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Martin Barrett
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Tony Robbins Success Stories: Full Breakdown

Tony Robbins Success Stories: Full Breakdown

We are always hearing so much about how Tony developed as a motivational speaker who helps people to break past the things that hold them back and make their dreams come true.

However, the truth behind this needs to be backed up with proof, which for many means success stories. 

Tony Robbins’ own seminars content is renowned for helping people across the world, and he has a reputation for bringing incredible results to many.

However, his programs are hardly cheap, and therefore anyone who is looking to pay for one of these programs righteously wants to see proof. 

In seeking proof that these programs can work, success stories are the best way to see this, and while Amazon.com reviews and other reviews host a few success stories, Anthony Robbins’ website has less than we would expect to see. 

Let’s discuss these Tony Robbins success stories about famous fire walking and self-improvement to achieve success! 

A Lack Of Stories

Tony Robbins seminars may have a rich amount of testimonials, however, none of these have been in-depth stories showing the own journey that the people who have used the programs have been through. 

That being said, on the website, you will find in-depth stories for the Business Mastery program.

These are great success stories that can help you decide if you wish to use this program. However, when it comes down to it, this is only one of Tony’s many programs. 

If you wanted to read about success stories for his other programs you would have to check out reviews. 

The Only Stories Are Business Mastery 

Since Tony Robbin’s website only focuses on the Business Mastery program for the success stories, let’s take a look at these, before we look at stories for other courses in reviews.

Courtney Epps 

Courtney Epps’s story is the story of her business OTB Tax. Courtney used to run the whole business herself, as an operator and not a business owner, she had a mindset that had him thinking that she was the greatest at what she did and thus should not hire anyone to do it. 

However, through the Business Mastery program, she realized that when you spread yourself too thin, you aren’t great at it.

She needed the know-how, tools, financial freedom, strategy, and personal development to be able to move from being a business operator to a business owner.

She went through the stages of learning new strategies, shifting her focus, surrounding herself with the right individuals, and finally finding her drive. 

Her story is an inspirational and successful one for the Business Mastery program. 

LEHR Real Estate 

Another success story for Business Mastery is the Tony Robbins success story of LEHR real estate. Prior to the program from the outside looking in it appeared that Alex Lehr had everything in a time when everyone else was losing, but he had his own issues. 

The business felt like it had no soul, with no connection to clients and he hated it. He then sought out the Business Mastery program where he learned he was in customer service, and he enhanced his business and profits through this. 

He came to the realization that to set them apart from everyone else was that they provided unparalleled service to customers and also sold real estate.

This is a great success story that focuses on realizing what a business really is at its core.


Lord HOBO is the founder of a startup craft brewery who attended business mastery and ended up gaining 400% growth and a $12 million investment.

His business did well as he started with a unique idea, but Business Mastery helped him to shift his mindset from being a business owner to a business operator and thus accumulate growth, going from producing 3,000 barrels to 15,400. 

Graffeo Chiropractic 

Then there is the story of Joe Graffeo who transformed his 40-year-old working-class family business and increased their profits in a year, as well as becoming a strategic and confident leader.

This story is of the Graffeo Chiropractic Clinic which had been in the Portland community for 40 years. Joe attended Business Mastery and from there he realized that his true gift was as a producer or artist, and while he had clients who were raving fans he struggled as a leader. 

After this Joe came up with a business plan and increased margins by 30%. He realized his strengths and what he did right, but also realized what was weak and needed strength. Before he attended Business Mastery he was scared to pay mind to his weaknesses. 

He also has to look at the change from being an operator to an owner. 

This story is an inspiring one in which the business met a lot of changes as a result of Joe’s attendance at Business Mastery, and is worth a read if your business needs a re-do. 

What About Other Programs?

While we do not have time to look at every program, these are some of the most popular programs, and we will take a look at some of the reviews of these programs which speak of success! 

Personal Power

Personal Power II was a very popular program and has some great reviews. One of the best stories is from ‘Joe’ on Amazon.com.

“This is helping me to change my extraordinary life, and all you have to do is listen, write in a journal, and apply what he says to your everyday successful life. I’ve had many life problems and battles over the last few years. I’ve been following this program for 11 days and can already feel the difference.”

Mastering Influence

Mastering influence applies to business and knowing how you can influence others and your life coach, sales, and business. There was one wonderful review from ‘Sarah’ on the Tony Robbins store.

“I listen to each module over and over in the car on the way to work, at work, etc. It’s amazing to see the results in my colleagues and customers when I practice the tools!” 

The Body You Deserve 

This program is to help you achieve your ultimate health goals and reach your ideal body weight. It is a step-by-step system and has plenty of great reviews. This is one from ‘Mandy’ in the Tony Robbins store. 

“After completing the 10-day challenge, I feel a difference in my energy and health. It gave me the tool I needed to achieve lasting weight loss and massive success”.

Creating Lasting Change

This program is there to help individuals change their lives and meet their goals. A review from the unlimited power moves notes’: 

“I like Tony Robbins’ seminar, however, do not change anyone who doesn’t want to change. This is packed with useful information, and I love the examples.”

The Time Of Your Life

There is a wonderful review from ‘imaginations’ on Amazon.com for this program:

“This set of CDs is awesome. It changed the way I organize my life!” 

Ultimate Relationship Program

This is a relationship program for couples or individuals and on Amazon.com ‘Mother of 2’ found success. 

“Married for 6 years but going through a rough patch, we are now learning things about ourselves and each other, and it has brought us closer than ever.” 


While there is not a massive array of easily-findable success stories for Tony Robbins products, there are plenty. We suggest going on Amazon.com or checking reviews of people who tried these products and reading them. 

The only easily findable success stories are the Business Mastery ones, but if you want other success stories, your best bet is to check customer reviews, and there are plenty! 

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