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Donna Farhi Masterclass Yoga Course Review

There are many things that we wish we were better at or knew more about in our lives.  Whether we wish we were a better cook, or that we knew how to carry ourselves with all the confidence in the world. 

There aren’t very many opportunities to learn skills like this when we are an adult.  Our time is mostly taken up with work, school, or other responsibilities. 

However, thanks to the internet, there are ways that we can learn the new skills we want.  In this Donna Farhi MasterClass yoga course, we will look at the yoga class offered by the Masterclass platform and how the instructor gives you advice by examining the body histories. 

What Is Masterclass?

The masterclass is an online streaming platform that provides users with access to hundreds of video courses teaching a wide variety of subjects. 

Each video course is taught by 180+ of the world’s best. Whether it be the best chef, the best racing driver, or the best drag queen.  

The courses that are available on Masterclass span an incredible range of topics including leadership, photography, business, writing, acting, sport, and music. 

There is even a section dedicated to wellness to help you become your best self. 

Each class in a course is short form, around 10 minutes, and can be watched on any device with or without an internet connection if you have downloaded them. 

What Other Classes Are Available On Masterclass?

There is one yoga class available on the Masterclass platform.  The class is called Donna Farhi Teaches Yoga Foundations. 

Despite the fact that the name of the class includes the word ‘foundations’, this class is great for newbies and long-time yogis alike. 

Although it goes back to basics, Farhi provides such great insight that you’ll leave the class with a much greater understanding of the sustainable yoga practice than when you started. You can access a free preview of the course before signing up for it.


The yoga course on Masterclass is taught by Donna Farhi.  Donna is an extremely experienced yoga instructor who has over 40 years of experience teaching yoga for exercise and has penned five books on the subject. 

She has been described by other yogis as a yoga superstar.

One of the things that makes Donna Farhi such an incredible and renowned instructor is the fact that she incorporates the teachings of every yoga tradition into her classes and practice. 

She uses this broad knowledge of yoga to help enhance the felt connection between mind, body, and spirit.  Farhi is one of the most sought-after yoga instructors in the world, which makes her perfect to teach a Masterclass.

Class Length

The yoga class taught by Donna Farhi on Masterclass lasts for a total of 10 lessons including an introduction to your instructor.  The first two videos last for around 5 minutes and serve as an introduction to Farhi and to yoga as a whole. 

The other 8 lessons range in length from around 10 minutes to around 15 minutes.  These longer lessons include how to perform different poses correctly and discussing the benefits you can get from different poses.  

The entire course can be watched in 1 hour and 58 minutes.  However, thanks to the shorter lessons of around 10 to 15 minutes, you can spread the course out over however long you need to. 

The short lessons allow you to fit your learning around the rest of your lifestyle.  They are perfect for watching on your commute to and from work or even while you are cooking.  

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Class Category

If you are looking for the yoga class by category on the Masterclass website, you will find it in the Wellness section. 

Although Donna Farhi teaches yoga for exercise, the class comes under wellness due to the general understanding that yoga is great for your mind as well as your body.  

Lesson Plan

As with all Masterclass classes, there is a set lesson plan that students stick to.  All of these lessons are on demand and you can watch them whenever you want to. 

You can even watch them more than once if you want to.  Below is a brief outline of what the lesson plan looks like. 

Lesson 1: Meet Your Instructor

The first lesson in the course is only around 5 minutes long.  It is a video that introduces you to Donna Farhi.  Donna will tell you about herself, her experience, and her background in yoga. 

She will also give an overview of what students can expect to learn from the course. 

Lesson 2: What Is Yoga?

This lesson also lasts for around 5 minutes.  In this video, Farhi will talk about her own understanding of yoga and her implementation of different teachings and traditional yoga in her practice. 

This video helps students to gain an understanding of the framework that Farhi Donna teaches to learn postures and how to improve your standing postures.

Lesson 3: Essential Breath

Lesson 3 is longer, lasting for around 13 minutes.  In this lesson, Farhi will talk about the importance of breath in yoga practice. 

Not only will she talk about why breathing is so important to the practice of yoga, but she will also provide students with exercises that they can use to help improve their breathing during their own practice. 

You can do these exercises with Farhi in the video or you can practice at a later time if you prefer.  

Lesson 4: Yoga Warm-Up Practices

In this 10-minute lesson, Farhi runs through some practices that can help you ensure that your body is properly warmed up before starting any more strenuous poses. This is an important lesson to learn in this course. 

It is also a video that you may want to watch each time you come to a new lesson so that you don’t injure yourself while practicing.

Lesson 5: Building Your Foundation

This 11-minute lesson allows Farhi to focus on teaching you the fundamental principles of movement that allow you to build a foundation to facilitate safe movement during practice.  This lesson will help you avoid injuries in future practice.

Also, this lesson is a refreshing surprise for the student who wants to learn movement. 

Lesson 6: Moving From The Inside Out

This 16-minute lesson is all about how to create fluid motion from the core of your body to the periphery. 

This means Farhi will teach you how to transition from pose to pose with smooth, fluid movements from your core muscles to your fingertips.  

Lesson 7: What are Sun Salutations

In another 16-minute lesson, Farhi focuses on sun salutations.  She will help you find the variation that is most appropriate for you.  The sun salutation lesson also covers progressive points of entry to help you make the most of your flows. 

Lesson 8: Finding Your Center

In this 14-minute lesson, Farhi focuses on teaching you how to center your body.  This is an important part of safe and effective yoga practice.  Farhi is great at covering modifications that you can make to make this practice easier. 

Lesson 9: Mobilizing Your Back

In this 15-minute lesson, Farhi explores the different backbend variations that you can practice.  She covers the importance of safe backbends to help avoid injury. 

She also talks about how you can improve your stabilization by focusing on what is naturally stable and what is naturally mobile in your body.  

Lesson 10: Restoring Your Mind

The final lesson is 10 minutes long and focuses on how you can use the practices you have learned to restore your body and mind to the best they can be. 

Final Thoughts

The yoga class by Donna Farhi on Masterclass goes right back to basics.  However, because it is so in-depth and detailed, even experienced yogis will benefit from it.

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