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3 Best Masterclass Cocktail Classes You Can Try Today

3 Best Masterclass Cocktail Courses You Can Try Today

Does your cocktail repertoire consist of whiskey and soda, and maybe a Cube Libre (at a push)? Do you default to sparkling wine whenever you’re throwing a cocktail party? And if you want to mix a punch, is it a case of pouring it all in and hoping for the best?

Boost your mixology masterclass skills with these online cocktail-making classes from MasterClass (see also ‘How To Promote Your Masterclass + Build Interest [Ultimate Guide]‘)! Discover the basics of the palate, learn what equipment you actually need, and transform your home bar into a cocktail haven with these guides for home learners.

3 Best MasterClass Online Cocktail Classes

Lynnette Marrero And Ryan Chetiyawardana Teach Mixology

If you’re ready to dazzle your friends and guests with your cocktail-making skills, then this is the class to take. Lynnette Marrero and Ryan Chetiyawardana are two of the leaders of the craft cocktail movement, and with the help of their detailed online courses, you can transform your home bar.

Over the course of 4 hours and 29 minutes, these 17 video lessons will immerse you in world-class cocktail making. This online course begins by helping you explore your own palate, learning why some cocktails work, and other flavor pairings just don’t go.

Instead of just making cocktails, you’ll learn the philosophy behind making cocktails.

From here, you do, in fact, learn how to make cocktails. Starting with the classics and building to complex mixed drinks designed for celebration, you’ll learn how to become the ultimate bartender.

The helpful tips they give ensure you won’t be limited to just the cocktails covered in the course. With your newly learned skills, you’ll be ready to experiment!

Before the course ends, there’s a lesson in pairing cocktails with food (perfect for your next dinner party), and some tips on creating your own cocktails.

This is an in-depth, involved mixology course. It takes several hours to complete and covers cocktails you never even knew existed. By the end, you should have a better understanding of not just how to mix a basic cocktail, but how to match a cocktail to a meal, an occasion, and a mood.

Lynnette and Ryan are friendly, helpful instructors with an obvious passion for the subject. You’ll be interested in learning more, especially as each lesson goes in-depth into the specifics of cocktail making.

And as most classes are less than half an hour, these bite-size lessons (or shooter-size, should we say) are easy to enjoy for busy learners.

3 Best Masterclass Cocktail Courses You Can Try Today 1

Wolfgang Puck Teaches Cooking

For hopeful next cocktail party planners who feel they lack the skills to really impress, Wolfgang Puck Teaches Cooking is a perfect class. The award-winning chef behind Spago and CUT covers how to make some of his most famous dishes, including classic cocktails.

This isn’t quite a beginner cooking class unless newbie cooks are willing to throw themselves in at the deep end. Instead, this is a course for elevating your dining experience. The meals covered are high-end classics, not home-cook favorites.

What about cocktails? If you’re looking to become a bartender, then this course lacks the depth you’ll need. But if you want to master some basics, while learning more about flavor, it’s an excellent choice.

Puck teaches an entire lesson on cocktails and demonstrates how to whip up four of his favorites: berry margarita, Bellini, negroni, and Bloody Mary. He also discusses choosing cocktail pairings to elevate the dining experience.

Covering 16 lessons in 3 hours 47 minutes, this isn’t your typical cooking class. However, the short lessons are inspiring, and introduce nervous chefs to classic flavors.

If you’ve ever eaten at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant, you’ll understand why you can trust this man to make a cocktail. The tools you’re given here will help you to expand your craft.

Wolfgang Puck Masterclass Review

James Suckling Teaches Wine Appreciation

Okay, wine appreciation isn’t exactly the same as cocktail making, but there is some important crossover between the two. For a start, wine is the base of many excellent cocktails. If you’re looking for a celebration cocktail, there’s a good chance it will employ sparkling wine!

And secondly, being able to appreciate wine will help you understand more about the palate, and choose the right liquors and beverages.

James Suckling is an extremely influential wine critic, and he’s tasted more than 400,000 wines over the course of his illustrious career. In this 2 hours 22 minute course, consisting of 11 lessons, learners will discover how to appreciate the flavor, aroma, and cocktail history of the wine.

