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Written by:
Martin Barrett
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MasterClass Buy One Get One

MasterClass Buy One Get One Offer 2023

Online learning platforms often try to bolster subscriptions by offering limited deals, and they can be incredibly enticing if you’ve already been flirting with the idea of signing up for a course.

But what seems like a promising opportunity isn’t always as beneficial as we’re led to believe what these online classes taught.

Now, that’s not to say that all offers from the big names in online learning are mere smoke and mirrors, but it does pay to be a little suspicious and do some research before signing on the virtual dotted line.

One of the most promising masterclass deals of recent times is the “Masterclass Buy One Get One” offer, but is it too good to be true? That’s what I endeavored to find out!

What Is The “Buy One Get One” MasterClass Offer?

No prizes for guessing what the “Buy One Get One” MasterClass deal entails. As you’d expect, it simply means that if you purchase an “All-Access Pass”, you get another whole membership for free.

I know what you’re thinking… What good’s a free membership when I already have full access?

Well, it’s a good point. It’s not like picking up two bags of donuts for the price of one at the grocery store — You get to gobble both bags of donuts, but a second MasterClass subscription has zero value.

The general idea is that you’ll gift the free membership to your nearest and dearest as a birthday present, Christmas present, Hanukkah present, or just a for-being-awesome free gift.

It’s a pretty sweet situation if you’re a gift-of-the-giver type, but what if you’re looking out for numero uno? Can you capitalize on this deal in any way? Yup!

You can essentially sell your free subscription to somebody you know and have them cover half the costs of your paid-for membership, meaning you both get a half-price membership.

Is MasterClass’ “Buy One Get One” A Good Deal?

As mentioned earlier, a lot of the time, these online education deals are just sleight of hand, a confusing quasi-scam to get you to fork over some of your hard-earned money, but does the “Buy One Get One” deal fall into this duplicitous category?

You’ll be happy to hear that this MasterClass offering is absolutely 100% legit!

MasterClass did not hike their prices before introducing the deal in order to make it seem more impressive than it is the way some competitors have done in the past.

If you pay the standard $120 for a full access annual subscription, you receive the free membership to do with what you will, meaning you truly get $120 worth of value out of the deal — Thanks MasterClass! But (there’s always a “but”), promotion legitimacy shouldn’t be your only concern.

How Often Does MasterClass Roll Out Their “Buy One Get One” Offer?

As the “Buy One Get One” deal genuinely does offer tons of value to prospective subscribers, MasterClass is careful not to run it too often, as it would lead to some pretty significant losses for services provided, even if loads more people signed up.

Rolling it out too frequently would also prevent people from signing up in the interim, as everyone would simply be waiting for the promotion to come around again.

In light of this, MasterClass’s “Buy One Get One” offer is a rarity, and when it does materialize, it’s never around for long.

So, if you happen to catch MasterClass using this promotion, don’t sleep on it. Grab your plastic and sign up, otherwise, you’ll miss your opportunity.

But how exactly do you go about snagging this epic deal?

How Does The “Buy One Get One” Deal Work?

There are no complicated or irritating clauses in MasterClass’ “Buy One Get One” deal (see also ‘Your Guide To The Best MasterClass Discounts‘).

You don’t have to share anything on your socials and you don’t have to agree to a bunch of marketing correspondence or anything like that. Just sign up as usual, and the deal is yours.

Here’s how it’s done.

  • Head on over to the MasterClass site.
  • Create a MasterClass account using your Facebook account, Google account, or your email address.
  • Select the 1-year All-Access Pass and choose a payment option. At this point, the free membership should be listed onscreen as “Membership to share: $120 First year free” below your paid-for membership.
  • Enter your payment details, confirm the purchase, and voilà; you just snagged $120 worth of educational content for nothing!

How Will I Receive The Free Membership?

Once you’ve paid for your membership, you’ll receive an email from MasterClass confirming your purchase and another encouraging you to send the free membership to someone else.

To do so, click the large, red “Send Membership” tile, enter the recipient’s email address (and a personal message if you like), then send it off.

How Will The Recipient Redeem Their Free Pass?

Once you’ve supplied the necessary details, the recipient will receive an email explaining the situation and displaying your personal message if you wrote one. 

MasterClass Buy One Get One (1)

Side Note — Even though you can attach a personal message, I’d still contact the recipient to let them know it isn’t a sophisticated scam.

Beneath the explanation in the email, there’ll be yet another big, red tile, this time reading “Activate Annual Pass”. Clicking this tile will redirect them to the MasterClass sign-up page, where they’ll need to make an account and provide their card details.

Don’t worry, they won’t be charged a cent, but MasterClass needs to retain payment details in order to charge membership fees when the year’s free access comes to an end.

If this doesn’t sit right with the recipient, they’re free to deactivate auto-renewal once their account is up and running.

MasterClass “Buy One Get One” Eligibility (Both Parties)

MasterClass doesn’t make you jump through hoops to earn eligibility for their “Buy One Get One” offer, but there are criteria:

  • Subscribers must not have a current MasterClass one annual membership
  • Subscribers must not have partaken in prior “Buy One Get One” promotions
  • Subscribers must sign up for the All-Access Pass annual membership directly through MasterClass — No 3rd-party providers allowed!
  • Subscribers must submit valid payment details.

Does The Free Membership Expire?

The recipient of your free active masterclass membership has precisely 1 year to redeem the offer before it expires, which is pretty generous.

This lengthy grace period means they can hold off on redeeming the membership until their schedule permits them to take full advantage of the as many courses are offered.

What Is An All-Access Pass?

In short, the All-Access Pass is the annual MasterClass membership option.

It grants unlimited access to every single course they have to offer, even if you want to take a single course more than once, and you’re welcomed into the MasterClass user community, meaning you can virtually hang out with your cohort.

MasterClass does offer some short-term subscriptions too, but you don’t get anywhere near as much bang for your buck, so in my opinion, the All-Access Pass is a no-brainer, especially if the buy one, get one free offer is active.

Final Thoughts

There you have it — While it’s wise to err on the side of caution where online educational offers are concerned if you see the MasterClass “Buy One Get One” offer, I’d jump at the opportunity.

The MasterClass website has very stable pricing, so there won’t be any sneaky price hikes to worry about, and they offer some of the best masterclass courses on the web taught by some of the biggest names in the world in their respective fields.