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Matthew Walker Masterclass Review

Matthew Walker Masterclass Sleep Course Review In 2023

Most of us will be aware of how important sleep is to our health and overall life. However, what many people might neglect is the actual sleep quality that we’re getting, including the length of time we need to sleep per day. 

As we spend over a third of our lives sleeping, it’s important that we know much more about how sleep works and how we can get a much better time in bed. 

Luckily, Matthew Walker offers this amazing Masterclass in sleep. But with so many Masterclasses out there, you may be wondering if this Masterclass is for you and be questioning what exactly it entails. 

We’ve done the hard work for you. Our handy guide explains everything you need to know about Matthew Walker’s Masterclass and if it is worth it. 

Read this Matthew Walker Masterclass review to learn more. 


We’ll kick off our guide by looking at what the overall Masterclass involves. You will be exploring the following areas:

  • How to improve the quantity and quality of your sleep
  • How to optimize your sleep schedule 
  • Methods of sleeping that can improve your memory retention and learning ability 
  • How to sleep routine can help to prevent disease, support lose weight, and slow aging 
  • How your body responds to the right and wrong amounts and the sleep impacts
  • How your dream sleep works and how that might affect you while you’re awake 

Main Benefits Of This Course 

So now it’s worth showing you a brief overview of why this course could be beneficial to you. You will experience the following benefits:

  • Over twenty years of sleep research and studies compacted into one class 
  • Tips for sleeping methods that can be practically used 
  • Complex science made simple 
  • Fantastic supporting on-screen graphics and animations 

However, we recognize that not all courses will be for you. There are a few cons with this Masterclass, and primarily it revolves around the fact that most of the class is theoretical. 

While you will be able to put the theory into practice at home, the overall Masterclass is very research dictated and the workbook that comes with it does not contain a glossary of terms.

Of course, when we’re talking about something so complex with a lot of scientific jargon, this can be a little confusing for people and often difficult to follow along – and even more so when trying to revise things for later use. 

Masterclass Duration 

This Masterclass is just under three hours and it is packed full of information! You can increase the speed if you wish to 1.5 and this will reduce the time.

Who Is This Masterclass Best For?

This Masterclass can be used by anybody and can have fantastic benefits for anyone that chooses to use it. However, primarily it is for people who want to find out how they can improve their sleep.

In addition, anyone that has ever wondered about the benefits of sleep and how sleep works in practice, how our bodies and minds respond to a lack of sleep and how sleep disorders work, will enjoy this Masterclass.

Essentially, you’ll be getting over two decades worth of scientific research into sleep and some excellent, proven tips on how to improve your sleep and how you perceive the sleeping process.

Who Is Matthew Walker?

So, your Masterclass will be directed by Matthew Walker who is a director at UC Berkeley Center for the human sleep science and is also a professor at UC Berkeley for neuroscience and psychology.

He received the Carl Sagan prize for science popularization from his New York Times best-selling book “Why We Sleep” which was named book of the year in 2017. 

He has studied sleep extensively and has published over one hundred studies on the effects that sleep has on our brains and human body functions. 

He has also led a Ted talk entitled “Sleep Is Your Superpower” and this has been watched over 12 million times. Needless to say, Matthew Walker has plenty of experience and knowledge in this field and can certainly be of huge benefit to you. 

Matthew Walker Masterclass Review

What To Expect 

Within this Masterclass, there are 15 lessons all of which are around 10 to 17 minutes long. You begin the first lesson by understanding who Matthew Walker is and how he is qualified to make these claims.

Once you are familiar with the course instructor, Matthew moves on to explain and explore what sleep actually is. He discusses the types of sleep cycles such as REM sleep and NREM sleep, and how your body may respond to a lack of sleep. 

The way in which Matthew Walker teaches this course is fantastic and flows extremely well. From explaining this area of sleep, he then moves on to the scientific explanation of how sleep works. 

He explains things like the circadian rhythm, what factors can contribute to poor sleep, how your biology and overall human health can make a huge difference to your sleep and so much more. 

Diving In Further 

Of course, it doesn’t stop just there. Some of the most intriguing parts of the Masterclass move into lessons 4 and 5. Lesson 4 looks at how we are genetically wired to be a night owl or morning people etc. 

He explains that it’s important that we understand what type of sleeper we are so that we can optimize our sleep patterns and work towards a better quality of sleep and therefore a better quality of waking hours. 

Matthew then explores how things such as caffeine and alcohol can play a significant role in the quality of your deep sleep and how you might be able to manage better sleep and your intake of these things to improve the science of better sleep. 

Points Of Interest 

Perhaps among the more interesting things that Matthew examines in this Masterclass is how to prevent sleep debt and that if you are in a sleep debt by not getting enough sleep, a compound known as adenosine remains in your brain.

This chemical keeps you feeling drowsy and foggy throughout the day and you will continue to build up this chemical every single time you undersleep. 

It’s at this point that Matthew dives into how you might be able to fight against this, how daytime napping might be of some benefit to you, and how you can fight against things like jet lag. 

Another big point of interest with this Masterclass is when Matthew begins to explore how dreaming works and how 30% of your brain is actually more active while you are sleeping than if you are awake.

He then moves on to explain how quality sleep can benefit your body and your overall physical and mental health, including things like boosting your immunity, lessening your likelihood of some cancer development, and promoting hormones. 

Final Thoughts 

This Masterclass truly is packed with so much information and very helpful tips which can guide you in how you could get a much better quality of sleep.

It can help you to understand why you might be feeling a certain way throughout the day and how you can work to improve your health!

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