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What is DataCamp?

What Is DataCamp? plans, pros and cons (2023)

DataCamp is an online learning platform site that gives students the opportunity to gain new technical skills or sharpen existing ones.

Similar to rival educational institutions like Codecademy and CodeCamp, DataCamp offers self-paced, unsupervised learning.

But do you know what is datacamp and what datacamp offers to its subscribers? Let’s find out.

DataCamp teaches data science, machine learning, and practical skills like SQL and business intelligence.

Introduction To DataCamp

When you enroll with DataCamp (see also ‘Is Datacamp Free? Cost, plans and Certifications‘), you’ll benefit from a practical learning style that incorporates ongoing skill evaluations to monitor your development.

The tasks and projects in the courses incorporate real-world components to help you understand how to use your new abilities in the job.

DataCamp (see also ‘Is DataCamp Worth It in 2022?‘) can assist you in learning coding languages like Python, SQL, R, and Scala as well as software like Tableau, Power BI, Oracle SQL, and Excel through a number of courses or career pathways.


Learn R, Python & Data Science Online

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How DataCamp Works

DataCamp’s dynamics resemble those of other online learning environments quite a bit.

The courses are built around several previously taped video lectures, which you may view in little doses or all at once.

You can enroll in stand-alone courses that concentrate on a specific subject or select a “Track” that provides insight into various sections of several courses.

Once you successfully finish a Track, you can also apply for a Statement of Accomplishment.

In addition, DataCamp offers the possibility of combining numerous distinct courses that each concentrate on a certain ability.

You may select any talent, and DataCamp will provide you with all the necessary courses to learn it. This choice may be found under the “Skill Track” menu.

Additionally, there is a “Professional Track” that aids in improving your preparation for a certain career route.

The combination of courses in this track is intended to help you become an expert in one particular sector; for instance, if you select the Python Career Track, DataCamp will then provide a list of all the courses that will quickly turn you into a Python programmer.

You may use DataCamp as an employee resource in addition to using it as a student by purchasing an enterprise membership.

Additionally, you may pay a subscription fee to gain access to course materials that will make it easier for you to impart important knowledge to pupils.

Choosing A DataCamp Course

With DataCamp, all you need is a verified account and a desire to learn; there are no prerequisites.

Find a relaxing study spot, then begin browsing the many courses available.

When you see a course that grabs your attention, click on it to bring up a list of the course’s videos and materials on a different page.

You should watch the videos in the sequence they are posted since doing otherwise might result in confusion.

You would only get access to the first chapter of each course if you were using the platform’s basic free plan.

It’s advantageous since you may browse at a variety of courses and get a sense of most of them before choosing a yearly membership.

After seeing the videos, you may use the courses’ practical training activities and real-world scenarios to refine your abilities.

DataCamp Teachers

The 270+ teachers at DataCamp are skilled experts who are deeply interested in data science.

Data experts, advisors, and occasionally even the portal’s co-founders themselves will instruct your courses.

Instructors at DataCamp are drawn from top organizations like AT&T and Amazon as well as prestigious colleges like Duke, Cornell, and Caltech.

The dynamic and interesting courses make learning enjoyable and simple. Regardless of your level of data science experience, DataCamp has a course for you.

There is always something fresh to learn because there are frequently new courses offered.

What is DataCamp

DataCamp Pricing

DataCamp offers one free tier in addition to several additional premium tiers. Although the free service level is rather restricted, it does provide you access to the job board and six courses.

On DataCamp’s website, you’ll also be able to build and manage a professional profile.

Depending on the plan you choose, DataCamp’s price ranges from free plans to $25 monthly packages that are invoiced yearly.

There are several applications available, each with fantastic features, resources, and tools of their own.


DataCamp offers a rather comprehensive basic package. It provides access to the first chapter of each course’s first six free modules.

Additionally, the student has access to a collection of study guides and tutorials at this location.


DataCamp’s premium package is extensive. The extensive course catalog, tutorials, cheat sheets, tests, and more are all included with unrestricted access.

The premium plan is the most well-liked offering from the organization, and it is understandable why. The plan provides a ton of value at an affordable price.


The team’s DataCamp strategy includes a ton of fantastic tools and resources. Teams may collaborate on the plan, which also enables administrators to see how each course is progressing.

The cost includes unrestricted access to all courses, the chance to earn credentials, and a program that prepares students for employment.

Users may access coding tournaments, brief practice tasks, and much more with the teams’ strategy.


The Enterprise Subscription Plan from DataCamp is ideal for large enterprises that require sophisticated reporting and integrations.

You receive everything in the Professional Subscription Plan along with a personal customer success manager or learning solutions architect with this package.

Additionally, you have access to unique learning paths and the only Tableau, Power BI, and Oracle material available on DataCamp.

You must speak with DataCamp about price because you can pay per user or per instructional hour.


Learn R, Python & Data Science Online

  • Gain the skills for your next job
  • From non-coding essentials to data science
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We earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Pros And Cons Of DataCamp


  • Variety of Courses: DataCamp is designed for both total beginners and intermediate learners. Everyone will find something to their liking.
  • Free Options: Offering a ‘Start for Free’ option that allows you to access the first chapters of courses and examinations for free.
  • Engaging: DataCamp courses are designed to be interactive, with many videos and fascinating assignments to complete.
  • Taught by Experts: DataCamp courses emphasize interactive learning, with several videos and fascinating activities to complete.


  • Certificates are not Verified: DataCamp does not provide a certified credential from a university or organization partner. Instead, after successfully completing the course, a Statement of Accomplishment is issued. If you want a certified credential, you should look into services like Coursera or edX (see also ‘How Does edX Work?‘).
  • Videos Lack Detail: Some of DataCamp’s video courses can be a bit vague and lack depth, leaving you with the impression that you are missing something.


If you want to improve your abilities and knowledge in data science and analytics, DataCamp is a wonderful place to start.

To get the most out of your study, you can follow and finish one of its skill or career tracks.

Although it provides a certificate upon successful completion of your course, this credential is not certified.

Therefore if you want to acquire a verified credential that is partnered with a University or Institution, platforms like Coursera and edX (see also ‘Are EDX Certificates Worth It in 2022?‘)  are definitely a better option.

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