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Best Skillshare Interior Design Classes You Can Try Today

10+ Best Skillshare Interior Design Classes In 2023

There are many different reasons why you would want to learn more about interior design. Maybe you’re thinking of starting a career in the industry, or perhaps you just want some help turning your house into a home.

Interior design is a lot more difficult than it seems but with a bit of guidance, you can have a better idea of what you need to do when designing (or redesigning) different rooms.

So, here is the list of the 10 best Skillshare interior design classes and online courses available that cover your design talent.

Each online interior design course has its own interesting topics and useful information, so check them out!

1. Interior Design Basics: Simple Steps To Your Perfect Space

This course is easily Skillshare’s most popular interior design course, with over 75,000 students already signed up and completing the course!

The reason why this course is so popular is easy to see. First, it’s the perfect beginner’s guide to interior design from a professional interior designer.

Each lesson jumps from topic to topic, covering everything you need to consider when designing or decorating a room. It even provides examples so you can see just how methods and interior design styles work in an actual room.

This will help you get an in-depth understanding of how interior design works so you can apply it either to your own home or use it to start off your new career.

2. Style Your Space: Creative Tips and Techniques For Interior Design

A big part of interior design basics is personal style, and this course will show you how to style a room with ease.

Each lesson goes in-depth so you can learn about different styles, how to mix styles, and trends, and how to find your own personal interior design style home design.

What we also love about this course is that it also helps you source items too – so you will know where to find all the tiny details that help finish a room.

The teacher for this course is TV host Emily Henderson, who has years of experience in interior design and has made herself a pretty awesome career from her expertise. So, you couldn’t be in safer hands!

3. How To Use Color In Interior Design – Color Psychology & Theory – Interior Design Essentials

Another important part of interior design essentials is color and color theory. If you want to make a professional career in this industry, you need to understand it and be able to effectively use it in your projects.

As a result, you need to check out this course. It covers all aspects of color theory including schemes, shades, lighting, and both psychological and visual effects. This will help you avoid making poor color choices during your design projects!

Best Skillshare Interior Design Classes You Can Try Today

4. Interior Design: Lighting – Enhance Comfort And Home Decor With The Power Of Light

Lighting is an aspect of interior design that is often overlooked until the very last minute. This can result in rooms being too bright or too dark, and this can affect the vibe they create.

This course is the ultimate guide to using light in interior design.

The lessons cover pretty much every aspect from the types of lighting fixtures you can add to a room, to how lighting works, how to test your lighting, the effects of different lights, and the difference between artificial and natural light. Who knew there was so much to learn about light?

Ultimately, this is kind, of course, to take if you plan on creating spectacular rooms. It’s definitely recommended to those who want to be professional interior designers as it’s so in-depth and applicable to so many different situations.

5. Interior Design: Create A Plan For Your Perfect Room

Interior design can be overwhelming so it’s important to make up a plan before you start decorating so you know what steps to take and when.

The last thing you want to happen is to start decorating only to find that your ideas didn’t work out and that you’ve wasted so much time and money.

This course from Arlyn Hernandez (a professional decorator) will help you set up the perfect plan for any room.

From researching for inspiration to put together a mood board, this course will guide you through all the steps you need to take to plan your ideal room.

It’s a very short course so take it, and you will be able to start space planning your own interior designs in no time.

6. Minimalist vs Maximalist Interior Design: Find The Perfect Blend For You

It’s a tale as old as time – minimalist vs maximalist, two mixing styles of interior design that are always at odds with one another.

The truth is that most people prefer a blend between the two but struggle to get the right balance. This is where this Skillshare course comes in.

Each lesson focuses on a different aspect of interior design and shows you how you can use both minimalism and maximalism to create beauty in your home.

This course is very visual-driven with topics that focus on density, variety, color, and arrangements. So, if you prefer to focus on the visual aspects of interior design, this is a great course for you to try out.

Best Skillshare Interior Design Classes You Can Try Today

7. A Calm Home: Interior Design For More Well-Being

The whole point of a home is to have somewhere you can rest and feel at ease, and interior design has a huge influence on the mood you feel in each room.

If you are struggling with nerves or anxiety, then this course will help you redesign your stylish and functional spaces so you have a calm environment to help you feel safe.

Each class helps you add shapes, textures, and warmth to your home while reducing clutter and bringing a sense of calm, and improving your interior design skills.

This means you will feel less stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious simply by changing the design of a room.

So, if this sounds like a course that could help you out, then give it a try!

8. A Biophilic Home: Interior Design For All Your Senses

This interior design course takes things to a whole new level by focusing on the five senses.

This means that while most and the best interior designers are caught up with the visuals of a room, this course will teach you how to focus on other aspects such as lighting, noise, texture, and air.

It’s a very short course (only half an hour long) but it really helps open up your mind to how interior design works in so many different areas. It’s taught by licensed architect Ana Marcu who also teaches a few other online interior design courses on this list.

All of her best interior design courses are very high quality and super interesting, and her expertise really shines through with each online interior design class.

So, if you want to focus more on how a room feels rather than how it looks, this is a great course to check out.

9. Design For Renters: Reversible Interior Design

As of 2021, 35% of the US population live in rented accommodation – that’s 114.4 million people!

This means that millions of people are unable to make any drastic changes to their homes because they are restricted by their landlords and their contracts.

This course helps renters achieve their perfect interior designs without breaking the rules of their contracts. There are even more creative tips and tricks which help fix your home when your lazy landlord won’t address issues like patching up walls.

So, if you love holistic interior design but you’re stuck living in rented accommodation, then this is the interior design course for you!

10. Interior Design: How To Measure Your Space For The Right Furniture

This final course may not look very popular at first glance (it only has had 12 students so far) but we think that it could be incredibly helpful for those struggling with designing their home.

It’s super short but it covers an important part of interior design that is often overlooked: floor planning and measuring your space.

If you take a look at a lot of the furniture pieces going for sale on places like Facebook Marketplace, it’s because a lot of people buy furniture without measuring their space first.

This means that they end up with not enough room to fit in that new couch – and then end up back where they started.

This course will quickly show you how to accurately measure your space, use those measurements to make a floor plan, and how you can estimate how large your furniture needs to be to fit your interior design plans.

So, if you want to avoid the mistake of buying furniture that doesn’t fit, this course will show you how.

Final Thoughts

So, there are tons of different interior design courses available on Skillshare, and each one varies in terms of topics and length.

Some online interior design classes will help you learn how to effectively research and plan for a room, others will go into detail regarding a certain area such as lighting or color.

Either way, there is bound to be a course or two (or many even more) that suit your needs and tastes – so check them out, sign up, and enjoy!

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