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15 Best Masterclass Gardening Courses You Can Try Today

2 Best Masterclass Gardening Courses You Can Try Today

MasterClass is a platform that hosts numerous courses on a massive number of niche topics, from gaming to art, to even business.

However, what sets Masterclass apart from its eLearning contemporaries is that each of its courses is taught by a trusted leader in that specific field.

For example, if you want to learn about filmmaking, then who better to learn from than Martin Scorsese?

One of the many topics that feature is in the Masterclass gardening courses.

In fact, we’re willing to bet that you are reading this article right now because you want to hear about some of the very best gardening courses on the platform, right?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to take a look at two of the very best gardening courses that you can find on Masterclass

Read on down below to get started! 

Alice Waters Masterclass

Alice Waters Teaches The Art Of Home Cooking

Alice Waters is a world-renowned chef who has made an incredibly strong name for herself thanks to her skills, and her ability to create truly stunning food no matter where she ends up. 

While this course may not appear on the surface to be gardening oriented, it actually features a wealth of knowledge that can help to make you a much better gardener, to produce ingredients that can be used in countless dishes. 

Over the course of the 17 video lessons, which add up to 3 hours and 47 minutes of content, you will not only learn how to cook amazing food using mostly basic ingredients, but you will also learn how to cater your cooking to the seasons, and to the crops that grow plants in your backyard.

One of the very best lessons in this course is lesson 12 ‘Follow The Rhythms Of Nature: Seasonal Eating’.

In this Masterclass lesson, Alice discusses how you can learn more about the seasons to help guide the dishes you cook up throughout the year.

Certain fruits and vegetables grow at different times of the year, and this lesson will help you to better recognize and predict those times in order to create yields of produce that you can use in your cooking. 

As well as this, this lesson will also teach you how to recognize when the fruits and vegetables in your summer garden are at peak ripeness so that you can pick them at the perfect time and always get the best flavors from them. 

We also totally loved lesson number 8 ‘Cooking From Your Kitchen Garden: Salsa Verde’ which covers how you can easily make one of the best recipes that Alice has become known for using only ingredients that you can easily grow in your own food in the kitchen garden.

It’s a really excellent lesson that offers some fascinating insight into how a kitchen garden can come to fruition, and how it can effectively be used in a kitchen to create seasonal food that tastes incredibly fresh, vibrant, and all grown within your own kitchen with ease.


  • Immaculately produced.
  • Though it is not focused specifically on gardening, it does show how to produce incredible food entirely from stuff that has been grown in the backyard, or in a kitchen garden!
  • Nearly 4 hours in length, making it a truly valuable course to try out.


  • Not specifically focused on gardening, which might be annoying to some, despite the course still offering plenty of helpful insight.
Ron Finley Masterclass review

Ron Finley Masterclass Teaches Gardening

Ron Finley’s masterclass has very quickly become one of the most respected figures in the world of gardening, thanks to his community-focused approach to gardening, and his self-taught set of skills that he makes use of.

This is easily one of the very best online courses on gardening on Masterclass, and it is jam-packed with plenty of helpful content that can help to make you a better gardener in every way.

While the course may only be around 2 hours in length, over the course of its 10 video lessons, you will learn a massive number of skills that you can then utilize in your own pace in gardening.

The course isn’t just a cut-and-dry examination of how to become a better gardener but is actually an incredibly vibrant celebration of the art of gardening, celebrating how healing and empowering the process can be. 

This is helped by Ron Finley’s unique approach to the subject. Finley is often known colloquially as the “Gangster Gardener” thanks to his free-wheeling approach to the art.

Finley makes for an incredible teacher and his personable teaching style makes him incredibly easy to follow and listen to. 

The course follows a very natural structure that makes it incredibly easy to follow. There’s no risk of becoming lost or confused while following this course, as it is laid out in such a simple way. 

In terms of the actual content of the course, easily some of the very best garden lessons of the course are lessons like lesson 3 ‘Getting Dirty’.

In this lesson, Finley teaches the sheer joy that can come from getting a little bit dirty when you are doing successful gardening.

As part of this, he also explores the initial first steps of any garden plan, in which you plan out your own garden plot, and dig out the fertile soil, ready to plant your first seeds.

Finley also explores how you can decrease the toxicity of soil even in heavily populated areas! 

Other classes lesson in this course is lesson 9 ‘How Not To Kill Your Plants’.

While taking the first steps on your gardening project can be one of the most difficult parts of gardening, actually keeping your plants alive after they have bloomed can be equally as difficult.

Lesson 9 helps to teach you a number of modern ways that you can help to keep your plants thriving, and to keep your garden alive well into the future.

This lesson will show you how to create helpful routines to keep your plants healthy, but will also show you how to identify any problem areas in your gardening to keep all future plants safe and healthy.

We could wax lyrical about a number of lessons on this course, but we’ll allow you to discover some of it for yourself and see what amazing things you can learn about gardening from Ron Finley.


  • Incredibly well-produced.
  • Focused entirely on gardening.
  • Has an infectious energy for every lesson, and Ron Finley makes for an excellent teacher on the topic.
  • Ron Finley Masterclass worth is more than expected because you will learn gardening quality content


  • On the shorter end of the spectrum when it comes to Masterclass course lengths!

To Wrap Up

Though there may not be as many courses on gardening in Master class as, say, cooking, there is still plenty to be learned on the topic thanks to the excellent courses that we explored above.

Why not give them both a try and see what you can learn from them?

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