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Mastering Influence By Tony Robbins: Is It Worth It?

Tony Robbins Mastering Influence Review: Is It Worth It?

Any business has been at the point where selling feels annoying, you get frustrated thinking that you should sell more, but the world feels against you and clients seem to be looking anywhere but at you. 

Mastering Influence is a training course by Tony Robbins that helps business owners like you master your influence on your sales and leadership roles. 

You want to increase your performance and overcome the most common problems any seller faces. 

Maybe you have heard of him, or maybe you’re a Tony Robbins fan, if so you could consider his Mastering Influence course, but before you jump in, stick around in this Tony Robbins Mastering Influence review and let us tell you about it!

Boosting Your Influential Power & Exceeding Your Sales Goals

Mastering Influence is a 10-day program in which you will learn the art of sales call. Learning the ins and outs of the human psyche, exert powerful to do influencing people around you, and you shall soon never hear “no” again. 

This program features strategies from the best minds in the world for business. And you can expect to gain control skills in this program to help you get an edge over your competitors and enhance your revenue dramatically.

What Is Mastering Influence By Tony Robbins?

Discover the techniques, strategies, and secrets of the world’s top salespeople and leaders with Tony Robbins’ Mastering Influence.

The power of persuasion is one of the most valuable skills you can ever possess. This is because there are massive successes and failures in business and personal life. 

Mastering influence and persuasion are not simply about doing or saying the right things. It is also about knowing who you are trying to persuade and figuring out what will incite them to take action, what excites them, and what inspires them.

This Tony Robbins program helps to teach you that when you understand your customer you can tap into the source of what will earn their trust and get them more interested in you and what you offer.

You may have learned about persuasive writing in school and realized just how key it is in many aspects of life. It is exactly how you get what you want, and how you turn objections into an opportunity. 

Tony Robbins Mastering Influence will help you to understand why someone may or may not want to buy something, and when you can understand the psychology behind a sale, you can use negotiations to your favor, while also building partnerships of mutual benefit for a lifetime. 

You do not just nail your sales goals, but you can also earn yourself a more useful reputation as someone who is trustworthy to always do what is best for their customers. 

Whether you want to be influential, a high achiever, or someone who acts instead of just using words, Mastering Influence is exactly what you need. 

Mastering Influence inspires you to stop waiting for your life to begin and take the necessary steps to turn your goals into reality. 

Mastering Influence will allow you to learn how you close deals, receive funding or clinch a merger. 

The program was designed by Tony Robbins as a dynamic system to give anyone the skills they need to be influential and persuade others.

Over 10 days, you learn the secrets, techniques, and strategies of the world’s best salespeople and the leaders of the world. 

In the constantly evolving world, the power that influence can keep you ahead of your competition. So Mastering Influence will allow you to master influence with a risk-free opportunity and start beating your competition.


The program is easily affordable, and is one of Tony Robbins’ more affordable programs at $249, and you even get a 30-day money-back guarantee as well! 

Tony Robbins Mastering Influence Review


  • World-class training.

The training available in this program is formatted by Tony Robbins, one of the highest achievers worldwide, who has worked with others who are like him, the techniques, tips, and strategies taught in this program are used by high achievers in the world. 

You can learn a lot of basic techniques which you can learn in other sales training as well as unique and advanced ones as well.

  • A step-by-step breakdown of sales interactions in any situation.

The program goes over everything that you will need in a conversation around sales in a step-by-step process. As well as this, you learn how to lay the groundwork for sales by mastering mindset and your own peak state of own emotional state in yourself. 

You also learn how you can craft a good relationship with your customers even after closing a deal. Many programs will teach how to act during a sales conversation but not the process afterward.

  • Strategies that work!

Those who have completed the program note that the strategies do work. Based on the experience of sellers who have used this program, we know that much like mastering anything, mastering a strategy requires repetition, but implementing these strategies can have a positive effect on sales. 

  • Exercises & Steps

The program contains exercises and steps that you need to do no matter what you are trying to sell, so you can get more from it. You use these steps during the program to help you learn at a greater speed and effect.

  • Study as you want.

The program is instantly accessible thanks to the digital version of this program. Whether you want the digital version or the CD player, you can pause and play by pressing play or as you wish. Study at a pace that is comfortable for you.

  • 30-day-money-back Guarantee.

The money-back-guarantee is ideal and helps inspire us to buy the program with less hesitation. $249 is a decent price for Tony Robbins training, however, it is still a lot of money, and you want to ensure it is going to good use. 

This guarantee makes sure that whatever happens, your money is safe.


  • Lots of information all in one go.

This is an intense 11-hour audio program that has a lot of content, it can be hard to remember everything, but the audio quality and voice delivery is so amazing that it takes control over you.

You can take notes, but it can still be an overload of information. It is best to take it slow as you go through the program and learn things step by step, or it could overwhelm you.

  • The digital version needs an app.

While not an issue for everyone, the digital version does need a mobile app. It is not hard to use, but mobile apps may not be convenient for everyone, while it is useful once downloaded. 

Some may see the app as a good thing or bad. 

Is It Worth It? – Overview

In our opinion, it is worthwhile trying if you need a little help in getting your sales moving. With the money-back guarantee and the personalized pace of the training, it can make a difference. 

We do recommend taking it slowly though, with so much information crammed into a course like this, it can be hard to retain all the information and apply it, so take it slowly and step-by-step to make it worth it. 

If you rush through it, you may end up ruining it for yourself. The purpose of this program is to learn at your own pace.

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