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Does Pluralsight Still Offer Free Courses In April?

Pluralsight Free Courses April [2023]

Whether you’re a tech aficionado who’s been an expert for decades, or you’re somebody who finds themselves completely adverse to computers, you might be wondering if you should take a course to improve your skills.

As we move into an increasingly technological age of learning paths, no matter what level of learning you’re at, it can be difficult to keep up with the changing times. 

Nothing moves faster than technology, and sometimes it feels as though with the blink of an eye, things have completely transformed. This might have led you to consider the software Pluralsight as a solution. 

Chances are, that if you’ve been looking for tech-based Pluralsight courses online, this is one of the first that you’ve come across during your research. The only issue is that there doesn’t actually seem to be that much information about the platform available apart from reviews on Glassdoor

Some of the most frequently asked questions people have regarding Pluralsight include, is it suitable for my needs? What best courses are available? and is it free to use? If you yourself have found yourself asking the questions above, then we can assure you that you’ve come to the right place. Check out the information we gathered about ‘Pluralsight free April Courses’!

Below, we’ve compiled this handy guide that can tell you everything you need to know about Pluralsight. To find out more, simply keep reading below, as we take a closer look. 

What Is Pluralsight? 

Now, before we jump straight into some of the questions posed above, we should take a closer look at Pluralsight, and what it actually is for those who don’t already know. 

Pluralsight actually developed almost two decades ago, back in 2004. It wasn’t always an online course, but rather an in-person classroom event that taught students tech skills, along with presenting certificates after completion.

The students could then take their newly acquired skills, and use them either to teach others or use their certificates for future job roles. 

The company became highly successful when it decided to go online and quickly developed a whole host of different courses that covered a wide range of topics like data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, learn angular, and many others courses.

This is still true today, and you’ll find that all of their courses can be grouped into four main categories. 

These include software development courses, cybersecurity courses, IT courses, and information. Within these four categories, you will find a library of 7000 courses. 2500 of these courses are considered to be ‘core’ courses and offer videos surrounding some of the most popular tech-based subjects. 

Pluralsight is currently used by both individual learners who want to improve their skill set, as well as large businesses offering tech courses for their employees. 

Pluralsight Free Courses April 

Now that we’ve covered what Pluralsight consists of and what it has to offer subscribers, we can move on to discuss whether or not it’s free. When Pluralsight first began offering courses, they were all completely free. 

As the platform gained traction, however, they began charging their users subscription fees. These subscription fees are still currently in place, and there are a number of different ones to choose from depending on your personal needs. 

Technically, however, Pluralsight is still free to some capacity. If you go on their website, you’ll notice that they offer a free subscription, which includes up to 50 different courses on popular tech subjects. 

If you’re somebody who’s not sure whether or not the subscription is worth it, it might be a good idea to visit their website and take a look at some of these free videos, to assess whether or not it might be for you. 

Bear in mind that Pluralsight also offers their members a 10-day free subscription trial, so if you want free access to their core library of 2500 courses, then you could sign up and then cancel if it’s not for you. (Check out ‘How To Cancel Your Pluralsight Free Trial [Guide]‘)

What Are The Different Pluralsight Subscriptions Available? 

When you take a look at the Pluralsight website, you’ll find that they have a few different subscriptions on offer. Each of these will include different features and are also tailored for different users and their specific needs. 

For each of these courses, you’ll also be offered email and phone support so that if you were to run into any issues, you can contact someone for assistance. Each course also comes complete with a mobile app, so that you can download and stream courses on the go. 

To find out more, simply keep reading below. 

Standard Subscription

This is the first and most popular subscription package that Pluralsight has to offer. When you first sign up for their standard subscription, you’ll be prompted to state whether you’re a ‘novice’, ‘proficient’, or an ‘expert’, they will then generate the courses that are most suitable for you. 

When you sign up for the standard subscription package, you will have access to their ‘core’ library. This library contains some of the most fundamental and important tech courses on the website and covers a broad range of different topics. 

As we mentioned above, when you first sign up, you’ll be given a 10-day free trial, so that you can assess whether it’s suitable or not. 

In terms of cost, the standard subscription can either be paid on a monthly basis over the course of one year, or you can choose to make a single, one-off payment. 

Pluralsight standard costs 29 dollars per month, or one lump sum payment of 299 dollars for the whole year. 

Does Pluralsight Still Offer Free Courses In April?

