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Martin Barrett
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Udemy Vs Khan Academy

Udemy Vs Khan Academy 2023: Which Is The Best Learning Platform

When you are looking for the right university, then you’ll want to be very thorough in finding the right place for you. The same should go for your online university and online learning platforms.

If you have been looking for online courses, then two names might already be cropping up on your radar: Udemy and Khan Academy.

Udemy is the number 4 highest-ranking online teaching resource, offering thousands of courses to over half a million students across the world.

Khan Academy is rating at number 11, a non-profit organization that is aimed at delivering great courses through video tutorials and online training. But which one is the best?

Well, we have done an in-depth comparison between Udemt Vs Khan Academy, looking at price structure, range of courses, and which one does better when it comes to subjects in the arts, computer science, and humanities.

Udemy review

How Many Courses Does Each One Offer?

In terms of content, each one of these websites offers a wide range of courses, although it might be better to evaluate how good the quality of these courses is.

You’ll need to think about whether qualified instructors or industry professionals run this website and how the subject is evaluated. Udemy offers 100,000 courses for its students. These courses are in a wide range of subjects, which we’ll go into later.

However, Khan Academy only offers around 8,000 courses in 36 language learning environments as compared to Udemy courses, which offer 36 languages. However, there are some caveats to these figures.

Khan offers only free courses and free subscriptions, which will allow you to study certain courses for nothing over a long period.

However, Udemy has a lot of free courses available, numbering around 650. Overall, this is better if you are going for one-off learning sessions.

However, the pricing scheme offered by Udemy can be quite confusing, with some courses offering both free and premium paid packages, although this is not that clear.

Khan Academy is free, although it has a limited range and does not include degree-level qualifications. You will also not get an accredited certification at the end of a lot of Khan courses.

What Subjects Do Udemy And Khan Specialize In?

One of the main drawbacks of Khan Academy is the fact that it does not offer many selling courses overall for your professional development. There are a few subjects that are glaring in their omission. There are no data science, business management, or engineering courses offered by Khan.

Udemy, on the other hand, has a wide range of courses in a lot of different subjects. It offers a lot of great courses in IT, social sciences, and healthcare provision. However, one advantage Khan has over Udemy is that it offers music courses.

What Is The Pricing Structure Of Udemy And Khan?

What Is The Pricing Structure Of Udemy And Khan?

When it comes to pricing, Khan comes out ahead, as it offers you free courses in anything. There is no free trial period that expires after a certain time. Udemy offers you a trial of 7 days before you must start paying for a subscription of $19.99 a month.

However, because you are paying for Udemy, the quality of the courses themselves is higher, featuring leading industry professionals that tutor and evaluate the students on the course.

For Udemy, you can get personal subscriptions, team memberships, and enterprise subscriptions for businesses. Getting these larger packages will be more cost-effective, especially if you want to train a larger team.

In terms of refund periods, Khan Academy comes out on top again, as you aren’t paying anything in the first place. Udemy has a very generous refund policy, allowing you 30 days to claim money back on your online course building if you are not feeling satisfied with the service.

What Learning Materials Are Provided?

Both of these top online learning sites offer the same amount of material spanning video and written material. Both services aim to offer as many different forms of learning as possible to help individuals of different learning abilities.

The only difference between Udemy and Khan Academy in terms of materials is that Udemy offers quizzes. This is a significant factor, as it will allow you to implement your knowledge straight away, which is a great method of retaining a lot of information.

Both Udemy and Khan offer grading by professionals and all of their courses provide students with homework.

What Other Features Do They Provide?

Khan does offer certain features that are not present at Udemy, such as personalized learning methods that will help you streamline your subject, which is great for those people who want to integrate their studies with a hectic personal life.

Both come with recommended course algorithms that will help you to move from one related course to another. This is handy if you want to increase your skill set and make yourself more employable by graduating in a few subjects.

Both services can be accessed on mobile and tablet devices, which is great if you are wanting to learn on the move. This is another good way of integrating your learning with your everyday life.

Which Has A Better Interface?

Both Khan and Udemy have easy-to-navigate websites that will help you search for courses easily. Because Khan has fewer other courses to offer, you might find yourself struggling to find certain niche subjects, whereas Udemy offers endless courses on the same subject.

The only trouble with Udemy was numerous courses that seemed very nondescript with a vague description of what the subject had to offer.

Some of these seemed suspicious and we would recommend that you avoid anything that might not offer specific bullet points about what they are going to teach.

The fact that you won’t have to sign up for any payment at Khan academy makes it much easier to access the course and start learning immediately. However, you will have to register an account with both services before you can start learning.


Overall, Udemy offers you more in terms of quality courses, although you will have to pay. Khan is great if you are working with a limited budget and want to glean entry-level knowledge before moving on to a more in-depth course.

So, that’s it. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and that now you know the difference between the online learning platform Udemy vs Khan Academy is the best!