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Robert Reffkin MasterClass Review: Real Estate

Are you wondering what there is to learn from Robert Reffkin in his MasterClass?

Read on for lots of information on the course that will teach you to buy and sell real estate, and whether it’s worth the investment. 

This Robert Reffkin MasterClass Review will explore in detail, telling you everything you need to know to decide if the course is right for you.

Summary Of The Course 

This course will teach you lots of different things. It will teach you about overcoming the things that stand in the way of you and your dream home.

This course will help you to find your own strategy for the perfect home and empower you to take the next step in your property search. 

You will learn to: 

  • Understand what factors make a location right
  • Understand how much you can afford to spend 
  • Decide and understand the listings that you are being shown 
  • Understand the different things that influence the housing market
  • Gather great advice and information on the process and who you will need to communicate with
  • Identify the best agents 
  • Consider resale and how this will influence where and what you buy 
  • Negotiation skills will be explored, both in terms of buying and selling in the real estate industry.
  • The best way to stage your home

Pros Of This MasterClass 

  • You will learn from a very experienced person, the CEO of one of the most innovative brokerages in the US
  • You will learn with the help of a very useful workbook

Cons Of This MasterClass 

  • This MasterClass is very specific to the US market
  • The course is very specific and now what everyone is looking for

Who Is Robert Reffkin?

Robert Reffkin is the CEO of Compass, one of the best and largest independent brokerage companies in the world.

It was founded in 2012 and it is now one of America’s largest films of its kind. Robert Reffkin became the USA’s youngest black billionaire because of the firm. 

Compass CEO Robert Reffkin has watched his Mom struggle with the technology that was outdated during her career as a realtor.

Robert completely transformed and decided to work with the best possible tools out there with Compass in order to change the process of buying and selling real estate. The process has been completely revolutionized by Robert Reffkin. 

Reffkin is a very passionate man who is proud and passionate about helping others to reach their goals. He ran 50 marathons in 50 states in order to raise money for nonprofit organizations.

This money was raised for the organizations that helped him, and many others, during their time as students.

The MasterClass that was created by Reffkin looks at the process of buying and selling property, sharing advice on how to buy or sell a home confidently.

The Course Structure 

This course is made up of 5 different lessons. 

Meet Your Instructor

Robert Reffkin MasterClass Review: Real Estate 1

The first lesson is the session on meeting your instructor. This section is about Reffkin himself, why he is in the business, and why it is important.

He explores the importance of the experience of buying a home, and how it is one of the biggest decisions most people make. 

This session explores how a lot of people enter into the experience without a full understanding of what it means or what it is going to be like. 

Compass is the company that Reffkin set up, and the main goal of the company was to make sure that real estate was the best it could be for everyone.

The course sets out to help you to overcome barriers when choosing a home, understand what you can afford and when you should buy, and make sure that you are in control of finding the right home for you with the right agent. 

Looking For A Home 

The second session is about the process of actually looking for a house and seeking out one that suits you.

It explores the things you need to think about before you buy a property, especially focusing on the importance of location.

This section of the course is very important, and Reffkin doesn’t shy away from the fact that you can’t rush a process like this.

Reffkin outlines lots of reasons why it is wise to continue renting at times, rather than rush into buying.

Buying And Selling Process

The next part is the home buying process, and the next lesson on Reffkin’s MasterClass is the buying and selling of the home. This comes after you have chosen your perfect home. 

While you learn about buying and selling, you will learn about the process that the listing agent goes through when they are selling a home, and how this might compare to what they will actually sell for.

It also explores the complicated relationship between the seller and the agents. 

This section also highlights the importance of knowing when you should move fast, and when you should move slowly during a transaction.

It will help you to understand all the additional costs that you can expect to incur, too.

In this section you will also learn about the true value of owning a home and the ways that owning a home can have the power to improve lots of areas of your life.

It can be used to improve your quality of life, build up equity and wealth, and lots more.

Career In Real Estate

Reffkin looks at the real estate career in this section and dives into the type of people that go into it as a career.

He explores the opportunities that you will be presented with within the real estate industry, as well as some of the skills you need to excel in a role like this.


The last lesson on this MasterClass explores the home-buying journey that Reffkin went on throughout his life, and how this ended in the way that it did.

It explores the importance and impact of real estate on his life, and the way that it has helped him to flourish. It also explores the way that he developed the technology in real estate. 

He will look at the eight principles of entrepreneurship in this section, and how it reflects the company.

He will also explore the importance of believing in yourself and your skills, maintaining focus, and learning to accept failure when it is necessary.

Details About The Course 

Reffkin’s MasterClass is 2 hours and 23 minutes long if you take part in all of the lessons back to back. It consists of 16 small lessons that are only between 6 and 14 minutes long. 

You will also have access to other people who are participating in the course, making it a great online community for you to learn from.

As well as this, you will be able to access a workbook that contains lots of very important information that you will need about real estate including checklists and tests.

This course contains lots of videos of Reffkin talking through the information that he is giving, and you will also see some helpful graphics and clips.

Final Thoughts 

Reffkin’s MasterClass is a great course to take part in if you are interested in real estate and the process of buying and selling homes.

The best thing about this course is the fact that it is taught by a very experienced real estate agent who really knows what he is talking about from his first-hand experience.

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