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Neil Gresham Masterclass Review

Neil Gresham masterclass climbing – a first-class introduction to the art of rock climbing. The Neil Gresham masterclass climbing is the UK’s leading outdoor adventure company.

It runs outdoor activities, including climbing and mountaineering, in the UK and around the world.

Neil Gresham Masterclass course is a world-class climbing experience that includes all the instruction, gear, acclimatization, and support needed to conquer the world-famous Neil Gresham masterclass.

He has his masterclass and coaching/nutrition on offer to people who are looking to jump into the world of easy climbing. 

He focuses not only on the importance of having greater control over your body during physical activity but also over your mind and your fears.

It can be difficult to become good at this overnight, and this is where the training comes in where he helps you overcome these initial fears.

Who Is Neil Gresham?

Neil Gresham climbing is one of the most popular growing sports in the UK and the US.

The sport can be cheap, fun, and can be done in the same places as other activities or indoors if you have bad weather. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors too and get some exercise.

Neil Gresham Climbing is a popular sport in the UK, where participants often compete in the sport of rock climbing. This sport is mainly practiced in the UK, UK, Australia, and New Zealand to win titles. However, if you are a beginner, you will be learning the basics first (see also ‘Is Masterclass Good For Beginners?’). 

What Is The Masterclass

This masterclass is all about how to be more efficient at rock climbing. His training-introduction components many different videos and classes to help people improve their technique and become the best rock climber they can be.

There is much more to rock or climbing walls than people initially think, and he teaches these tips and techniques so more people can be successful in this sport and understand the importance of the climbing technique.  

He has different training videos which give the customers a great, practical view of how he makes his way up the rocks while explaining the different techniques needed. 

There are two different volumes you can purchase, the first one introducing how you can become more efficient and have more drive to make your way up. 

The second is outlining conquering your fears in the sport and becoming more confident in your routes. It also includes tips for sighting and redpointing, warming up and route reading, curing your fear of falling, and placing gear without burning out.

There is a lot more fitness involved in this sport than people tend to think to become of climbers. This also outlines the level of fitness you will need to go through to be efficiently reaching your goals and help you reach your targets. 

Key Elements Of Training 

There are several key elements that he wants to outline in his sessions which include aspects like looking at strengths and weaknesses. 

It is important in any type of work you are trying to improve, to self-reflect. Looking at what is constraining you and how to resolve that issue is just as important as the physical aspects. 

Another element is the climbing style which you might not receive in other masterclasses. 

He outlines the importance of setting yourself goals because you will not improve if you do not know where you should be heading in terms of achievement. 

You are able to choose between what training program you would like to use because there are two options.

 You can either have the full training video, or you can have the fingerboard sessions which don’t tend to be as helpful. 

Neil Gresham Masterclass

What Techniques Will You Be Learning?

There are long lists of different training sessions which all focus on different aspects of climbing. This will also be delving into the more specific techniques such as heel hooking, toe hooking, and clamping. 

His basic moves are also something which is very useful in his training sessions. The reason for this is that they are talking about both your mind and body in the warm-up. 

Climbing is not just about the physical aspects but also the mental ones which is a star part of his classes.

What Levels?    

His work would be useful for people at different levels because his expert information can help anyone improve in different areas.

Everyone of any level has weaknesses and strengths, and this class will help you outline those and improve what you need to work on. 

He does a lot of work for beginners because it can be very scary starting out in this sport as you will be pushing your body to different limits you probably haven’t before. 

He also recognizes the importance of working the mind first for beginners and not just expecting them to deal well with the pressure. 

Personalized Lessons 

If you’re someone who is looking for something with extra help because you are a beginner and you want something more than just a class, this could be another option for you. 

You will be paying more for this type of help, but you will be given schedules, hang board & pull-up bar, supportive conditioning, flexibility, warm-ups, and cool-downs. 

Neil will also include tips for technique, tactics, and mental performance, which are relevant to you. You can also choose how long you would like it depending on how much you would like to spend on the content. 

There are 4 different options which range up to £100 for the longest session period. 

If you are quite a busy person, this is going to fit around your schedule a lot better if it is really something you want to get into and improve at. Starting a new hobby is never easy, which is why these plans from experts are put in place. 

This man has 25 years of experience in this field and knows how to make a good plan for someone who has absolutely no idea what they are doing. Don’t be left clueless. 


Not only does he focus on the importance of the physical aspects of climbing, but also on how you need to look after your health to be the best you can be. 

He also has different nutritional guides which will help you through the type of nutrition you should be getting. 

Climbing is mainly about having good strength and balance, which you need health for. 


Even though DVD masterclasses aren’t overly new in modern society, they still have everything you need to know about from an expert. 

He covers absolutely everything you need to know physically and mentally in the sport and helps you zone in on your weaknesses in terms of technique. 

Over the years, he has opened up his knowledge in lots of different ways on the internet which includes his masterclass, and also his knowledge as a coach as well.

He outlines not only the importance of knowing your techniques but also knowing your mind and keeping control of your health.

 He knows better than anyone how difficult it can be when you’re out climbing in the real world and not indoors, and you need these elements to be confident and successful.

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