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Skillshare For Teams

Skillshare For Teams – Collaborative Organization’s Learning

Skillshare is one of the largest online learning platforms, offering individual users access to a range of courses on a subscription plan. (Check out ‘How Much Will Skillshare Cost You?‘)

Skillshare for Teams essentially takes the standard subscription and expands it for group access. It’s a popular choice for companies looking to use their leadership skills to foster employee learning.

With a Skillshare for Teams subscription, companies and businesses can purchase multiple user subscriptions under one shared plan.

All users get access to all the classes, and an Admin seat can track usage and growth.

In this guide, we’ll take an in-depth look into Skillshare for Teams, and the advantages and disadvantages of the subscription.

What Is Skillshare For Teams?

Skillshare is an online subscription-based learning platform where qualified teachers teach virtual classes individually in a range of subjects.

Skillshare for Teams offers this same package, designed for large groups that can access so many classes.

Like a standard Skillshare subscription, Skillshare for Teams provides users with access to the immense online catalog of Skillshare courses.

This class catalog includes subjects such as entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and sales. You can also find workshop-style class types.

Skillshare For Teams allows companies to offer the learning possibilities of Skillshare to an entire team and connect employees working together.

Encouraging learning and personal growth fosters good team spirit and inspires a team member to take on new challenges.

And as many of the classes taught teach marketable skills, you can feel the benefit of online learning in your business. 

How Is Skillshare For Teams Priced?

Skillshare for Teams is an annual subscription, priced per user. In Skillshare for Teams, users are known as seats, and a subscription is paid per seat per year.

Typically, a Skillshare for Teams subscription costs around $159 per seat per year.

A Skillshare for Teams subscription offers a slight discount per user compared to a standard subscription.

Corporate gift cards are available from Skillshare, but users have to contact Skillshare directly to learn more. 

A standard, single-user subscription is available as a monthly or annual subscription. However, Skillshare for Teams is only offered as an annual subscription.

There’s no option for monthly billing, so there are limited options if you wish to alter the contract.

If a user leaves, you have to keep paying for the seat (although another user can be transferred into the seat). 

Can I Change My Skillshare For Teams Subscription?

Can I Change My Skillshare For Teams Subscription

Users are able to make small changes to a Skillshare for Teams subscription.

Admins can change who is using a seat, and add a new seat to the subscription plan. However, there is no option to remove a seat before the annual subscription is up.

There is limited room for change once you’ve chosen a Skillshare for Teams subscription.

We appreciate the ability to change a seated user, as it recognizes the likelihood of personnel changes.

But it’s frustrating to not be able to remove a seat. In some cases, you might find a seat is empty for much of the subscription. 

Why Skillshare For Teams, Instead Of Individual Membership?

If you’re curious about the benefits of Skillshare for your company, you might be considering purchasing individual memberships.

Skillshare for Teams is designed specifically for multiple users, and it does have benefits over individual accounts.

First, Skillshare for Teams offers a slight discount for individual members. Across a large team, this could net a significant saving.

The subscription service for teams also makes payment easier. Instead of monitoring several accounts, you only have to cover one.

Second, Skillshare for Teams includes an easy-to-use Admin Panel. The administrator can manage the course load, switch out seat users, and add new seats as necessary.

Admins are also given access to usage and engagement reporting.

This can be used to monitor how the Skillshare subscription is being used, which courses are popular, and which users are benefiting the most from the subscription.

Finally, Skillshare for Teams also offers group learning so you can make a virtual team-building class.

The Class + Project model features interactive projects and allows lifelong learners to test out the soft skills they’ve learned from a course, and receive feedback from their colleagues. 

Is Skillshare For Teams Worth It?

Skillshare is one of the largest online learning platforms around, and Skillshare for Teams makes it easier for companies to take advantage of this tool.

The subscription essentially grants users access to the full Skillshare database, encouraging skill-building and self-motivated learning.

Investing in a leading creative learning platform such as Skillshare is a fun and flexible way to empower employees and show them you care about their goals, and are willing to invest in their learning and professional development.

This is then paid back to the company through an improved skill set and an enthusiasm for education. 

The Admin Panel tool is also incredibly useful and separates a For Teams subscription from a standard subscription.

Through this, the Admin can actually see how Skillshare is working, and who is using it. It can also be used to roll out virtual classes for all employees and to track engagement. 

There are two issues with the Skillshare for Teams subscription. The first is that you can only choose an annual subscription.

Although this does offer some ease, it also locks you in for a full year. If you only plan to use Skillshare for the occasional course, you might end up overpaying.

The second issue is that you can’t remove seats. If your company structure changes, you may be stuck paying for several seats that no one is using. (Check out ‘How To Cancel Skillshare.’)

We appreciate that you can change the user of the seat, but this might not always be a realistic option.

Conveniently — for Skillshare — there’s no problem with adding seats to a subscription. 

Final Thoughts

For companies looking to foster self-improvement and motivated learning in employees, Skillshare for Teams is an excellent choice.

The simple subscription service provides users access to all the Skillshare courses, with easy monitoring from the dedicated admin desk.

There are some issues with Skillshare for Teams. It’s expensive and offers limited upfront discounts for group purchases.

And once you’ve paid, you’re locked in for a year. There’s no option to drop a user.

However, the overall benefits of Skillshare for Teams outweigh the minor negatives.

If you want to encourage learning among a workforce, a Skillshare for Teams subscription is an excellent starting point.

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