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Martin Barrett
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The 6 Best MasterClass YouTube Courses You Can Try Today

The 6 Best Masterclass YouTube Courses You Can Try Today

Should you use YouTube on any of your devices, it may be the easiest way to access a MasterClass course.

As the streaming platform teaches lessons via video, it makes sense that you should be able to find a course on how to best make use of YouTube.

That could be how to create high-quality videos, how to embrace your creativity or learn the basics of filmmaking.

Should you use YouTube as a platform for capturing your content, you may want to learn singing, the art of performance, and reaching an audience from a MasterClass course. 

In this guide, we will look at the best MasterClass YouTube courses available that you can try today.

1. Marques Brownlee Teaches How To Make Compelling Videos That Go Viral

It may only take this course to vastly improve your content creation. as taught by Marques Brownlee. Those who know content creation skills should be paying attention to the instructor.

As well as being termed the ‘Creator of the Decade’, Brownlee has scored huge interviews with the likes of Elon Musk and former US President, Barack Obama.

That renowned expertise comes from a history of making accessible, entertaining, and in-depth video reviews that have attracted over 15 million subscribers. 

The course should provide a detailed approach to making videos on your YouTube channel, choosing the topic itself, and deciding on which camera to use.

The filming is of huge importance which is why the course looks at how to set up your lighting to a professional level, how to edit your video, shoot any complementary b-roll, package, and finally title your video content.

The course comes with a flexible 30-day curriculum, after which you should be able to pull together your learned skills to produce a compelling and original video.

From identifying your audience, and creating pre-production plans, to breaking down your videos for the right audio, aperture, depth of field, and camera stabilization.

All of that should be common knowledge for a content creator, which is why the course goes further into how you incorporate stock footage, engage with your audience, and use viral titles.

This is the course for any content creator who has a YouTube channel and wants to make the best videos that they can. 

2. David Axelrod And Karl Rove Teach Campaign Strategy And Messaging

While video production is key, so is the messaging that the video contains too. You could learn an awful lot about that from online teachers David Axelrod and Karl Rove.

Both are known as presidential campaign specialists who have a knack for reaching an audience by keeping the messaging consistent.

If your content suffers from broad shifts around subjects then you could learn how to continually build all that up into something formidably consistent. 

If you have a long-term goal with your content then it helps to know how to gradually and consistently deliver the right message. That could mean research, creating a plan, understanding your audience, and working out the specific message.

Once you have worked all that out, it could simply be a case of getting the message out there through your content, using social media to your advantage, and working out your slogans or logos.

All of that is covered in this course and even if you lack a political leaning, you can use the teachings for creating your own great videos on YouTube.

3. Usher Teaches The Art Of Performance

Learning how to keep your audience engaged and captivated can make a huge difference in making your own successful YouTube channel. Who better to learn performance from than a multiple-Grammy winner, Usher, in his first online class?

Of course, Usher uses various means to captivate an audience and there are several teachings that could push you forward with your performance. From learning how he gets inspired to applying that inspiration creatively.

Knowing Usher’s expertise, this could be an ideal course for a multi-faceted video performer. Whether you are a singer, dancer, or aspiring actor, appearing on YouTube is a live performance and the right course can show you how to prepare and captivate the YouTube audience to get more subscribers.

Usher will even teach you how to approach ‘Showtime’ and then how to review that performance and even improve your mental toughness if you receive some negative feedback.

You could even learn how to best create your own personal brand, just like Usher has. 

4. Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing

The 6 Best MasterClass YouTube Courses You Can Try Today

For any singer who likes to capture their performances on YouTube, they could learn a thing or two from Christina Aguilera.

In her masterclass, Aguilera focuses on her unique vocal techniques with voice lessons and exercises over three and a half hours.

This is the ideal class for anyone looking to learn how to sing professionally and maybe gain a record contract in the process.

There are tips to take in from one of the best singers around including how to protect your voice, how to expand your range, and playing with tones as well as textures.

Considering Aguilera’s experience, there may be few better singers to delve into different styles. From a rock style, to pop via lessons on projection and diction.

She also knows how to work with other singers in a duet, and how to work with the beat, then the difference between working with live and studio microphones.

Even Aguilera has had to deal with performance anxiety and she can instruct singers on how to overcome mistakes, express themselves, and sing live, even if it is on YouTube.

5. Werner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking

If you like to provide a cinematic edge to your YouTube videos, you should look into Werner Herzog’s masterclass on filmmaking. Like his films, Herzog’s approach to the class is uncompromising and covers a full six hours of video lessons.

While you may not be making masterpieces of your own, you can learn the basics of storytelling and writing a script that could make a real difference to your content.

You may also need to negotiate your way to providing the best content, something Herzog has experience working with movie studios.

When creating video content, it also helps to know how to shoot, which camera techniques to use, and how to apply cinematography to your content.

There are also lessons on sound, music, editing, and how to get inspired. If video documentaries are your thing then learn from lessons concerning how to make the conversation, how to elicit difficult stories, and simply deal with human beings and the truth.

Should you use YouTube as a starting ground for a film career then Herzog can also show you how to take charge of your career, and even how to deal with rejection. (See here for ‘Martin Scorsese Masterclass Review – The Expert’s Filmmaking Course‘.)

6. Parris Goebel Teaches Creativity In Choreography

Creating video content on YouTube may mean working out how to create the best angles, lighting, and story, but it should also mean owning your own creativity.

Parris Goebel is a world-renowned choreographer who can teach you how to unlock your creative spirit. If you work with music or are a performer then you can learn more about how to express yourself.

Even if you are not such a prolific creative performer, her lessons also include how to add dynamics and emotion which can work for anyone creating content.

You may even want to create your own music videos and she can teach you how to develop one. There is also a lesson on leading a successful shoot as well as case studies in music videos.

Anyone who creates content should learn how to build a brand that is considered relevant and authentic as it comes from their inner voice. Finally, there is a lesson on how to strive to go from good to great.

Final Thoughts

There are several aspects to becoming adept at YouTube so it makes sense that there are several courses to choose from. While only one may be specific to creating viral, compelling, high-quality videos, it helps to broaden your learning.

From consistent messaging to unlocking your creativity and simply learning about camera angles and equipment.

Once you learn about how to engage an audience and improve your own performance, you can become successful at producing personalized content and ads on YouTube. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you watch MasterClass lessons for free?

While you can watch previews and trailers of certain MasterClass lessons for free on YouTube, you will not get a full course. However, you can use a 30-day money-back guarantee which offers unlimited access to the library of classes on MasterClass.

If you do not find a course that you like, you can cancel within 30 days and receive a full refund. If you do forget to cancel your MasterClass subscription, you would be charged.

What is thought to be the target audience for MasterClass?

MasterClass is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a screen to watch video lessons, yet there is a target audience.

The target user for MasterClass is thought to be someone highly educated and of an upper-middle-class background. (Check out ‘Is Masterclass Good For Beginners?‘.)

That target user will usually be a young individual who looks to pursue a range of hobbies and interests in their spare time.