearnWorlds is super diverse and relates to the type of people that are going to be creating the courses rather than using them. 

There are three different price plans that are offered by LearnWorlds, each plan is specifically designed to target a specific section of their target audience. 

Starter Plan

The starter plan is the most basic and cheapest available plan from LearnWorlds. 

This plan is designed to appeal to individuals who want to create and sell a course to share their field of knowledge with other people.  

This plan is perfect for people who are looking to make their knowledge more accessible to others but who don’t have a lot of money to spend on a large course. 

With this plan, creators have access to all of the basic tools that they need to build a professional course. 

Pro Trainer Plan

The Pro Trainer plan is intermediate between the basic and advanced plans.  This plan has been designed to appeal to small business owners or individuals who are experts in their field.  

This plan offers tools and features that are perfect for people who have a reasonable audience for their course. 

This plan is more expensive than the previous one and would require either additional disposable income from an individual or a budget from a small business looking to expand its reach by passing on knowledge related to its niche. 

Learning Center Plan

The Learning Center plan is the most expensive plan from LearnWorlds and provides the largest amount of features and tools for the creator. 

This plan has been designed to appeal to companies or organizations that want to offer courses to a wide range of clients and students.  

This is a plan that is suitable for any business or organization that has a significant wealth of knowledge to share with a sizable audience. 

Purchasers of this plan are likely to be well-known in their niche and have a strong reputation for their expertise and services or products. 

What Is LearnWorlds Revenue?

LearnWorlds has been growing at a steady rate since its inception in 2014.  Over the years they have secured around $33 million in funding. 

Despite this huge amount of funding, as of 2022, LearnWorlds has a public revenue of around $6.5 million. 

The company has achieved this significant revenue from around five thousand paying customers. 

This doesn’t take into account future revenue from creators who were taking advantage of the 30-day free trials that are available for all three price plans.  

LearnWorlds overall revenue is predicted to continue to rise in the coming years. 

This projection is based on the solid and steady growth that the company has already achieved coupled with the reputation that LearnWorlds has built for itself over the past nine years. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LearnWorlds An Industry Leading Company?

LearnWorlds has repeatedly been ranked as one of the top e-learning companies or platforms on the market.

The company has repeatedly won awards in the education industry for the quality of the courses that can be built through the platform.  

LearnWorlds is also regularly at the forefront of new technologies that can make its courses more interactive and more popular with all demographics. 

This is a great indicator that LearnWorlds is easily classified as an industry-leading company. 

Is LearnWorlds Better Than Thinkific?

This is a common question for people who are looking for the perfect platform on which to build their online courses. 

Thinkific is an incredibly popular learning management system that provides users with a plethora of functions and tools to build impressive courses.  

With that being said, LearnWorlds consistently ranks higher than Thinkific and any other online course platform in the industry. 

Part of the reason for this consistently high ranking is the significantly higher number of plug-and-play sections that help to create an interesting and interactive go-to-market experience for users while remaining easy to use for the creator.  

Both platforms offer creators different things, but if you are looking for a platform that is consistently highly rated by other users, LearnWorlds is the learning management system for you. 

Final Thoughts

LearnWorlds was founded as a humble start-up back in 2014. 

Since then, its three co-founders have taken their passion for high-quality and accessible education and turned the company into an industry leader. 

In the last nine years, LearnWorlds has gone from strength to strength and shows no signs of slowing down. 

If you are looking for a trustworthy learning management system on which to build your online course, LearnWorlds is a safe bet for the long haul.

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