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Martin Barrett
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Best Udemy Instructor Courses

15+ Best Udemy Instructor Courses: What To Learn From Them

Instructing can be one of the most complicated occupations. How do you embark on teaching others in a manner that is easy, instructive, and, most important of all, friendly? Well, that’s where Udemy comes in.

Udemy is an online training resource that contains over half a million students across the globe, all of them learning over 200,000 most popular Udemy courses, ranging from accountancy to graphic design. They also have plenty of online courses on how to be an instructor in a wide variety of different subjects.

So how can you become an amazing instructor through an online course? What should you be looking at for a general online instructor course?

Well, keep reading this article, as we’ve scoured Udemy for the best-rated 15 best Udemy instructor courses for you to peruse through.

There are many courses on udemy that students opt for like web development, machine learning, python programming training courses, and data science, but there are some top udemy courses in which you can learn about how to become one of the best instructors.

15 Best Udemy Instructor Courses

1. Online Course Creation Secrets | Become An Online Instructor

This first course is the perfect one if you want to become an online instructor. But what? Well, this course will evaluate you on your attributes, taking a look at what you are passionate about or what might be your hobbies and interests and going from there.

Once you have honed in on something that you would like to specialize in, then it will help you by selecting the right equipment for your needs.

It will give you all the basics that you need for setting up your home studio because if you’re teaching online, you’ll need crystal-clear visuals and sound quality.

2. How To Become A Full-Time Online Instructor

If you are looking to beat Udemy at their own game, then this course might help you to win from the inside. This will tell you how you can set up your own online instructor course business, giving you a guide on how you can attract clients and market your business.

This is great if you have been an in-person instructor, but want to transition into e-learning. This can be a very good career move, allowing you to earn a lot more revenue, using your skills to teach right from the comfort of your home.

3. Udemy Course Creation – Udemy Instructor Guide (Unofficial)

If you have ever done a Udemy course before and really liked the idea of teaching online, then why not join the Udemy team? This will help you to build your Udemy course so that you get lots of great feedback, which will in turn lead to more clients.

This comes with 4 hours of on-demand video that will help you to craft your instructional course without you having to read reams and reams of dense information. It will teach you how to trim your own instructional videos to keep them engaging and informative.

4. Udemy SEO Instructor Course: Rank Course On Top – Un4. official

There is an art to getting your top Udemy course of the search… and this course will teach you everything that you need to do that. It will teach you how to get on the bestseller list, which means a massive influx of students to your course.

This is a great way to increase your revenue but changing just a few simple keywords. You might have a great course, but you’re just not marketing it in the right way. It will also let you into a few SEO secrets, such as how the duration of your course will influence where it appears on the list.

5. Effective Marketing For Online Course Instructors

One of the hardest tasks when it comes to having a successful online instructor business is how to market yourself. This course will teach everything a beginner or struggling instructor will need to launch their business.

This will help you to employ your content marketing to sell your main business. This will help you to follow the customer on the sales journey, so you can identify what they are looking for and market your business according to their tastes.

6. Masterclass On How To Create A BESTSELLING Online Course

Getting a successful online course can be a lot more difficult than it looks on paper. It’s not just a matter of being able to teach a subject proficiently and hoping that word of mouth catches on. You’ll need to learn how to market yourself through your videos and content.

This will teach you some of the essential mistakes that a newbie instructor will need to avoid to get their business off the ground in the initial stages. This will help you promote your course using some very successful business techniques.

7. Udemy SEO Crash Course Udemy SEO for Instructors – Unofficial

This is another course that will teach you how to get your teaching course right to the top of those listings. That is a quick and easy course to help you understand how the various elements of your Udemy course will affect where it appears on the search listings.

This will also help you to get high up in the Google search, which is what you need to tap into to get a good flow of students coming to your course. This is how you increase the amount of revenue that you receive, finally receiving the reward that you deserve for your unique skill set.

8. Succeed As A Udemy Instructor Without Paid Ads - Unofficial

8. Succeed As A Udemy Instructor Without Paid Ads – Unofficial

Sometimes if something succeeds, you’ll want to spread the recipe of success to others. This is what the instructor behind this account has done. This is how you can analyze the data of your Udemy course without having to pay for ads which can often turn your students off.

This instructor will take pictures and updates from their own page so that you can see what they are doing to grow on their own page. This is great if you are struggling to understand a lot of the theories behind SEO.

9. How To Create A Course Outline Fast – For Online Instructors

This is one of the best udemy courses which helps you make the sources that students want to see. If you have a general knowledge of a few subjects, then this is a great course that can get you on your feet, setting up multiple courses that you can start making money on immediately.

This comes with over 22 lectures and a few hours of instructional video. This is great for people who consider themselves more visual learners. Also having the option of multiple different styles of learning will help you get your business off the ground.

10. Elearning 2022: How To Create An Online Elearning Course

Setting up an e-learning course is not that easy, you’ll need the right advice so that you aren’t blundering around in the dark sorting through reams of video and digital content. This will help you get your videos to look professional and clear, with advice on lighting and sound equipment.

This gives you a 40-point checklist just like you are attending a web developer BootCamp that will allow you to see the progress that you’re making in an easily quantifiable way. This will also help you to develop a map for creating many courses, as well as how to increase their authority and get them higher in the rankings.

11. Video And Audio Editing Course For YouTubers And Instructors

Video is the most important thing for developing a good connection with your students when you are not in person. This free Udemy course teaches you how to get your videos just right to facilitate repeated learning and get your instructor channel up the rankings.

12. Udemy Masters: Learn Online Course Creation – Unofficial

From the initial idea to the promotion, this course will guide you through the whole process of disseminating your videos to a high level of success. This will teach you how to use YouTube, blogs and digital content to really sell your online course.

13. Udemy Expert – Five Udemy Courses In One – Unofficial

In just 5 courses, this course makes the claim that it can get your Udemy course up and running and appears on the search rankings. This really goes in-depth, whether it be making those first few videos, how to present your channel, or how to sell it to prospective students.

14. How To Teach Online Courses Effectively

Taking all of your training, especially if it is a complex subject, and distilling it into easy-to-understand videos is a more challenging task than it first appears. This is why it is important to have courses such as this one to make your channel relatable and successful.