Premium Subscription 

Following on from the standard subscription, the website also offers something called a ‘Premium subscription’. This subscription is one tier up from the standard one and offers a broader range of features and content.

Many people will opt to sign up for this one after they’ve been subscribed to the standard version for a while. 

Just like the standard subscription, you will be given a 10-day free trial when you first sign up, so that you have the chance to assess whether or not it’s suitable for you. You’ll also be required to state whether you’re a ‘novice’ ‘proficient’, or an ‘expert’. 

In terms of what the premium subscription has to offer, they have 7000 courses available in their library. This will, of course, consist of their 2500 core courses, as well as additional ones that explore different items in more depth.

If you’re interested in becoming extremely integrated with your learning and are serious about dedicating your time to the courses, then this might be a good fit. 

If you choose to sign up for the premium subscription, then you’ll be required to pay 45 dollars on a monthly basis to watch monthly courses, or you can choose to make one lump sum payment of 449 for the entire year.

As you can see, this course is significantly more expensive than the standard version, but it’s meant to be a reflection of the number of courses on offer. 

As well as having more courses, the premium subscription is also known for being far more hands-on than the standard. During the learning process, you can expect to partake in a number of different tasks, as well as examinations to test your knowledge and proficiency. 

Business Subscription 

As well as catering to individuals, Pluralsight also offers subscriptions that are specifically tailored toward businesses. There are a number of different subcategories within this subscription package which allow you to tailor it to your company’s specific requirements. 

For example, if you’re only running a small business and are employing a small team, then you’d be suitable for the starter package. The starter package can be formed of as few as 2 employees.

You will have access to the core library that Pluralsight has on offer, this means 2500 courses, which cover a broad range of different categories. 

For the starter package, you will be required to pay 399 per year. 

There is another subscription package on offer, which is called the professional package. This package costs 579 per year. This one is suitable for a team of 10 employees. You’ll be able to trial a total of ten subscriptions when you first sign up, to decide whether it’s right for your company or not. 

Finally, there’s the enterprise package. This is the top-tier package within the Pluralsight business subscription and is suitable for business owners who employ more than 11 people.

This package is far more advanced than the other two and can give you detailed analytics on your employees’ usage of the program. 

You’ll get basic reports that can help to keep you up to date with their progress. In addition, it also provides Q and A’s with experts in the field. If you choose to subscribe to the Pluralsight enterprise package, then you’ll be required to pay a sum of 779 which covers the entire year. 

Is It Worth Subscribing To Pluralsight? 

This is the most frequently asked question that people have when they consider signing up to the website, is it really worth it? This one is difficult to answer, as it depends entirely on you and what you want from the experience, as well as how integrated you want your learning to be. 

On the whole, we would definitely recommend the Pluralsight standard subscription, as it can really help to educate you on a wealth of different topics. As we mentioned above, you’ll receive 2500 courses, which span a number of different subjects and categories.

These ‘core’ courses are really the driving force behind Pluralsight, and the standard subscription is the most popular on their website. 

If you’re considering going premium, then that’s totally up to you. You will receive a wealth of different courses for your money, up to 7000, in fact. If you’re serious about learning more about different areas of teaching, and it’s where your main interests lie, then this could be a good fit for you. 

If you’re a novice, however, and just want to hone in on a few key skills and subjects, you probably won’t need such an extensive catalog of courses. 

Who Is Pluralsight For? 

This is another commonly asked question, who is Pluralsight really for? Well, the simple answer is, everyone! It has three key levels that we mentioned briefly above, including beginner level, proficient level, and expert level. 

The driving force behind Pluralsight is to provide the public with information and resources regarding technology, in order to accommodate the swiftly changing technological advancements. 

It’s also great for businesses if you’re looking to improve your employees’ skills, and Pluralsight often teams up with programs such as Microsoft Azure and Adobe. 

One of the best things about Pluralsight is that the courses they offer have an effect on the real, tangible world. When you successfully complete one of their courses, and have made your way through all of the various videos and assessments, you’ll be awarded with a certificate to show your achievements. 

Many online course certificates aren’t recognized by companies, but the ones offered by Pluralsight are considered to be proof of proficiency.

Some organizations that recognize Pluralsight certificates include PMI, CompTia, and ISACA. This means that you can use the skills that you’ve gathered for your career advancement. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, there is still a free subscription feature on Pluralsight, but it only offers up to 50-course videos. If you want to get started with using the technology skills platform, then we’d recommend that you sign up for their 10-day free trial. 

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