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Martin Barrett
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New Zenler Vs Teachable

New Zenler Vs Teachable – Which is the best Platform

E-learning has very quickly become a big business in the realm of the internet because it not only allows everyday people to access in-depth knowledge and insight into just about any subject for only a small sum but also because it allows knowledgeable people with teachable skills to make a profit from their knowledge by producing courses of their own! 

The only problem is, for as easy as it is to access these courses as a learner, it can sometimes be difficult to tell where you can go if you want to create courses of your own.

There are a number of E-learning authoring platforms available online, but this can make it difficult to tell which one to go for. 

We’re willing to bet that you are reading this now because you’ve found out between New Zenler vs Teachable, which are two competing platforms, and you now want to know which one is most worthy of your investment! 

If so, you should read on down below, because we are going to find out once and for all which is the best platform for you, and which is most worthy of your investment!

What Is New Zenler?

There are so many E-learning authoring platforms across the internet, but New Zenler is one of the very few that not only offers a comprehensive set of E-learning hosting tools but also has a distinct focus on sales and marketing.

This helps to really set it apart from the competition, and make it a truly worthy contender.

Not only can you use the platform to build and host your own courses for educational or even training purposes, but you can also use the platform’s own suite of tools to help you to also market your courses across the internet, getting them seen directly by the people that will get the most out of them!

This means that you don’t have to hire any external marketers or website builders to help you to build and sell your course. 

Unlike platforms like SkillShare and Udemy, you can also choose your own pricing, so you can charge customers exactly what you want, which helps you to far more easily market your content to the people that need it.

If your target market potentially has more disposable income, then you can easily charge more, or vice versa if your target market has less disposable income!

What Is Teachable?

Teachable is another E-learning authoring platform that has made quite a name for itself in recent years, however, it is slightly less focused on providing extra marketing tools, and instead focuses on its most unique features, which are its memberships, and the ability to place courses on the course marketplace. 

These tools make it easy for even total beginners to the world of E-learning to get started and allow them to sell their courses with ease, and set up their own businesses with ease.

Teachable course-designing tools are incredibly well-designed, and incredibly comprehensive, allowing you to just dive right in, and begin creating courses that will enlighten and engage potential learners!

As well as this, Teachable also boasts a well-designed hosting platform that you can use to keep all of your courses in one place and keep track of students and learners with total ease.

New Zenler Vs Teachable – Which Is Best?

Now that we’ve taken a look at what makes each of these platforms unique in their landscape, why don’t we take a look to find out how they compare in some of the most important aspects? Join us below to find out!

Ease Of Use

New Zenler

New Zenler is luckily able to stand on its own two feet when it comes to ease of use.

Unlike many professional course-hosting platforms, New Zenler is incredibly easy to use, not only for students and learners but also for educators or businesses building their own courses.

It doesn’t take long to get to grips with New Zenler, and you won’t need to have any in-depth design knowledge, or even know how to code!

The platform features its very own website-building platform that allows you to easily create web pages that host your learning content.

This means that you won’t need to hire any website builders or marketers to help you to make your content look professional. 

And if you are still worried about building your own content, don’t fret, because the tools offered on this platform are not only incredibly comprehensive but also incredibly easy to use.

In no time at all, you’ll be writing up content that shines and that is not only incredibly educational but also incredibly engaging. 

You won’t find yourself getting lost while using New Zenler, as its user interface is another aspect of its design that totally shines. Across the top of the platform is the main menu, which contains all of the important tools.

Whenever you highlight any of the options on the main menu, you will also be met with submenus that help you to find more specific tools for building your content. 

However, some users have reported finding themselves a little bit lost especially when searching for things such as sales funnels.

New Zenler gives users the ability to check their sales funnels to ensure that they are working efficiently.

However, each of the unique funnels, such as webinar funnels and course funnels are listed under different menu options, as opposed to simply being listed together in one place. 

However, it is likely that this issue could soon see itself fixed. Although New Zenler is a platform still in its infancy, the team behind the platform is always listening to feedback and finding new ways to improve the platform every single day!


We were really impressed with Teachable’s user interface. It was incredibly professional and boasted a great sense of simplicity and subtlety which made it comforting to look at, which is crucial for both students and learners accessing content, and the educators building that content. 

The user interface is not daunting, and presents only the most essential tools up front, for both students and educators.

Students will have no trouble accessing the materials they need, which in turn will lead to quicker turnarounds on assignments, and more assignments meeting their deadlines.

In fact, even getting started with Teachable is incredibly easy, and not daunting at all.

As soon as you complete the initial onboarding process, you will be presented with a dashboard that shows you how you can get started with creating your courses, and how to begin accepting payments for all of the awesome courses you are going to create.

This stands as a testament to Teachable’s commitment to accessibility, and to ensuring that even total beginners can get started with creating courses that shine.

Teachable will help you through every step of the course creation process, so you can be sure that you will always be ready to get started launching your new courses.

Once your courses have been launched, you can then easily access all of the students at any time using the user interface, which contains all of the functions you could need.

This means that you can always keep track of how well students are performing, as well as whether you need to amend any of your course materials to make them more accessible.

Teachable truly thought of everything when it comes to designing your own online course content, down to even the general design and color scheme of the materials you create!

While Teachable may not be the best option for those with plenty of experience in the field, due to lacking more in-depth features, it is one of the very best platforms for those that are new to the field.



New Zenler

There are two distinct membership tiers that you can sign up for before getting started in building your online educational content. The two memberships are ‘Pro’ and ‘Premium’. 

Pro is the basic subscription plan, and gives you access to countless features like the ability to create unlimited courses and host unlimited students, and various other features that can help you to make your educational materials more personable and educational. 

The Pro membership costs around $1270 for a year or can be accessed at a slightly more affordable monthly cost of $67.

Regardless of which one you choose, the Pro membership will give you access to a suite of incredible tools that can make your content truly take off. 

The premium membership is the second subscription tier offered by New Zenler, and in return for its more significant price tag, allows you to access even more features that the Pro membership does not provide access to.

These include things such as unlimited leads and marketing funnels, as well as the ability to send over 500,000 emails per month, rather than the 100,000 of the standard pro membership.

If you are still hesitant to take the plunge, don’t worry, because New Zenler also offers you the option to sign up for a free trial of the platform to start building your content, and to see if the platform is the best fit for you!


Once again, in keeping with its commitment to beginner course builders, Teachable actually offers an incredibly useful free membership, which allows users to get a feel for the platform and its features, to find out if it is right for them.

However, as a free option, it does not give you access to features like email marketing and even live chat with customers.

The second subscription tier is the Basic tier, which costs $39 per month, or $348 per year. This plan gives access to things like email marketing, but still lacks the ability to utilize affiliate marketing. 

The third subscription tier is the Pro tier. This tier has a $119 per month price tag, or a $1,188 per year price tag, and provides access to affiliate marketing, live chat, and Public API.

However, even this tier still lacks functions like advanced theme customization, which allows you to easily create perfect visual themes for your content.

The highest subscription tier is the Business tier and this option costs around $299 per month, or $2,988 per year.

Though this price tag may be significant, it gives you access to absolutely everything the platform has to offer, including the ability to host unlimited courses, and have 20 administrators on a course!