Discovering how to discern flavors in wine can expand the palate, which is a useful skill for any budding mixologist!

There’s an unhappy rumor that when you’re making a wine-based cocktail, you should go for cheap wine. And while you might not want to break out your best Moet & Chandon for a mimosa, you don’t want to ruin a cocktail with a bad wine.

James Suckling Masterclass review

More: Put Your Skills To The Test

12 Cocktails You Can Make At Home

12 Cocktails You Can Make At Home is an article for anyone who has had a go at cocktail making, and wants to expand their repertoire. It’s also good for those who have never mixed a cocktail at all!

The basic guide covers what you need, and introduces several easy 3-ingredient cocktails, along with crowd-pleasing classics. Easy to follow, keep this guide on hand whenever you have guests coming over.

All About Sour Cocktails: 9 Classic Sour Cocktails

Sour cocktails are some of the hardest cocktails to get right, as you need to nail that balance between sweet and sour. Too sweet, and the drink becomes sickly. Too sour, and you won’t make it past the first sip.

This quick guide introduces you to some of the best sour cocktails around and includes recipes perfect for any dinner party or gathering (or just an evening at home). 

Mixology Essentials: How To Create Cocktail Floats And Layers

Want to create a cocktail that impresses the eyes, as well as the palate? Using ingredients with varying weights can create visually impressive layers, perfect for dazzling the guests.

But get layering wrong, and your cocktail goes from rainbow delight to muddy smudge. This guide covers the basics of layering, and how to build a cocktail that shows you understand physics, not just flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MasterClass Offer A Cocktail Making Course?

Yes, MasterClass does offer a cocktail-making course! Lynnette Marrero And Ryan Chetiyawardana Teach Mixology is an in-depth online cocktail-making class designed to turn any budding bartender into a master mixologist. 

Does MasterClass Offer A Basic Cocktail Making Course?

MasterClass doesn’t exactly offer a beginner’s cocktail-making course, but if you want to learn the basics of the palate and how to whip up some classic cocktails, check out Wolfgang Puck Teaches Cooking. His lesson on cocktails will help you make the perfect pairing for a dinner party. 

Where Can I Learn Cocktail Making Online?

MasterClass isn’t the only online cocktail class platform offering learners the chance to discover mixology. Here are some of our favorite cocktail classes from other learning communities.

Mix World-Class Cocktails – Secrets Of A Champion Mixologist At Udemy

Secrets Of A Champion Mixologist is a course for budding bartenders who are looking to impress. You’ll learn the basic skills necessary to mix good cocktails, as well as in-depth recipes for world-class cocktails.

You can also make your cocktails look good, with a guide to show-stopping garnishes.

Created by Paul Martin, this 3-hour course will give you the skills you need to become a cocktail pro.

Bartending Mastery – Cocktail & Bartending Masterclass At Udemy

Turn your bartending hobby into a career, with this guide to mastering mixology. Bartending Mastery from Udemy covers the basic skills required for bartending, a guide to the most popular cocktails, and tips on how to get a job to showcase your skills.

Created by Michael Miller, this six-module course teaches a dual approach: both mastering cocktails, and becoming an employable bartender. 

Intro To Mixology: Up Your Cocktail Game In 30 Minutes At Skillshare

Want to learn about mixology, but feeling overwhelmed by all the terminology, equipment, and ingredients? Intro to Mixology is a short and sweet course that covers all you need to know to get started with cocktails.

Created by April Wachtel, Intro to Mixology is just 36 minutes long and can help even bartending newbies discover how to mix exquisite cocktails.

Cocktail Secrets: Making Your Signature Drink At Skillshare

For those who know a little something about mixology, but are still wrestling with flavor pairings and inspiration, this is the perfect guide to creating your own cocktail. Making Your Signature Drink is an intermediate course for those looking to amplify their cocktail skills.

Created by Ivy Mix, this 33-minute course will help you develop a drink that captures your essence, and tastes amazing. 

Final Thoughts

You can learn to bartend online with the help of expert-led classes and advanced techniques in mixing the perfect cocktail. Make sure to stock up the home bar before you start learning, so you can really dive into each Masterclass Cocktail class!

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