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Best Skillshare Guitar Classes You Can Try Today

15 Best Skillshare Guitar Classes You Can Try Today

Skillshare has so many opportunities available when it comes to learning a wide range of skills, including various musical instruments, such as the guitar solo.

If you are thinking of learning the guitar with Skillshare, there are plenty of online classes available for you to choose from. (See here for ‘How Much Is Skillshare A Month?)

As well as classes for beginners, there is also a range of guitar classes possible for those that already have a certain level of skill.

Whether you are at beginner lessons on the guitar or an advanced or intermediate player, Skillshare is sure to have something to suit your needs.

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at fifteen of the best Skillshare guitar classes that you can try out right now! Let’s get started.

1. Beginner Guitar Masterclass With Henry Olsen

One of the best beginner guitar classes to be found on Skillshare, this beginner guitar masterclass teaches you all the basics within one, twelve-hour class.

Some of what you will learn in this extensive masterclass includes how to properly hold your guitar, how to tune your guitar, beginner guitar chords and songs, easy beginner techniques, and basic maintenance tips for your guitar.

These are just a few of the key features of the class, showing just how extensive this option is and how much you will be able to learn within a short period of time with this Skillshare guitar class.

2. Learn Guitar: The Complete Beginners Guide With Marc Barnacle

Another one of the best beginner guitar classes to be found on Skillshare, Marc Barnacle’s beginner’s guide focuses on gradual progression by providing you with knowledge on topics such as scales, various chords, and beginner riffs and songs.

One of the unique elements of this class is that there is also encouragement for you to try and write your own music, making it a great choice for those interested in writing and music production as well as guitar playing.

3. Build Guitar Skills: Learn Barre Chords And Scales With Taylor Gamble

This class is for those who already have the basic skills, rather than for beginners.

Taylor Gamble- the professional guitarist who teaches this course- already covered the basics in her previous classes, so this class is all about elevating those previously learned skills.

As well as learning the barre chords and scales basics, you will also learn about how to use the capo on your guitar most effectively in this class, as well as essentials on music theory.

4. Guitar Fundamentals: Learn Quick With Mike Boyd

Next up, we have another class that goes back to basics, making it best suited for absolute beginners.

The class initially focuses on getting to terms with the anatomy of the guitar and gradually progressing to the point of learning to play guitar with your first two songs.

As well as that, Boyd offers printable resources to aid with your learning, such as sheet music, strumming patterns, and chord diagrams.

5. Fingerstyle Guitar For Beginners With Kurt Berg

Aimed specifically at those wanting to learn fingerstyle guitar- referring to a technique that is played guitar by plucking with the fingernails or fingertips rather than the fingers or with picks-, this particular class features three hours of video content that is intended to be as direct and to the point as possible.

The step-by-step method will help you to learn the process and techniques needed to get to grips with the fingerstyle guitar-playing technique.

Best Skillshare Guitar Classes You Can Try Today

6. Music Theory 101 For Guitar With Henry Olsen

Another class from Henry Olsen, this course is aimed at intermediate learners who want to learn more about music theory as well as certain techniques and methods, such as how to play the guitar in any key and how to build any chord.

Despite this being more of an advanced class, it is still excellent for those looking to learn the basics of everyday music theory and how it applies to you and your guitar playing.

7. Guitar Lessons For The Curious Guitarist With Dan Dresnok

For a Skillshare guitar class that is aimed at all skill levels, this class from Dan Dresnok is a brilliant choice.

You will learn all you need to know about certain guitar fundamentals, including rhythm, scales, modes, chords, and arpeggios to name a few.

There is also an accompanying 135-page PDF with all the tabs and text that you will need, which is a very handy resource.

8. Learn Guitar: Power And Bar Chords With Marc Barnacle

The second in Marc Barnacle’s ‘Learn Guitar’ course series, this class is a great way to continue your guitar journey if you took the first class in the series.

The class works up to an intermediate level for both the electric and the acoustic guitar teaching ways to shape certain chords, learn more songs, and improve your playing guitar technique.

9. The Guitar Player’s Guide To Major Scales With GuitArmy

Scales are an important part of guitar playing as well as an essential part of learning the instrument, and this class focuses on this particular part of learning the guitar.

Scales are so important due to the fact that almost the half notes of all the songs you will learn to play and use the major key.

In this guitar lesson class, you will learn how to create major scales, and read guitar tablature, as well as the musical theory behind the major scales and the best techniques when it comes to learning and playing them.

10. Music Theory For Guitar Players- Beginners and Intermediates With Gabriel Felix

Perfect for beginners and intermediate players, this class teaches music theory in a way that minimizes memorization, which is sure to appeal to those who struggle to memorize all the different elements when it comes to learning an instrument.

While teaching guitar in this lesson, you will learn music intervals, song analysis, diatonic chord professions, and scale degrees to name a few different key points of the class.

Best Skillshare Guitar Classes You Can Try Today

11. Learn To Play Iconic Electric Guitar Riffs By Black Guitarists With Aaron Forbes

Beginner and intermediate electric guitar players looking to learn some iconic guitar riffs by infamous black musicians are sure to enjoy this class from Aaron Forbes.

Some of the songs you will learn from the opening riffs include “Purple Haze” by Jimmi Hendrix and “Purple Rain” by Prince.

12. Beginner Electric Guitar Masterclass With Henry Olsen

Whilst we are on the topic of the electric guitar, this next class is the perfect choice for beginners looking to get started with the electric guitar.

You get two super useful resources with this class- a picture chord book and the “Rock Master” PDF.

You will also get to grips with the techniques needed to begin playing the electric guitar, as well as how to implement them in a structured fashion.

13. How To Strum And Develop Good Rhythm On Guitar With Will Edwards

This class is all about how to manage rhythm when learning the guitar, as well as how to get the perfect timing.

Some key elements of guitar rhythm that you will learn include downstrokes and upstrokes, and how to practice with a metronome in order to get to grips with your timing.

Will Edwards- the good teacher of this course- also has a class project to be completed, which has been designed to utilize all the knowledge that you have learned from the class so far.

14. Acoustic Guitar Lessons For Beginners With Todd Porter

Another class that is excellent for beginners, this course from Todd Porter explains the basics of music and watching random guitar videos, which is sure to be appealing to those who are visual learners.

The class is made up of twelve beginner guitar lessons complete with so many videos that will teach you everything that you need to know about harmonies, melodies, and rhythm.

A unique feature of this class is the “Jam Room”, wherein you can play along with a virtual band to test your skills.

15. Bass Guitar Lessons For Beginners With Todd Porter

Last but not least, Todd Porter’s bass guitar class is just as well done as his acoustic class, featuring the same visual learning aids and the “Jam Room” that offers a chance to play alongside a virtual band at different levels of speeds.

Porter also incorporates the “Jam Room” into a project for the class, asking students to use the feature and upload a video of themselves playing in order to share it with the class.

This is a great way to bring the fun of the jamming session with the virtual band into the learning experience as a whole.

Final Thoughts

So there you have fifteen brilliant Skillshare guitar classes to begin learning guitar or to enhance your guitar skills.

No matter what kind of class you are looking for, what kind of guitar you play (or are hoping to play), or what technique you use, you are sure to find the Skillshare guitar class that suits your needs best with our varied list.

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