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Robin Arzon MasterClass Review: Complete Details 2023

Head Instructor at Peloton and Ultramarathon runner Robin Arzon has grown tremendously in popularity over the last few years not only for her amazing feats on the track but also for her incredibly inspirational books that teach members that the mental confidence and fortitude that is needed to become the best we can be both physically and mentally. 

In 2021, Robin announced her very own MasterClass where she tells viewers not only about her fitness journey but more importantly, discusses how she came to be the mega-athlete she is today through multiple different mental techniques and theories that helped her to keep going.

Now that the MasterClass is here, how does it stack up to the plethora of other mental health classes out there? Keep reading this Robin Arzon MasterClass review to find out how physical health can affect developing mental strength! 

Who Is Robin Arzon?

Robin Arzon describes herself as a reformed lawyer turned ultramarathon runner who is now the vice president of fitness programming at Peloton.

Arzon never had big aspirations of becoming an athlete when she was young, in fact, her family was adamant that she get a job in law, which only makes her living proof that with the right teaching and practice, anyone can become strong both physically and mentally. 

What Is Included In The Robin Arzon MasterClass?

Robin Arzon’s MasterClass is all about teaching its viewers mental strength, meaning over the span of 11 sessions, Robin will be teaching viewers how to apply the core principles of endurance and strength to every aspect of life. 

It should be noted therefore that while Robin is a well-acclaimed runner and athlete, this MasterClass is not about guiding you through physical exercises to improve your physique.

It is instead entirely dedicated to the mental side of things with lessons teaching about different techniques, ideas, and concepts that anyone can apply to virtually any field from business all the way to construction work. 

Alongside the lessons themselves, you also gain access to a 36-page PDF booklet that makes it easy to follow each and every lesson and go over any information you may have missed.

With just over an hour’s worth of content and 11 different lessons to get stuck into, this is definitely one of the shorter MasterClass courses you can choose, but at such a short length, is it really worth the price?

Positives Of Robin Arzon’s MasterClass

Very Accessible

As Robin makes clear in her classes, this mental training is not purely designed for athletes, but instead, can be applied to any profession no matter what it is since improving our mental attributes along with gaining a newfound appreciation and acknowledgment of ourselves will benefit us in all walks of life. 

This makes the course incredibly versatile and open for anyone to try out, so while Robin is an athlete herself, she still relays her information knowing that anyone and everyone can benefit from her teachings of mental endurance.

Easy But Impactful Assignments 

Sprinkled in between every 2 to 3 classes is an assignment that must be completed, and while these are commonly found in many MasterClasses and while they may seem deceivingly simple and easy in this course, they are very specific to easing viewers into some of the ideas and practices that Robin talks about in her classes. 

For example, right after talking about the importance of journaling, there is a quick and easy assignment encouraging the viewer to put pen to paper themselves or another where you must complete your very own mantra.

These assignments are fun, and creative and never get boring or too arduous. 

In-Depth Discussions

Robin Arzon MasterClass Review: Complete Details 2023 1

Unfortunately, a lot of authors and content creators can sometimes be a little too vague when discussing some of the more intricate and specific ways of harnessing and strengthening our mental resolve, however, Robin shows her knowledge in this field by taking a much more specific and in-depth angle to each one of her lessons, giving you more than enough information in just 10 minutes for most of her lessons. 

For example, one of Robin Arzón lessons features a lengthy discussion covering The Joy Metric, how it works, where it came from, and how it can be used to measure moments of happiness and illumination in our everyday vision boards.

In her third lesson titled ‘Overcoming Mental Blocks’, Robin again goes into deep detail about the connection between the body and mind and how acknowledging and caring for this relationship can unlock our true potential in all kinds of ways, making every episode a lot more detailed than you would find elsewhere. 

Negatives Of Robin Arzon’s MasterClass

Extremely Short

At just an hour and 15 minutes in length and 11 classes, all being no longer than 10 minutes each, while there is a lot of information to get stuck into here, this MasterClass is one of the shortest on the entire platform meaning it can be a little hard to recommend if you haven’t yet paid for MasterClass and are wondering whether you should do so for this course alone. 

This does also mean that while most episodes are packed full of in-depth information, there are some that are far too short to go into much depth at all such as class number 7 titled ‘Reinvent yourself’ which is only 6 minutes long and simply glosses over the idea rather than the practicalities of it, which does end up harming a select few of the classes. 

Fairly Vague PDF Booklet

Many MasterClasses now come featured with a PDF booklet that is designed to grant you external information and content on topics or discussions that you may have heard about in class and wanted to learn more about, and while the booklet in Robin Arzon’s class is long, it, unfortunately, is quite vague in what it teaches. 

For example, while there are a few pages dedicated to healthy daily habits and another few centered on Robin herself and her time as both a lawyer and a runner, it only leaves a few pages to actually focus on the mental strength that comes from exercise and fitness, and never goes into as much depth on how these methods can actually be applied practically.

Final Thoughts

As a course teaching of the importance of mental strength ad how this can be enhanced by improving your physical health and attributes, Robin Arzon does incredibly well in her MasterClass in explaining in-depth a lot of the intricate and lesser-known techniques and ideologies that she followed throughout her career of reinventing herself and becoming a pro-athlete. 

It should be said however that the length is a major drawback that prevents this MasterClass from being what it could have been, with it being easy to wish there were just a few more episodes that could expand on other visualization techniques or maybe give more first-hand examples and comparisons to make the course more engaging. 

The episodes themselves would also massively benefit from being just a few minutes longer since while they do dive into complex topics and while Robin explains them well, they could be far more detailed and resourceful if there was just a bit more time. 

Overall, while the length makes it hard to recommend paying for MasterClass just for this course alone, it’s still a good resource for teaching the importance of mental strength. 

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